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07 January 2009

The Varsity Drag

Time to get out your pennant, raccoon coat and don't forget the flask! My guess is that college life hasn't really changed that much over the years. Enjoy. +


1. Doin' The Raccoon - George Olsen & His Music
2. Collegiate Fanny - Kay Kyser & His Orchestra
3. Sophomore Prom - Ted Weems & His Orchestra
4. Campus Capers - Charles Dornberger & His Orchestra
5. Collegiate Love - Ted Weems & His Orchestra
6. All American Girl - George Olsen & His Music
7. The Varsity Drag - George Olsen & His Music
8. The Prep Step - Jesse Stafford & His Orchestra
9. He Ain't Never Been In College - Six Jumping Jacks (Harry Reser)
10. She's The Sweetheart Of Six Other Guys - Six Jumping Jacks (Harry Reser)
11. At The Prom - Irving Mills & His Modernists
12. Collegiana - Hal Kemp & His Orchestra
13. Washington & Lee Swing - Hal Kemp & His Orchestra
14. Collegiate Sam - Harry Reser's Syncopators
15. A Hot Dog, A Blanket And You - Gene Kardos & His Orchestra
16. Freddy The Freshman - Gene Kardos & His Orchestra
17. Hark The Sound Of Tar Heel Voices - Kay Kyser & His Orchestra
18. College Rhythm - Johnny Davis & His Orchestra


Anonymous said...

Thanks -- I'm Doin' The Raccoon right now!

Chester Proudfoot said...

LOL. Careful of that Prep Step, it's bit tricky.

tymime said...

Have you still got this one?

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated.