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30 December 2009

Happy New Year!

Good news - the container with all of our belongs (most importantly, my 78s and cds) has reportedly arrived at the nearby port. Now, how long it will take for customs to clear everything remains to be seen. It is the holidays after all, and it also happens to be summer here in Brasil. The combination of which has been known to have deadly effect on the amount of work one might perform. And we haven't even considered other variables such as the beach or beer. Heck, even I keep distracting myself from work - as evidenced by the fact that I am posting this note.

So to cut to the quick, very soon I hope to post some more great Chick Bullock tunes that you will not find elsewhere, as well as more from my cd collection. My fingers are crossed in anticipation.

And a happy new year to everyone out there!

07 December 2009

Non-Stop Flight

Desperately trying to post more than once a month, for Dec. 7th here is another Shaw collection from the time when Europe was already in the early stages of WWII. If you're like me, you'll like the imperfect sound from these live airchecks of Artie Shaw for the fact that they're not crisp and clean. It helps me imagine the music coming from the one big speaker from a 30's radio. I don't mind the announcer talking over the intros, or the corny chit-chat. In any case, the music is great and there are some very good tunes here. I just wish we had more of these live broadcasts. In the future I will post another Shaw broadcast with Robert Benchley. Enjoy. +


1. Nightmare (Theme)
2. Begin the Beguine
3. Deep in a Dream
4. Back Bay Shuffle
5. Non-Stop Flight
6. I Have Eyes
7. Carioca
8. Better Than Average Girl
9. Jungle Drums
10. I Cried for You
11. Back Bay Shuffle
12. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
13. I Want My Share of Love
14. Diga Diga Doo, Pt. 1
15. Diga Diga Doo, Pt. 2
16. It's All Yours
17. Rosalie
18. Zigeuner
19. Copenhagen
20. Pastel Blue
21. Traffic Jam
22. I'm in Love With the Honorable Mr. So-And-So
23. Chant
24. Prosschai (Goodbye, Goodbye)
25. Nightmare (Theme)

13 November 2009

Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue

The reviewer at Allmusic.com bemoans the fact that ASV opts to include less popular versions (or British) vs. the hit versions, specifically Gene Austin's version of today's post title. I think he misses the point - that the collection is about the songwriter, not the performer. Relying on the hit versions would be too easy. Besides, Austin is represented here and now we get to hear the California Rambers (at least one of their lineups) and widen our exposure to the great music of the 20s and 30s. On another note, I can't imagine how Paul Robeson must have felt when he was given Henderson's tune to record. Enjoy. +


1. Best Things in Life Are Free - Jack Hylton Orchestra
2. I'm Sitting on Top of the World - Frank Crumit
3. Don't Bring Lulu - Nathan Glantz & His Orchestra
4. Lucky Day - Howard Lanin & His Orchestra
5. Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl) - California Ramblers
6. (Here I Am) Brokenhearted - Gene Austin
7. Black Bottom Stomp - Annette Hanshaw
8. Bye Bye Blackbird - Layton & Johnstone
9. Magnolia - Johnny Marvin
10. Varsity Drag - Zelma O'Neal
11. Sonny Boy - Al Jolson
12. You're the Cream in My Coffee - Ruth Etting
13. If I Had a Talking Picture of You - Sam Browne with the Jack Hylton Orchestra
14. I'm a Dreamer, Aren't We All? - Frank Luther
15. Sunny Side Up - Joe Cassidy
16. Button up Your Overcoat - Ruth Etting
17. My Song - Rudy Vallée
18. That's Why Darkies Were Born - Paul Robeson
19. Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Hutch
20. Thrill Is Gone - Rudy Vallée
21. My Dog Loves Your Dog - Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards
22. Animal Crackers in My Soup - Shirley Temple
23. Birth of the Blues - Bing Crosby, Jack Teagarden Orchestra
24. Together - Helen Forrest, Dick Haymes
25. Let's Call It a Day - Hutch

11 November 2009

My Blue Heaven

Today marks one year since I began this blog. I meant to post some WWI tunes for Remembrance Day but my audio software is on my other computer somewhere at sea. Instead, this post was published on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This is another series that I like. Often these collections are routine retreads of everything that has already been published on 45 different cds or LPs (think of all those "anthologies" that are little more than a couple of tracks by Woody Herman, Glenn Miller, Count Basie, Ellington, etc.). I like this cd because it doesn't include either Frenesi or Begin the Beguine. One of my favorite tunes of all time is My Blue Heaven, and I think Shaw gives it a pretty good treatment. At the time I purchased this, I was familiar with only a couple of titles. For me, that is the best time to pick up some music. It is an opportunity for discovery. Enjoy. +


1. Love and Learn
2. Moon Face
3. The Same Old Line
4. You Can Tell She Comes from Dixie
5. Sobbin' Blues
6. Copenhagen
7. Cream Puff
8. My Blue Heaven
9. Streamline
10. Sweet Lorraine
11. Love Is Good for Anything That Ails You
12. No More Tears
13. Moonlight and Shadows
14. Was It Rain?
15. All Alone
16. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
17. It Goes to Your Feet
18. Because I Love You

29 October 2009

Whatchya Gonna Swing Tonight?

 I love a good melody, and there's a load of tunes here to keep you whistling for a while. Or at least until my next post. :-) I think they could have done without two consecutive Crosby solo tunes but will forgive the duet with Connee Boswell because it's Connee Boswell. I never tire of Tommy Dorsey's Marie, and somewhere I have a live version featuring Sinatra that I'll try to locate if and when all of our things arrive via container. Which reminds me, at some point thereafter I plan to post the four cds of complete Dorsey/Sinatra recordings (the sampler cd was posted some time back). In any case, I'm pretty sure this is the last 'Hits of' disc in my collection. Enjoy. +


1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon - Andrews Sisters
2. On The Sunny Side Of The Street - Louis Armstrong
3. Rockin' Chair - Mildred Bailey
4. That Old Feeling - Connee Boswell
5. Will You Remember - Sam Costa
6. Bob White - Bing Crosby & Connie Boswell
7. Moon Got In My Eyes - Bing Crosby
8. Sweet Leilani - Bing Crosby
9. I've Got You Under My Skin - Frances Day
10. Marie - Tommy Dorsey
11. Moon At Sea - Shep Fields
12. Leaning On A Lamp Post - George Formby
13. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm - Judy Garland
14. To Mary With Love - Geraldo
15. Oh They're Tough Mighty Tough In The West - Nat Gonella
16. Pennies From Heaven - Nat Gonella
17. Nice Work If You Can Get It - Billie Holiday
18. Slap That Bass - Ink Spots
19. Was It Rain - Frances Langford
20. Greatest Mistake Of My Life - Jimmy Mesene
21. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Dick Powell
22. Broken Hearted Clown - Harry Roy
23. Can I Forget You - Jean Sablon
24. September In The Rain - Arthur Tracy
25. Where Is The Sun - Valaida

16 October 2009

Panama Limited Blues

Yay, I found my other copy of Luis Russell! So by request, here's some hot jazz from the heart of Prohibition. Kid Ory, Barney Bigard, J.C. Higginbotham, Henry "Red" Allen, and Bill Coleman are just some of the names that perform on these terrific sides by Russell's bands. I think I included the scans (from years ago), but the cover didn't come out in color (sorry) for some reason.

By the time this is posted, the computer will have been packed away and the moving truck arrived. I've uploaded a few discs that I hope to get to in the coming weeks, but that will depend on internet access and time - and the sun. We're moving to Brasil! So until the next post - Enjoy. +


1. 29th and Dearborn
2. Sweet Mumtaz
3. Panama Limited Blues
4. Tia Juana Man
5. Plantation Joys
6. Please Don't Turn Me Down
7. Sweet Mumtaz
8. Dolly Mine
9. Savoy Shout
10. The Call of the Freaks
11. It's Tight Like That
12. African Jungle
13. Slow As Molasses
14. The New Call of the Freaks
15. Feelin' The Spirit
16. Jersey Lightning
17. Broadway Rhythm
18. The Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad
19. Blood Hound Blues
20. Dirty T.B. Blues
21. Moaning The Blues
22. Telephoning The Blues
23. Doctor Blues

1, 2 Russell's Hot Six; 3,4 Ada Brown; 4 to 8 Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers; 9, 10, 11 Luis Russell and His Burning Eight; 12, 13 Jungle Town Stompers; 17, 18 Lou and His Ginger Snaps; 19 to 22 Victoria Spivey; 11 Walter Pichon vocal; 15 J.C. Higganbotham vocal

13 October 2009

Rehearsin' For A Nervous Breakdown

Here's one that I haven't listened to in a while, which upon listening to it this week, I believe deserves more attention. It turns out that I had scanned the images at some point, so they're included in the file. I'm far from an expert, so here's what Wiki has to say: Kirby was born in Winchester, Virginia. In 1926, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland, a town he is still linked to by some. He played with Chick Webb and Fletcher Henderson. In the early 1930s, he performed some amazingly complicated tuba work on a number of Henderson's recordings. In an unusual move, Kirby picked up on the double-bass at the time when tuba was falling out a favor as the orchestra's primary bass instrument (few tuba players continued their role in the orchestra by switching to double-bass).

Kirby started his own band in 1937. The John Kirby Sextet, known as "The Onyx Club Boys" (usually including Kirby on bass, Charlie Shavers on trumpet, Buster Bailey on clarinet, Russell Procope on alto saxophone, Billy Kyle on piano and O'Neill Spencer on drums) would become one of the more significant "small groups" in a Big band era and had the first recording of Shavers' song "Undecided". Vocals were often performed by Maxine Sullivan, who also became Kirby's wife.

Kirby tended toward a lighter, classically-influenced style of jazz, which has both strong defenders and ardent critics. He was very prolific and popular from 1938-1941. After World War II his career declined and he died in Hollywood, California, just before a planned comeback. In 1993 he was inducted into the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame.

Unlike other then-popular "novelty" jazz groups (like Raymond Scott), the Kirby Sextet is not particularly well remembered today, although in New York, the Wayne Roberts Sextet (formerly the 'Onyx Club Sextet') pays tribute, and in France it is commemorated by the band 'Kirby Memory', with vocals by Flora Sicot. His small group light jazz style is a great example of how swing can also be elegant.
Enjoy. +


1. Rehearsin' For A Nervous Breakdown
2. From A Flat To C
3. Pastel Blue
4. Undecided
5. By The Waters Of Minnetonka
6. It Feels So Good
7. Effervescent Blues
8. The Turf
9. Dawn On The Desert
10. Anitra's Dance
11. Sweet Georgia Brown
12. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
13. Minute Waltz
14. Front And Center
15. Royal Garden Blues
16. Opus 5
17. Fantasy Impromptu
18. Blue Skies
19. Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland)
20. I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful)
21. Little Brown Jug
22. Nocturne

09 October 2009

East Of The Sun

For whatever reason, I seem to have not uploaded 1934 yet. So we skip ahead to 1935, which should not disappoint. Two fantastic Astaire tunes open this year's set, recorded (respectively) with the Johnny Green and Leo Reisman Orchestras followed up by Ethel Merman, a couple of Fats Wallers, and even an Arthur Tracy version of a tune that Old Blue Eyes famously delivered with Tommy Dorsey. Wrap it up with my favorite version of Lullaby of Broadway, and there you have it. Tracks 3,4, and 21 were actually recorded in 1934 (albeit November or December), but interestingly Track 7 is from 1936 and Track 14 from 1939. Say what? Turns out that the latter was published in '35, recorded later that year and introduced later by Langford in a film. I think Track 7 was originally recorded by someone else in '35, but enough quibbling. Enjoy. +


1. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails - Fred Astaire
2. Cheek to Cheek - Fred Astaire
3. Cucaracha - Harry Roy    
4. Anything Goes - Jeanne Aubert & The Four Admirals
5. I Get a Kick Out of You - Ethel Merman
6. Easter Parade - Henry Hall & The BBC Orchestra
7. Everything Stops for Tea - Jack Buchanan
8. Lovely to Look At - Irene Dunne
9. What a Diff'rence a Day Made - Denny Dennis, Roy Fox & His Band
10. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter - Fats Waller & His Rhythm
11. Alone - Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
12. From the Top of Your Head - Bing Crosby, The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
13. Your Feet's Too Big - The Ink Spots
14. I'm in the Mood for Love - Frances Langford
15. Canoe Song - Paul Robeson
16. Bess, You Is My Woman Now - Lawrence Tibbett
17. My Very Good Friend the Milkman - Fats Waller & His Rhythm
18. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup - Carroll Gibbons, Hildegarde
19. East of the Sun (And West of the Moon) - Arthur Tracy
20. Red Sails in the Sunset - Gracie Fields
21. Blue Moon - Frankie Trumbauer
22. I Wished on the Moon - Billie Holiday, Teddy Wilson
23. Lullaby of Broadway - Dick Powell

28 September 2009

Spreadin' Rhythm Around

Here's one that I've been meaning to get to for some time. I was reminded of this recently after I was outbid on a McKenzie's Candy Kids 78. One of these days I'll get one! From Scott Yanow at Allmusic.com comes the following description: The Mound City Blue Blowers originally made history with a dozen high-quality novelty recordings during 1924-25 that featured the trio of Red McKenzie's comb, Dick Slevin's kazoo and banjoist Jack Bland; guitarist Eddie Lang solidified the rhythm on their later six numbers. However, other than McKenzie's participation, those dates had little to do with the 25 recordings on this Classics CD, the last issued under the Mound City Blue Blowers' name. In fact, other than taking four vocals on the first date, McKenzie makes only cameo appearances on kazoo during the remainder of the program, although he had clearly organized the bands. The six sessions feature overlapping personnel with some hot playing from either Bunny Berigan (on four of the dates) or Yank Lawson on trumpet and Eddie Miller or Forrest Crawford on tenor and clarinet. In addition to McKenzie, guitarist Nappy Lamare has eight vocals; there are also five from Billy Wilson, four from Spooky Dickenson and two by a vocal group. Only "High Society" and "Muskrat Ramble" are instrumentals, although there are strong solos on nearly every number. The music falls between Dixieland and small-group swing and is most notable for the playing of Berigan. Enjoy. +

1 What's the Reason (I'm Not Pleasing You?)
2 She's a Latin from Manhattan
3 You've Been Takin' Lessons
4 (Back Home Again In) Indiana
5 Red Sails in the Sunset
6 I'm Sittin' High on a Hill Top
7 On Treasure Island
8 Thanks a Million
9 Eeny Meeny Meiny Mo
10 A Little Bit Independent
11 I'm Shooting High
12 I've Got My Fingers Crossed
13 High Society
14 Muskrat Ramble
15 The Broken Record
16 The Music Goes 'Round and Around
17 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself a Letter)
18 Mama Don't Allow It
19 (If I Had) Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes
20 I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
21 You Hit the Spot
22 Spreadin' Rhythm Around
23 Saddle Your Blues to a Wild Mustang
24 Wah-Hoo!
25 I'm Gonna Clap My Hands

18 September 2009

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Here's the next in the series of Hits from ASV, another good mix of artists from both sides of the pond. I hadn't heard many of these until I picked up this cd a few years ago. That was before the era of streaming internet radio, so my exposure was limited and this was the first time I had heard Al Bowlly. Shocking, I know. Others have covered the tune, but can anyone top his version of Love Is The Sweetest Thing? And though I'm no Rudy fan by any great measure, he doesn't do too bad on the last track. Unfortunately I do not have the Hits of '33, so the next post in this series will cover 1934. Enjoy. +


1. As Time Goes By - Binnie Hale with the Savoy Orpheans, Carroll Gibbons - piano
2. Sun Has Got His Hat On - Ambrose & His Orchestra, Sam Browne - vocal
3. Clouds Will Soon Roll By - Ambrose & His Orchestra, Elsie Carlisle - vocal
4. Please - Bing Crosby, Anson Weeks & His Orchestra
5. It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Ivie Anderson, Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
6. Love Is the Sweetest Thing - Al Bowlly, Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, Harry Jacobson - piano
7. Goodbye Blues - The Mills Brothers
8. I'll Never Be the Same - Carroll Gibbons & His Boy Friends, Anne Lenner - vocal, Matty Malneck - violin
9. Mad Dogs and Englishmen - Noël Coward, Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Dance Orchestra,
10. Mad About the Boy - Gertrude Lawrence with the Chenil Studio Orchestra
11. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You - Gene Austin, The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
12. Happy Go Lucky You (And Broken Hearted Me) - Syd Lipton & His Grosvenor House Band, Sam Browne - vocal
13. Underneath the Arches - Flanagan & Allen with Henry Hall & BBC Dance Orchestra
14. By the Fireside - Al Bowlly, Ray Noble & His Orchestra
15. Gipsy Moon - Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Dance Orchestra, Richard Crooks - vocal
16. Isn't It Romantic? (Love Me Tonight) - Jeanette MacDonald with Nat Finston & Paramount Studio Orchestra
17. Song Is You - Lawrence Tibbett with Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra
18. I've Told Ev'ry Little Star - Mary Ellis with His Majesty's Theatre Chorus & Orchestra, conducted by Hyam Greenbaum
19. When We Are Alone (Penthouse Serenade) - Al Bowlly, Ray Fox & His Band
20. Say It Isn't So - Greta Keller with Victor Young and His Orchestra
21. Paradise - Bing Crosby with Victor Young & His Orchestra
22. When It's Sleepy Time Down South - Paul Robeson with Ray Noble & His New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
23. Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear - Layton & Johnstone
24. Let's Put Out the Lights (And Go to Sleep) - Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees

09 September 2009

I'm Playing With Fire

At last, another set of Chick Bullock sides. This time I offer up 20 tunes from 1933, skipping 1932 because I've already packed all my records and seem to have not recorded several of them from '32. This is also the reason for the image at left (from 1938) because I don't have access to take photos. "So Little Time" seems appropriate these days. Anyway, with the exception of four tunes these are all from my 78s. I've added the session info in the tags. The track listings below indicate the name of the performer as printed on the 78 label, but are not necessarily the name of the band playing (e.g., Victor Young and His Orch are listed on the same song on Melotone and Perfect labels as Phil Romano, yet as Ed Loyd on Imperial). Lastly, these are not listed chronologically though they are all from 1933. Enjoy. +


1. Now We're On Our Second Honeymoon - Bob Causer and His Cornellians
2. I'm Playing With Fire - Bob Causer and His Cornellians
3. Ain'tcha Glad - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
4. Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore - Art Kahn's Orchestra
5. Delta Bound - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
6. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
7. Have You Ever Been Lonely? - Chick Bullock
8. Isn't this A Night For Love - Chick Bullock
9. Stormy Weather - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
10. Thanks - Chick Bullock
11. We'll Make Hay While The Sun Shines - Chick Bullock
12. Blue Prelude - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
13. I Just Couldn't Take It Baby - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
14. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
15. There's A Cabin In The Pines - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
16. Keep On Doin' What You're Doin' - Earl Harlan and His Orchestra (McKinney's Cotton Pickers)
17. Tired Of It All - Earl Harlan and His Orchestra (McKinney's Cotton Pickers)
18. You're Such A Comfort To Me - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
19. Hold Me - Phil Romano and His De Witt Hotel Orchestra
20. You'll Never Get To Heaven That Way - Phil Romano and His De Witt Hotel Orchestra

20 August 2009

How Can You Have The Blues?

Here's another fine collection from the good folks at Yazoo. It's an interesting set with some familiar names, and some not. Seven Foot Dilly & His Dill Pickles? And who could forget the T.C.I. Section Crew? At least I've heard of Pine Top Smith and Memphis Minnie! Enjoy. +


1. If I Had My Way I'd Tear the Building Down - Blind Willie Johnson
2. Cocaine Blues - Luke Jordan
3. Bow Wow Blues - Allen Brothers
4. Jive Man Blues - Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon
5. Jonah in the Wilderness - Henry Thomas
6. South Carolina Rag - Willie Walker
7. Whitewash Station - Memphis Jug Band
8. Automobile Ride Through Alabama - Red Henderson
9. Dirty Dozen No. 2 - Speckled Red
10. Tain't None O' Your Business - Butterbeans & Susie
11. It's a Good Thing - The Beale Street Sheiks
12. She's a Hum Dum Dinger (From Dingersville) - Jimmie Davis
13. Papa's on the Housetop - Leroy Carr
14. Let That Liar Alone - Rev. Edward W. Clayborn
15. Back in My Home Town - Frank Hutchison
16. Track Linin - T.C.I. Section Crew
17. Atlanta Strut - Blind Willie McTell
18. Arkansas Hard Luck Blues - Lonnie Glosson
19. How Can You Have the Blues? - Kansas City Kitty & Georgia Tom
20. Pickin' off Peanuts - Seven Foot Dilly & His Dill Pickles
21. Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out - Pinetop Smith
22. When I Stopped Running I Was at Home - The Dixieland Jug Blowers
23. Frankie Jean (That Trottin' Fool) - Memphis Minnie

13 August 2009

Tain't a Fit Night Out for Man or Beast

Today I offer the only Bechet I could find in my collection, though I could swear I have another somewhere (I'll keep looking). Here's what Scott Yanow has to say on this set: The first in a series of Classics CDs focusing on the recordings of Sidney Bechet, this disc features the clarinetist/soprano-saxophonist on two early titles with blues singer Rosetta Crawford, his torrid 1932 session with The New Orleans Feetwarmers (which also features trumpeter Tommy Ladnier and is highlighted by "Shag" and "Maple Leaf Rag") and sides from Noble Sissle's somewhat commercial orchestra. Fortunately Sissle was wise enough to give Bechet plenty of solo space on some of his selections, most notably "Polka Dot Rag." Even with a few indifferent vocals, this CD is recommended to those not already owning this music." Enjoy. +


1. Down on the Levee Blues
2. Lonesome Woman Blues
3. Got the Bench, Got the Park
4. In a Cafe on the Road to Calais
5. Loveless Love
6. Basement Blues
7. Wha'd Ya Do to Me?
8. Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
9. Sweetie Dear
10. I Want You Tonight
11. I've Found a New Baby
12. Lay Your Racket
13. Maple Leaf Rag
14. Shag
15. Under the Creole Moon
16. The Old Ark Is Moverin'
17. Loveless Love
18. Polka Dot Rag
19. That's What Love Did to Me
20. You Can't Live in Harlem
21. I Wonder Who Made Rhythm
22. Tain't a Fit Night Out for Man or Beast
23. I Take to You
24. Rhythm of the Broadway Moon

10 August 2009

Dancing In The Dark

I always like the ASV collections with their song selections. Where else are you going to get Arthur Tracy? And the Revelers were hugely popular but virtually unheard of these days. Plus you get Lawrence Tibbett for a taste of "culture." Good stuff, that's for sure. Look for more of this series soon. Enjoy. +


1. Stardust - Bing Crosby, Victor Young & His Orchestra
2. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Gene Austin
3. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - Cab Calloway & His Orchestra
4. Rockin' Chair - Ray Noble & His Orchestra, Paul Robeson
5. Peanut Vendor - Bert Ambrose & His Orchestra
6. Nevertheless (I'm in Love with You) - Ruth Etting
7. Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries - Hutch
8. When I Take My Sugar to Tea - The Boswell Sisters, The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
9. Cuban Love Song - Lawrence Tibbett
10. Just One More Chance - Bing Crosby, Victor Young & His Orchestra
11. Lady of Spain - Tino Folgar
12. Marta - Arthur Tracy
13. Walkin' My Baby Back Home - Maurice Chevalier
14. Would You Like to Take a Walk? - Annette Hanshaw
15. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) - Layton & Johnstone
16. Prisoner of Love - Russ Columbo, Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra
17. Dancing in the Dark - The Revelers
18. Sweet and Lovely - Al Bowlly
19. Lazy River - Louis Armstrong
20. River, Stay 'Way from My Door - Paul Robeson
21. Sally - Gracie Fields
22. Dream a Little Dream of Me - Ozzie Nelson & His Orchestra
23. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away) - Gus Arnheim & His Orchestra, Bing Crosby
24. Goodnight Sweetheart - Bud Noble

07 August 2009

These 'N' That 'N' Those

I can't believe I hadn't posted Lady Day previously, so here is the only collection I have of her music. I originally had great plans to get the rest of this Columbia series, but .... As one reviewer noted, Holiday had some rather mundane songs tossed in her direction during the beginning of her career that only give a glimpse of what was to come. However I think there are still some nice tunes and she teams up with Teddy Wilson on several tracks (3,5,6, 10-13). Enjoy. +


1. Your Mother's Son-In-Law
2. Riffin' The Scotch
3. I Wished On The Moon
4. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
5. Miss Brown To You
6. A Sunbonnet Blue (And A Yellow Straw Hat)
7. What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl
8. I'm Painting The Town Red
9. It's Too Hot For Words
10. Twenty-Four Hours A Day
11. Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town
12. Eeny Meeny Meiny Mo
13. If You Were Mine
14. These 'N' That 'N' Those
15. You Let Me Down
16. Spreadin' Rhythm Around

31 July 2009

Learn To Croon

Another collection with some really nice tunes. How can you go wrong with Gene Austin, Chick Bullock and Al Bowlly? The most interesting track here may be Bing Crosby's "Boo Boo Boo" in which he pokes fun at the phrase identified with his singing, despite his never having recorded the song to disc. This tune is from a film soundtrack. And some humor by the editors of the disc, they position "Learn to Croon" in the lineup just ahead of Crosby. Enjoy. +


1. Blue Kentucky Moon - Gene Austin
2. You Brought a New Kiind of Love to Me - Smith Ballew
3. Love Is the Sweetest Thing - Al Bowlly, New Mayfair Orchestra, Ray Noble
4. Cocktails for Two - Carl Brisson
5. Out in the Cold Again - Chick Bullock
6. Evening - Buddy Clark
7. Goodnight, Sweetheart - Russ Columbo
8. Learn to Croon - Sam Coslow
9. Boo Boo Boo - Bing Crosby
10. Singing a Song to the Stars - Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards
11. Don't Tell Her What Happened to Me - Sammy Fain
12. Confessin' That I Love You - Art Gillham
13. Hold Me - Little Jack Little
14. Hello! Beautiful! - Nick Lucas
15. You're My Everything - Jack Miller
16. Try a Little Tenderness - Charlie Palloy
17. Happiness Ahead - Dick Powell
18. I Love to See the Evenin' Sun Go Down - Conrad Thibault
19. It's Only A Paper Moon - Conrad Thibault
20. Without That Certain Thing - Rudy Vallée

22 July 2009

Percolatin' Blues

It's been over a week since the last post, so hopefully this is worth the wait. Volume 2 was posted some time back, and this weekend I was fortunate enough to borrow a copy from a friend. There are some jumping tunes here, including one each from Bennie Moten and Jelly Roll Morton. Click on the cover for a hi-res image. Enjoy. +


1. To-Wa-Bac-A-Wa - Louis Dumaine's Jazzola Eight
2. Happy Pal Stomp - Roy Johnson's Happy Pals
3. Goin' Crazy With The Blues - Mamie Smith
4. Over In The Gloryland - Sam Morgan's Jazz Band
5. Mojo Strut - Pickett-Parham Apollo Syncopators
6. Four Four Rhythm - Paul Tremaine And His Aristocrats
7. The Boy In The Boat - Charlie Johnson And His Paradise Band
8. She's Sweeter Than Sugar - Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra
9. Florida Rhythm - Ross De Luxe Syncopaters
10. Texas And Pacific Blues - Frenchy's String Band
11. Everybody Loves My Baby - Taylor's Dixie Serenaders
12. Kansas City Stomps - Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers
13. Hot And Heavy - Ben Tobier And His California Cyclones
14. Percolatin' Blues - Fowler's Favorites
15. Slowin' Down Blues - Oliver Naylor's Orchestra
16. While You're Sneaking Out - George McClennon's Jazz Devils
17. Hard Luck - Floyd Mills And His Marylanders
18. Postage Stomp - Maynard Baird And His Orchestra
19. Mabel's Dream - King Oliver's Jazz Band
20. I'll Fly to Hawaii - Gowan's Rhapsody Makers
21. Arkansas Shout - Sammie Lewis With His Bamville Syncopators
22. Lot's O'Mama - The Hotentots
23. Sombody Stole My Gal - Frankie Franko And His Louisianians

14 July 2009

Aren't Women Wonderful?

Sophie Tucker billed herself as the last of the red hot mammas, and she certainly gave some gusto to her vocals. She originally performed in blackface until someone stole her makeup kit one night. She briefly joined the Ziegfield Follies until costars refused to share the stage with her. Professional jealousy, perhaps. Maybe she was too red hot. Anyway, here's another collection from ASV though it runs a short 16 tracks. Enjoy. +


1. Follow A Star - Overture
2. Follow A Star
3. That's Where The South Begins
4. Oh! You Have No Idea!
5. Washing The Blues From My Soul
6. Makin' Wicky Wacky Down In Waikiki
7. There's Something Spanish In My Eyes
8. I'm The Last Of The Red Hot Mammas
9. Selection of Sophie Tucker's Songs
10. If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love
11. 'Cause I Feel Low Down
12. I Never Can Think Of The Words
13. That Man Of My Dreams
14. What Good Am I Without You?
15. Aren't Women Wonderful?
16. Some Of These Days

24 June 2009

How's Your Uncle?

Here is the remaining batch from 1931. Three cd versions are included (2 Luis Russell, and My Song) because my 78 versions are not as nice. There are five or so .wav files here, the rest are 78s. I recently picked up Sugar which I think Chick Bullock does a nice job singing. Shine On Harvest Moon is one of my favorites, and I love Roy Smeck's guitar work. How's Your Uncle? is a fun tune, I just need a cleaner copy! Recording information is in the idtags, and the tunes are listed below in order of recording dates. Enjoy. +
* Update: I did find a cleaner copy of How's Your Uncle? and a cover for the series has been created. Click the image for full size.


21. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead (You Rascal, You) - Chick Bullock
22. I Can't Get Mississippi Off My Mind - Chick Bullock
23. (With You On My Mind, I Find) I Can't Write The Words - Johnny Hamp and His Orchestra
24. Goin' To Town - Luis Russell and His Orchestra
25. Say The Word - Luis Russell and His Orchestra
26. How's Your Uncle? - The Troubadours
27. Shine On Harvest Moon - Roy Smeck's Trio
28. Sugar - The High Hatters
29. My Song - Phil Spitalny and His Orchestra
30. You Can’t Stop Me From Lovin’ You - Chick Bullock
31. You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) - Chick Bullock
32. Hiding In The Shadows Of The Moon - Lou Gold and His Orchestra
33. Old Playmate - Lou Gold and His Orchestra
34. You Try Somebody Else - Chick Bullock
35. Time On My Hands - Chick Bullock
36. One Of Us Was Wrong - Chick Bullock
37. Pagan Moon - Ted Black and His Orchestra
38. What Price Love? - Chick Bullock
39. Bend Down Sister - Chick Bullock
40. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers

21 June 2009

Hot Platter

Today I offer my trumpeter and bandleader Erskine Hawkins, composer of "Tuxedo Junction" (his version made it to #7 nationally, while it went to #1 with Glenn Miller's version). His band was so popular that he was able to keep it together through 1953, an amazing feat considering that many bands fell apart at the end of World War II. This record includes the first formal recordings of Coleman Hawkins and his Orchestra, though he had cut some sides as early as 1936. Enjoy. +


1. Rockin' Rollers' Jubilee
2. Miss Hallelujah Brown
3. Weary Blues
4. King Porter Stomp
5. Strictly Swing
6. Study in Blue
7. East Rider
8. Swing Out
9. Raid the Joint
10. No Soap (A Jitterbug Jamboree)
11. Swingin' on Lenox Avenue
12. Hot Platter
13. Gin Mill Special
14. Tuxedo Junction
15. Weddin' Blues
16. Uptown Shuffle
17. Baltimore Bounce
18. Saboo
19. Dolimite
20. Gabriel Meets the Duke
21. Midnight Stroll
22. Soft Winds

19 June 2009

Let's Drink A Drink To The Future

This is the first of two batches representing my collection of Chick Bullock tunes from 1931. Although I have 40 of his tunes from this year, there are still 70+ that I haven't yet managed to obtain. The Duke Ellington tracks here are the cd versions. I omitted Stardust as that can be found on the Mills Blue Rhythm Band post. A couple of tunes here are from some .wav files I obtained from another collector, which I only edited for start/stop points. The rest are my 78s. I tried to keep the filters to a minimum, however there are a couple where the records are not in good condition yet this is the only copy I have. Would you believe I keep getting outbid on How's Your Uncle? Someday I'll get a cleaner copy. I chose to include Green Eyes (see the Don Azpiazu post) because I think the 78 sounded pretty good.

Recording dates and personnel (as known) are included in the idtags for each tune*. The artists shown below are who is listed on the record label, though that was often different from who was credited for the session. The listing below is by order of recording date, from January 10 to August 4, 1931.

And once again, I am no sound engineer. Hopefully these sound good enough to listen to. Enjoy! +


1. Them There Eyes - The Whoopee Makers
2. Rockin' Chair - The Whoopee Makers
3. I'm So In Love With You - The Whoopee Makers
4. You're The One I Care For - Chick Bullock
5. The River And Me - Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra
6. Keep A Song In Your Soul - Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra
7. Sam And Delilah - Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra
8. Would You Like To Take A Walk? - Jack Berger's Hotel Astor Orchestra
9. Teardrops and Kisses - Eddie Kirkeby and His Orchestra
10. That Little Boy Of Mine - The Melodiers
11. If You Should Ever Need Me - The Melodiers
12. Let's Get Friendly - Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra
13. I'm Mad About You - Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra
14. Bubbling Over With Love - Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra
15. Green Eyes - Don Azpiazu and His Havana Casino Orchestra
16. On the Beach With You - Chick Bullock
17. I'm Keepin' Company - Dick Cherwin and His Orchestra
18. As Long As You're There - Dick Cherwin and His Orchestra
19. It's The Girl - Chick Bullock
20. Let's Drink A Drink To The Future - All Star Collegians

* I forgot to add info for the Ellington tunes. Personnel include Arthure Whetsol, Freddie Jenkins, Cootie Williams (t), Joe Nanton (tb), Juan Tizol (v.tb), Johnny Hodges (cl, as, sop. sx), Harry Carney (cl, as, bar), Barney Bigard (cl, ts), Duke Ellington (p, ldr, arr), Fred Guy (b), Wellman Braud (sb), Sonny Greer (d), Guy doubles on guitar on Them There Eyes. Omit Barney Bigard for The River and Me, Keep A Song In Your Soul, and Sam and Delilah.

15 June 2009

How 'Bout That Mess?

This is one of those cd's that raised my interest in jazz and big bands. Simply, it jumps with an abundance of energy. Although I love this style of music, in all honesty there aren't many that would qualify as "driving" music where you crank up the car stereo. This one is an exception to that rule. I think Krupa is the best drummer ever, even better than the mighty Chick Webb and others. Of course, that's just my opinion. Enjoy. +


1. Drum Boogie
2. Full Dress Hop
3. There'll Be Some Changes Made
4. No Name Jive
5. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
6. The Babe Takes A Bow
7. Rhumboogie
8. St. Louis Blues
9. Boog It
10. Who?
11. Yes! My Darling Daughter
12. Tuxedo Junction
13. Deep In The Blues
14. Sweet Georgia Brown
15. How 'Bout That Mess?
16. Blue Rhythm Fantasy

13 June 2009

Lullaby Of Broadway

Here's another from Columbia's Art Deco series, with several popular tunes for the boy crooner from such musicals as 42nd Street, Footlight Parade, Gold Diggers of 1933, Dames, Flirtation Walk, and On the Avenue. This compilation is a sort of companion set to the other one I've posted, as that one features Powell's music from later in the 1930s. His version of Lullaby of Broadway is my favorite. Enjoy. +


1. We're in the Money (The Gold Diggers Song)
2. Pettin' in the Park
3. Shadow Waltz
4. I've Got to Sing a Torch Song
5. By a Waterfall
6. Honeymoon Hotel
7. Road Is Open Again
8. Lonely Lane
9. Wonder Bar
10. Don't Say Goodnight
11. I'll String Along With You
12. Pop, Goes Your Heart
13. Beauty Must Be Loved
14. Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name
15. Flirtation Walk
16. I See Two Lovers
17. Lullaby of Broadway
18. Words Are in My Heart
19. Lulu's Back in Town
20. Rose in Her Hair

09 June 2009

An Unemployed Sweetheart

(from Redhotjazz.com)
"Lee Morse was a popular singer of the 1920s and early 1930s. She is best remembered today for the backing bands that were assembled for her recording sessions under the name of the Bluegrass Boys. The bands featured many of the best White jazz musicians of the 1920s. Presumably the band was called the Bluegrass Boys to make it sound like they were from the South (Kentucky is called the Bluegrass state). Lee Morse's family had Southern roots but she grew up in Oregon and Idaho, but few if any of the excellent Jazz musicians who played on these records were from the South. The band's music had nothing to do with the string band style of music that arose in the 1940s called Bluegrass."

Although it hasn't been updated in a while, there is an interesting page on Morse at www.leemorse.com where you can listen to some of her other songs, as well as check out some video shorts. Enjoy. +


1. Want a Little Lovin'
2. He's Still My Baby
3. Side by Side
4. Old Fashioned Romance
5. Be Sweet to Me
6. Keep Sweeping the Cobwebs off the Moon
7. Don't Keep Me in the Dark Bright Eyes
8. Miss You
9. Blue Turning Grey over You
10. Tain't No Sin to Dance Around in Your Bones
11. Nobody Cares If I'm Blue
12. I Still Get a Thrill (Thinking of You)
13. Walkin' My Baby Back Home
14. By My Side
15. I'm an Unemployed Sweetheart
16. It's the Girls
17. Something in the Night
18. When I Lost You
19. Careless Love
20. Don't Even Change a Picture on the Wall

04 June 2009

Out To Lunch

From Wiki: A highly talented stride piano player and arranger, he left home at the age of only 21 as a sideman with the Wilbur Sweatman Orchestra but stayed less than a year. In 1925, he left for Europe as the musical director of The Revue Negre which starred Josephine Baker with Sidney Bechet in the band.

From 1932-1936, he led a fairly successful Harlem band employing many jazz musicians who were later to become famous in their own right such as Edmond Hall, Jabbo Smith and Vic Dickenson (although it's worth noting that his records were arranged to feature his piano more than his band). This was his most successful period with long residencies at the Savoy and Roseland ballrooms and at the Cotton Club. In 1937 he took his band on the road with a great deal of success.

He broke up the band in 1940 and used his arranging talents working for several non-jazz band leaders and for CBS. In 1948/9 he led a "novelty" band briefly but took a jazz band into The Cafe Society in 1950. From 1951 up until his death, he remained in NYC working mostly as a sideman with other Dixieland bands playing at festivals and various New York clubs and recording. Images can be found here. Enjoy. +


1. Sunday
2. Swingin' Down the Lane
3. Honey
4. June Night
5. Church Street Sobbin' Blues
6. My Kinda Love
7. Junk-Man's Serenade
8. Twinkle Dinkle
9. Ja-Da! (Ja-Da, Ja-Da, Jing, Jing, Jing)
10. Walkin' the Dog
11. I Let a Tear Fall in the River
12. Spareribs and Spaghetti
13. Home Cookin' Mamma
14. How Much Do You Mean to Me?
15. Yacht Club Swing
16. Singing Hills
17. Out to Lunch
18. Little Rain Must Fall
19. I'd Believe in You
20. What's the Matter With Me?

01 June 2009

Sweet Bands of the 30s (Record 5)

Enfin! Here is the fifth and final disc from this enjoyable set. You'll hear a few more from Leo Reisman, Anson Weeks as well as four more vocals from Chick Bullock. This record takes us from July 27 to September 10, 1934. Enjoy. +


1. Fun To Be Fooled - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
2. What Can You Say In A Love Song - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
3. Shoein' The Mare - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
4. Then I'll Be Tired Of You - Freddie Martin and His Orchestra
5. A Needle In A Haystack - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
6. Sweetie Pie - Anson Weeks and His California Orchestra
7. My Whole Day Is Spoiled - Anson Weeks and His California Orchestra
8. I Saw Stars - Joe Reichman and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
9. Have A Little Dream On Me - Joe Reichman and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
10. Don't Let It Bother You - Joe Reichman and His Orchestra
11. Out in The Cold Again - Joe Reichman and His Orchestra
12. Blue Sky Avenue - Todd Rollins and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
13. Talkin' To Myself - Todd Rollins and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
14. Rain - Don Bestor and His Orchestra

30 May 2009

The Jumpin' Jive

Cab Calloway had so many great tunes during his career that it is hard to pick the "best of" much less narrow it down to 16 representative tunes. But this compilation jumps with his 1942 version of Minnie the Moocher, a great cover of Ellington's Take The 'A' Train, Dinah, and of course Reefer Man. A nice intro for people who don't know much of Cab Calloway's music. Enjoy. +

Now, can't you hear those hepcats call,
Come on, boys, let's have a ball!
The jim, jam, jump on the jumpin' jive
Makes you dig your jive on the mellow side,
Hep! Hep!


1. Minnie The Moocher
2. Beale Street Mama
3. Angeline
4. Bye Bye Blues
5. Minnie The Moocher's Weddin' Day
6. Dinah
7. Wake Up And Live
8. Pickin' The Cabbage
9. You Gotta Ho-Di-Ho
10. Reefer Man
11. The Jumpin' Jive
12. Manhattan Jam
13. I Gotta Go Places And Do Things
14. Eadie Was A Lady
15. Take The 'A' Train
16. F.D.R. Jones

29 May 2009

Sweet Bands of the 30s (Record 4)

Here's record number 4 of the Sweet Bands of the 30s. Along with Casa Loma, there are some tunes from Ozzie and Harriet, Leo Reisman and a couple of Chick Bullock vocals. The fifth and final record will be posted soon as well. Enjoy. +


1. That's Love - Casa Loma Orchestra
2. Mr. Magician (Won't You Bring My Baby Back To Me?) - Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
3. What's Good For The Goose (Is Good For The Gander) - Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
4. Why Not? - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
5. A Thousand Goodnights - Paul Small and His Orchestra
6. Waitin' At The Gate For Katy - Paul Small and His Orchestra
7. Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good) - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
8. As Long As You Live - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
9. Easy Come, Easy Go - Eddie Elkins and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
10. I Ain't Lazy-I'm Just Dreamin' - Eddie Elkins and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
11. Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
12. Do I Love You? - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
13. Hot Dogs and Sarsaparilla - Ted FioRito and His Orchestra
14. You're A Builder-Upper - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra

27 May 2009

Sweet Bands of the 30s (Record 3)

Here is record three from the set. Look for the final two records soon (it's a lot of typing to fill the idtags!). This disc takes us from September 20, 1933 to February 3, 1934 and includes Chick Bullock with Gene Kardos and His Orchestra, as well as some more Casa Loma, Leo Reisman and Gus Arnheim with their respective orchestras. Enjoy. +


1. I'm Dancin' on a Rainbow - Freddie Martin and His Orchestra
2. When You Were The Girl On the Scooter (And I Was the Boy On The Bike) - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
3. Doin' The Uptown - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
4. Heaven Only Knows - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
5. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
6. After Sundown - Richard Himber and His Essex House Orchestra
7. Our Big Love Scene - Richard Himber and His Essex House Orchestra
8. (When Your Heart's On Fire) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
9. Like Me A Little Bit Less (Love Me A Little Bit More) - Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra
10. Let's Fall In Love - Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra
11. Goin' To Heaven On A Mule - Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra
12. The Touch Of Your Hand - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
13. Shadows Of Love - Casa Loma Orchestra
14. Lullaby In Blue - Casa Loma Orchestra

26 May 2009

Fine And Mellow

This is the remaining offering I have from Andy Kirk in my 'Classics' collection and it's probably my favorite. There are some nice Mary Lou Williams arrangements and tunes here, but I really like the vocals from June Richmond, who was one of two - count them, two - guest vocalists to ever appear on record with Cab Calloway (1938's Tee-Um, Tee-Um, Tee-I, Tahiti and Angels With Dirty Faces). She was one of the first black vocalists to be regularly featured with a white band (Jimmy Dorsey's), and it's a pity she didn't have a longer career.

The other Calloway guest vocalist? None other than Chick Bullock (a duet on the 1932 Git Along). I know there are more knowledgeable persons than I who read this, so please correct me if I'm wrong. So - no Chick Bullock on this offering, yet I worked him into the post nonetheless. Clever, ain't I?

The other vocalist here with Andy Kirk is Pha (pronounced "fay") Terrell. I thought Bullock at times was stretching the limits of his range and talents, but ..... well, I'll leave the verdict on Terrell to others.

Regarding this cd, here is a bit from Allmusic and Scott Yanow: Andy Kirk's Twelve Clouds of Joy was a top-notch Kansas City swing band that, by 1939, featured the pop vocals of Pha Terrell, the more blues-oriented singing of June Richmond, creative arrangements by Mary Lou Williams, and some excellent soloing from pianist Williams and Dick Wilson on tenor. Most memorable in this entry in Classics' "complete" Andy Kirk CD series are "Floyd's Guitar Blues" (an odd but pioneering electric guitar feature for Floyd Smith), "Wham" and "Scratching In the Gravel." Enjoy. +


1. You Set Me On Fire
2. (I Guess) I'll Never Learn
3. Close To Five
4. Floyd's Guitar Blues
5. "I Wanna" Go Where You Go - Do What You Do Then I'll Be Happy
6. S'posin'
7. I'll Never Fail You
8. Why Don't I Get Wise To Myself
9. I'm Getting Nowhere With You
10. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With YouJoy
11. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
12. Big Jim Blues
13. Wham (Wham, Re, Bop, Boom, Bam)
14. Love Is The Thing
15. Why Go On Pretending
16. It Always Will Be You
17. Fine And Mellow
18. Scratchin' In The Gravel
19. Fifteen Minute Intermission
20. Take Those Blues Away
21. Now I Lay Me Down To Dream
22. There Is No Greater Love

19 May 2009

Out of Nowhere

This four-CD set does a superb job of summing up Bing Crosby's years with Decca. After nine titles from 1931 (which were acquired by Decca later on), the program concentrates on the 1934-1957 period and, in addition to the expected hits, all aspects of his career are covered. Despite a few Dixieland-flavored selections, Crosby had largely abandoned jazz by the late '30s, but his phrasing (which was influenced by Louis Armstrong) and appealing voice should be of interest to jazz listeners. His ballads grew in stature in later years, while the up-tempo performances tended to be less memorable novelties. Although it should be augmented by collections that focus on his recordings of the '20s and early '30s, this is the definitive Bing Crosby set. (Scott Yanow)

Several duets are included, among them Dixie Lee, Jimmy Durante, Al Jolson, Louis Armstrong, Connie Boswell and others. For more of Crosby's jazz recordings, check out other postings on this site. Enjoy. + + + +


Disc One

1. Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of The Day) (1932 Single Version)
2. Out Of Nowhere
3. Just One More Chance
4. I'm Through With Love
5. I Found A Million Dollar Baby (In A Five And Ten Cent Store)
6. At Your Command
7. I Apologize
8. Dancing In The Dark
9. Stardust
10. The Moon Was Yellow (And The Night Was Young)
11. Two Cigarettes In The Dark
12. With Every Breath I Take
13. June In January
14. Love Is Just Around The Corner
15. Soon
16. Down By The River
17. It's Easy To Remember
18. Red Sails In The Sunset
19. Silent Night, Holy Night
20. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
21. I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande)
22. Pennies From Heaven
23. A Fine Romance
24. Sweet Leilani

Disc Two

1. Blue Hawaii
2. Too Marvelous For Words
3. It's The Natural Thing To Do
4. The Moon Got In My Eyes
5. Remember Me?
6. Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)
7. Don't Be That Way
8. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
9. Small Fry
10. I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams
11. Mexicali Rose
12. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
13. Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)
14. Somebody Loves Me
15. What's New?
16. Sierra Sue
17. Trade Winds
18. Only Forever
19. New San Antonio Rose
20. Humpty Dumpty Heart
21. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
22. Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie
23. When My Dream Boat Comes Home
24. White Christmas
25. Easter Parade

Disc Three

1. Be Careful, It's My Heart
2. Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful)
3. Moonlight Becomes You
4. Sunday, Monday Or Always
5. Mississippi Mud / I Left My Sugar Standing In The Rain
6. Pistol Packin' Mama
7. I'll Be Home For Christmas
8. San Fernando Valley
9. Close The Door Joe, We're Making A Disc!
10. Swinging On A Star
11. I Love You
12. I'll Be Seeing You (Rehearsal Glimpse)
13. I'll Be Seeing You (1993 Box Set Version)
14. On The Atchison, Topeka And The Santa Fe
15. Song Of The Fifth Marines
16. (There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin (When The Yanks Go Marching In)
17. Don't Fence Me In
18. (Yip Yip De Hootie) My Baby Said Yes
19. Mine
20. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
21. The Road To Morocco
22. You Belong To My Heart
23. It's Been A Long, Long Time
24. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's An Irish Lullaby)
25. I Can't Begin To Tell You
26. Day By Day
27. MacNamara's Band
28. South America, Take It Away

Disc Four

1. Alexander's Ragtime Band
2. The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
3. Whiffenpoof Song
4. Now Is The Hour (Maori Farewell Song)
5. But Beautiful
6. Galway Bay
7. Far Away Places
8. Sing Soft, Sing Sweet, Sing Gentle
9. Dear Hearts And Gentle People
10. Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
11. Play A Simple Melody
12. Sam's Song (The Happy Tune)
13. Harbor Lights
14. Autumn Leaves
15. Silver Bells
16. Getting To Know You
17. Gone Fishin'
18. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
19. Watermelon Weather
20. Thanks For The Memory
21. Around The World (In Eighty Days)
22. Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
23. Gigi
24. Where The Blue Of The Night (Meets The Gold Of The Day) (1948 Single Version)

14 May 2009

My Song

Only one Chick Bullock song to be found here, but it is one I still haven't found on 78 yet. One of the reasons I like ASV's various artists collections is that they include songs which were not necessarily the biggest hits for these performers, so you get a broader feel for the music of the era. This set features 18 tunes from 1929 to 1932. The scans are now included in the re-uploaded file. Enjoy. +


1. Where the Blue of the Night (Meets the Gold of the Day) - Bing Crosby
2. Cheerful Little Earful - Seger Ellis
3. My Song - Chick Bullock
4. She's a New Kind of Old Fashioned Girl - Whispering Jack Smith
5. Got a Date With an Angel - Pat O'Malley
6. Living in Dreams - Russ Columbo
7. Orange Blossom Time - Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards
8. She's Wonderful - Harry Shalson
9. Am I Blue - Smith Ballew
10. Here Lies Love - Sam Browne
11. Thrill Is Gone - Rudy Vallée
12. Ain't Misbehavin' - Gene Austin
13. My Sweet Virginia - Al Bowlly
14. Please - Val Rosing
15. Little by Little - Johnny Marvin
16. You're a Real Sweetheart - Sam Coslow
17. Sweet Sue, Just You - George Metaxa
18. Thank Your Father - Harry Richman

11 May 2009

Sweet Madness - Sweet Bands (Record 2)

Here is the second record from this 5-LP set (see April 22). Full info is in the idtags, but you can hear more tunes from Hal Kemp and his Orchestra, as well as Abe Lyman, Richard Hember and his Essex House Orchestra (which features Artie Shaw and Jerry Colonna), Anson Weeks (Bob Crosby vocal), another Casa Loma side and one from Freddie Martin and his Orchestra. I hope to get the rest of this set up a little quicker. Recording dates for these are from May 4, 1933 to September 20, 1933. Enjoy. +


1. Living In Doubt - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
2. Heart of Stone - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
3. I Cover The Waterfront - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
4. Lying In the Hay - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
5. To Be Or Not To Be In Love - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
6. It Might Have Been a Diff'rent Story - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
7. Shadows On the Swanee - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
8. Love Is The Thing - Richard Himber and His Essex House Orchestra
9. Love Is The Sweetest Thing - Richard Himber and His Essex House Orchestra
10. If You Lived In The Mountains - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
11. Ain'tcha Glad? - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
12. You've Got Everything - Anson Weeks and His Orchestra
13. Sweet Madness - Casa Loma Orchestra
14. Beatiful Girl - Freddie Martin and His Orchestra

10 May 2009

Moten Swing

Another nice set from Classics which concludes with Moten's famous December 13, 1932 recordings. Pianist and bandleader, Bennie Moten helped to establish what is called the Kansas City Jazz style. In 1922 he formed the B. B. & D. Trio (Beenie, Bailey and Dude, although they were popularly referred to as Big, Black and Dirty) and made his recording debut in 1923, when his band accompanied Blues singer Ada Brown on the song "Evil Mama Blues". In 1926, Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra began recording for Victor. Moten had several bands touring under his name in the 1920s. Moten started "raiding" another Kansas City band, The Blue Devils for musicians. Count Basie left the Blue Devils in 1929 and was followed by Jimmy Rushing, Hot Lips Page, Eddie Durham and Ben Webster, thus forming the nucleus of the future Count Basie Orchestra. When Moten died in 1935 from a botched tonsillectomy, Basie took over the band. Under his leadership the band emerged as one of the greatest of all Jazz bands. (from Redhotjazz.com) Some hi-res scans are here. Enjoy. +


1. Count
2. Liza Lee
3. Get Goin' (Get Ready to Love)
4. Professor Hot Stuff
5. When I'm Alone
6. New Moten Stomp
7. As Long as I Love You
8. Somebody Stole My Gal
9. Now That I Need You
10. Bouncin' Round
11. Ya Got Love
12. I Wanna Be Around My Baby All the Time
13. Toby
14. Moten Swing
15. Blue Room
16. Imagination
17. New Orleans
18. Only Girl I Ever Loved
19. Milenberg Joys
20. Lafayette
21. Prince of Wails
22. Two Times

07 May 2009

In The Groove

The third Andy Kirk CD put out by the Classics label (reissuing all of Kirk's swing-era recordings) is primarily for completists, for the then-popular but rather dated singer Pha Terrell is on the majority of the songs. There are some good moments from pianist Mary Lou Williams and tenor saxophonist Dick Wilson (particularly on the instrumentals), with the most memorable numbers being "A Mellow Bit of Rhythm," "Twinklin'," and "The Big Dipper," but Terrell is often difficult to sit through. (from Scott Yannow) Enjoy. +


1. Downstream
2. In the Groove
3. Worried over You
4. Foolin' Myself
5. I'm Glad for Your Sake (But I'm Sorry for Mine)
6. I'll Get Along Somehow
7. A Mellow Bit of Rhythm
8. In My Wildest Dreams
9. Better Luck Next Time
10. With Love in My Heart
11. What's Mine Is Yours
12. Why Can't We Do It Again?
13. The Key to My Heart
14. I Went to a Gypsy
15. Lover, Come Back to Me
16. Poor Butterfly
17. The Big Dipper
18. Bear Down
19. I Surrender, Dear
20. Twinklin'
21. It Must Be True (You Are Mine, All Mine)
22. I'll Get By (As Long as I Have You)
23. Little Joe from Chicago

29 April 2009

Here Comes The Sun (Chick Bullock Vol. 2)

** Note - Apparently a couple of tracks were only coming through one channel, so I have re-recorded the 4 that I believe are the culprits. For those who already downloaded, you can get them as singles here. The download link below has been re-uploaded with the new files. Sorry for any inconvenience!

At last, here is the second batch of Chick Bullock from my collection of 78s that completes my holdings from 1930. To my knowledge none of these have been commercially released on cd. I had hoped to post this much sooner but, lo and behold, I managed to acquire a handful more 78s that included some sides from 1930. The first song “Should I?” is the same version as from Volume 1 (from an Australian Vocalion 697), however this time it comes from a Chicago Mail Order label called Homestead. This label isn’t even listed in the Chick Bullock discography, so of course I had to have it. It’s also slightly cleaner, and with my new turntable, sounds nicer to my ears and hopefully yours. “I’m Yours” by the Roy Smeck Trio was previously thought to have been rejected. As you can see and hear, it wasn’t.

Another recent addition is “So Beats My Heart For You” from the Challenge label (Sears & Roebuck). The discography listed this label as the only label release, however I’ve since learned it at least came out on Banner as well. Nonetheless, it is rare and I didn’t have it in my collection. The recording date and session info is the same as for “Just A Little Closer” and can also be found in the Idtags for that previous Bullock post.

The last new addition features Bullock teaming up with Roy Smeck’s Trio on “Somewhere In Old Wyoming” and “Rose of Romany.” Again, I’m no sound engineer, however the A-side here is pretty scratchy especially at the beginning. So I’ve included two versions, one with my standard single noise reduction filter, and the second with three passes through the filter (and some minor eq adjustment). Please let me know if it sounds any better, or if there is too much fidelity lost.

I’ve also included some pictures of the different labels, but be forewarned that I’m no photographer either. Enjoy. +

Tracks (in order of recording date)

1. Should I?
2. So Beats My Heart For You
3. I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You
4. Don't Tell Her
5. If I Could Be With You
6. Here Comes The Sun
7. My Baby Just Cares For Me
8. Somewhere In Old Wyoming (version 1)
9. Somewhere In Old Wyoming (version 2)
10. Three Little Words
11. You're Driving Me Crazy
12. Rose of Romany
13. When The Organ Played At Twilight
14. I'm Yours
15. To Whom It May Concern
16. Crying Myself To Sleep
17. What Good Am I Without You

28 April 2009

Sweet As A Song

One of the great crooners, rivaling Bing Crosby. All one can do is listen and enjoy. This is the only Bowlly cd in my collection, however I have three or four LPs for which I'm in the process of ripping. They'll be posted sometime in the near future. I forgot to include it with the file, but a scan of the back cover with track and recording info is here. Enjoy. +


1. Marie
2. Sweet Someone
3. Colorado Sunset
4. Is That The Way To Treat A Sweetheart?
5. When Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby
6. Two Sleepy People
7. Sweet As A Song
8. Goodnight Angel
9. Any Broken Hearts To Mend?
10. Al Bowlly Remembers (medley): Lover Come Back To Me / Dancing In The Dark / I'm Gonna Sit Right Down
11. The Very Thought Of You
12. You're As Pretty As A Picture
13. Proud Of You
14. True
15. Summer's End
16. There's Rain In My Eyes
17. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
18. When The Organ Played "O Promise Me"
19. While The Cigarette Was Burning
20. Penny Sernade

24 April 2009

Stealin' Apples

Here's some more Fletcher Henderson for you. "In early 1935 Fletcher Henderson broke up his classic orchestra but a year later, with the success of so many other big bands, he formed a new ensemble. This Classics CD includes four songs from 1934, Henderson's entire output from 1936 and his first recording of 1937. The main difference between the two units is that the later one boasted the trumpet of Roy Eldridge and tenor solos from Coleman Hawkins's potential successor, Chu Berry. "Christopher Columbus" became a hit as did the band's new theme song ("Stealin' Apples") but the brief bit of glory would not last. However, Henderson's brand of swing music still sounds fresh today and this CD is easily recommended." (Scott Yanow, Allmusic.com) Enjoy. +


1. Wild Party
2. Rug Cutter's Swing
3. Hotter Than 'ell
4. Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
5. Christopher Columbus
6. Big Chief De Sota
7. Blue Lou
8. Stealin' Apples
9. I'm A Fool For Loving You
10. Moonrise On The Lowlands
11. I'll Always Be In Love With You
12. Jangled Nerves
13. Where There's You There's Me
14. Do You Or Don't You Love Me?
15. Grand Terrace Rhythm
16. Riffin'
17. Mary Had A Little Lamb
18. Shoe Shine Boy
19. Sing, Sing, Sing
20. Until Today
21. Knock, Knock Who's There?
22. Jim Town Blues
23. You Can Depend On Me
24. What Will I Tell My Heart?

22 April 2009

Dancing On The Ceiling (Sweet Bands Record 1)

This is the first record from a 1979 CBS 5-LP set called "Sweet Bands of the 30s." I'm going to post these one at a time because it takes a while to enter all the track info in the tags. As the LP seems to have sorted their tracks by recording dates, the first record includes tunes from January 1932 - January 1933. Since I don't have a scanner and couldn't find a better image on the internet, I've included high-res photos of the cover and back. Enjoy. +


1. Snuggled On Your Shoulders (Cuddled In Your Arms) - Smith Ballew and His Orchestra
2. Dancing On The Ceiling - Smith Ballew and His Orchestra
3. Lazy Day - Casa Loma Orchestra
4. Love Me Tonight - Anson Weeks and His Hotel Mark Hopkins Orchestra
5. Sheltered By The Stars, Cradled By The Moon - Benny Krueger and His Orchestra
6. Wintergreen For President - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
7. Ah! But I've Learned - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
8. After Tonight - Casa Loma Orchestra
9. One Little Word Led To Another - Casa Loma Orchestra
10. Night And Day - Eddie Duchin and His Central Park Casino Orchestra
11. After You - Who? - Eddie Duchin and His Central Park Casino Orchestra
12. New Orleans - Casa Loma Orchestra
13. When The Morning Rolls Around - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
14. Happy Times - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra

20 April 2009

More Than You Know

Bill Challis' claim to fame was as the most significant jazz arranger for the Jean Goldkette and Paul Whiteman Orchestras in the 1920s. By 1936, he was a freelance writer who often worked in the studios. On this recording and the follow-up set (both of which consist of radio transcriptions), Challis heads a large orchestra featuring such notable names as trumpeter Manny Klein, trombonists Jack Jenney and Will Bradley and clarinetist Artie Shaw, along with strings and a vocal quartet (going under the name of Bea and the Bachelors) that includes Bea Wain and Al Rinker. The performances (which include possibly the earliest version of "Let Yourself Go") are essentially dance music rather than jazz. There are few solos, and the emphasis is on the ensembles during such songs as "Temptation," "New Orleans" and "Broadway Rhythm," although "Clarinet Marmalade" has its moments. Decent music, but nothing too essential. From Scott Yanow, All Music Guide. Enjoy. +


1. Great Day
2. Paradise
3. Riverboat Shuffle
4. Dardanella
5. More Than You Know
6. Mimi
7. In the Still of the Night
8. Life Is a Song (Let's Sing It Together)
9. Paris in the Spring
10. Medley: It Happened In Monterey/in A Little Spanish Town
11. Rockin' Chair
12. On Treasure Island
13. Clarinet Marmalade
14. Temptation
15. Get Thee Behind Me Satan
16. Sidewalks of Cuba
17. New Orleans
18. Let Yourself Go
19. The Moon Was Yellow
20. Broadway Rhythm

17 April 2009

The Cotton Club Legend 1929-1941

1985 seems to have been a good year for jazz compilations on LP. Here's a French issue that covers some of the bands who played at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem. Duke Ellington, Eubie Blake, Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Cab Calloway and more. There were other Prohibition-era clubs such as the Savoy, Roseland, Lafayette, Apollo and Connie's Inn but the Cotton Club was the place to be. Enjoy. +


(side one)
1. A Nite At The Cotton Club - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
2. Market Street Stomp - The Missourians
3. A Few Riffs - Fess Williams and His Royal Flush Orchestra
4. My Blue Days Blew Over - Eubie Blake and His Orchestra
5. Medley of Armstrong Hits - Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
6. Drop Me Off In Harlem - Adelaide Hall with the Mills Blue Rhythm Band
7. Love Is The Thing - Mills Blue Rhythm Band
8. The Lady With The Fan - Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra

(side two)
9. Daybreak Express - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
10. Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra
11. Swingin' Uptown - Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra
12. 'Long About Midnight - Willie Bryant and His Orchestra
13. The Scat Song - Billy Banks
14. King Porter Stomp - Teddy Hill and His Orchestra
15. Jeepers Creepers - Ethel Waters with Eddie Mallory and His Orchestra
16. Bojangles - Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra
17. Saint Louis Blues - Lena Horne with the Dixieland Jazz Group of NBC's Chamber Music of Lower Basin Street

16 April 2009

New King Porter Stomp

Here's some more from Fletcher Henderson. Following the departure of Don Redman (to form his own successful band), this volume includes performances by Coleman Hawkins, John Kirby, Claude Hopkins, Buster Bailey, Russ Morgan, and more. A scan of the session info is included. Enjoy. +


1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. New King Porter Stomp
3. Underneath the Harlem Moon
4. Yeah Man!
5. King Porter Stomp
6. Queer Notions
7. Can You Take It?
8. Queer Notions
9. It's the Talk of the Town
10. Night Life
11. Nagasaki
12. Hocus Pocus
13. Phantom Fantasie
14. Harlem Madness
15. Tidal Wave
16. Limehouse Blues
17. Shanghai Shuffle
18. Big John's Special
19. Happy as the Day Is Long
20. Tidal Wave
21. Down South Camp Meeting
22. Wrappin' It Up
23. Memphis Blues

15 April 2009

Cheek To Cheek 1935

My new turntable has arrived so today I offer a rip from a 1985 LP, Cheek to Cheek 1935 (Nostalgia NOST 7657). I wish I could get copies of the other years featured in this series from Sweden, not just for the great music but for the liner notes by Anders R. Öhman. Even though I love many different styles of music, I have to nod in appreciation with Öhman's assessment. Here is just a sample:

"Fifty years later the music of 1935 seems more wonderful than ever. For decades we have now been used to watch how the young generations go "crazy" about very boring or bad, sometimes even directly harmful, types of music and/or of painfully incompetent or musically unstatisfactory artists. Radio, TV and record producers are to this day - often without realizing what they are doing - promoting extremely inferior music with a square, lifeless rhythm. A monotonous and noisy output of sounds, the level of which has been raised more andmore in order to get enough reaction from listeners. This development is singularly sad and unnecessary in view of the fact that we never had a greater number of technically competent musicians than at present, but they are, alas, often used to disadvantage.

Is this description of today's rock- and pop-music biased and unfair? It is, no doubt, somewhat exaggerated and generalizing but in the main it is, I am afraid, not far from reality. What is quite serious and very hard to excuse is that those who are responsible for the musical output in radio and TV take part in creating a demand or even a "need" for trash: by repeatedly hearing the kind of recordings I am referring to the listeners believe that this is music worth listening to. They get used to it, their receptive powers are degraded and the demand is there - it is a crime almost as serious as drug peddling! And the wealth of good, popular music and jazz is waiting in the shelves, unplayed."
And here we are 24 years later and the quality of music today is, well, .... Enjoy. +


(side one)
1. My Blue Heaven - Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra
2. King Porter Stomp - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
3. Cheek to Cheek - Fred Astaire acc. by Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
4. Djangology - The Quintet of the Hot Club of France with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelly
5. What a Little Moonlight Can Do - Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra. (v. Billie Holiday)
6. There's Rhythm in Harlem - Mills Blue Rhythm Band
7. The Dixieland Band - Bob Crosby and His Orchestra
8. I'm Getting Sentimental over You - Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

(side 2)
9. Thanks a Million - Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
10. Someday Sweetheart - Benny Goodman Trio (Goodman, Wilson, Krupa)
11. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails - Al Bowlly with Ray Noble and the Freshmen
12. When Day Is Done - Mildred Bailey and Her Swing Band
13. In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
14. Drun't in Der Lobau - Greta Keller mit Orkester, Dirigent Peter Kreuder
15. Sometimes I'm Happy - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
16. Lulu's Back in Town - Fats Waller and His Rhythm

14 April 2009

Keep A Song In Your Soul

Another cd I picked up for a solitary Chick Bullock tune, this one recorded with Duke Ellington. Alex Hill was "a valuable and talented musician-arranger whose life was cut short by illness, Alex Hill accomplished a great deal in a short period of time without gaining any real fame. He freelanced as an arranger for such bands as Paul Whiteman, Benny Carter, Claude Hopkins, Andy Kirk, Ina Ray Hutton, the Mills Blue Rhythm Orchestra and Duke Ellington, and contributed charts for Fats Waller, Eddie Condon and Willie Bryant." More bio from Scott Yanow is here. Scans are available here. Enjoy. +


1. On Revival Day - Bessie Smith
2. He Wouldn't Stop Doing It - Clarence Williams' Novelty Band
3. Shout, Sister, Shout - Clarence Williams Washboard Band
4. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (And My Baby Is Crazy 'Bout Me) - Fats Waller
5. Functionizin' - Fats Waller & His Rhythm
6. (You Were Only) Passing Time With Me - King Oliver
7. Baby Brown - Fats Waller & His Rhythm
8. Let's Have A Jubilee - Louis Prima
9. (I Would Do) Anything For You - Claude Hopkins
10. Baby Brown - New Orleans Rhythm Kings
11. Keep A Song In Your Soul - Red Nichols
12. Back Beats - Mills Blue Rhythm Band
13. Old Fashioned Love - Mezz Mezzrow
14. Shout, Sister, Shout - The Boswell Sisters
14. Keep A Song In Your Soul - Duke Ellington & His Cotton Club Orchestra
15. Beau Koo Jack - Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Orchestra
16. Beau Koo Jack - Earl Hines
17. Draggin' My Heart Around - Al Cooper Savoy Sultans
18. Quality Shout - Paul Howard's Quality Serenaders
19. 'Long About Midnight - Willie Bryant & His Orchestra
20. See If I'll Care - Bessie Smith
21. I Would Do Anything For You - Billy Banks & The Rhythmakers
22. Let's Have A Jubilee - Mills Blue Rhythm Band