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March 18, 2013 - I'm now using various file sites with varying success. With over 200 albums listed here, obviously I cannot upload everything at once. So if you're dying to hear something, please post a comment on that particular post and I will move it up in the priority queue. Enjoy!

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05 December 2013

Happy Repeal Day (pt. II)

This is a bit of a repeat post (the first!) because I wanted to mark two occasions, albeit with different music to share.

First off, it's Happy Repeal Day! This day, 80 years ago, the United States Congress repealed the 18th Amendment - known as the Volstead Act - when Utah became the 36th state to ratify what is now the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution. This restored control of alcohol to the states. Although Andrew Volstead sponsored the bill, the 18th Amendment was the work of the Anti-Saloon League's Wayne Wheeler who conceived and drafted the bill.

Elsewhere in this blog is a copy of Bob Miller's "Page Mr. Volstead" (the flip side is "Five Cent Glass of Beer"), the namesake for this blog. I've been neglecting this site, though not out of desire. In my work (self-employed) one has to take any and all jobs that come down the pike, so I have. "No excuse, Chester!" I agree. There are still quite a number of great albums to be uploaded, as well as Chick Bullock. I believe that I left off in early 1933, and he recorded into 1940. So rest assured that there is more to come.

The other occasion is that this blog has survived 5 years. Gadzooks! Who'd a thunk it? Know that rumours of this blog's demise are premature. Today's share is a surprise because I have never yet shared anything from this label. I have several others, but I really do encourage people to order cd's from the label (the link is on the main page of this blog). It is an excellent company that has reissued a lot of music that we fans of the genre would be without otherwise. So, enjoy it while it lasts. I may not even reactivate the link once it is expired. So get it while you can. Enjoy! And Happy Repeal Day! +

(photo of a bartender 80 years ago today, serving the first two legal beers at a bar in Minneapolis, MN)