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15 December 2010

Baby's Awake Now

This one comes from the Pearl label (1996). Some of the tracks sound a bit scratchy, and I was tempted to use some noise-reduction filters, but I didn't want it to affect Lee Wiley's voice in the least. Besides, noise-reduction often gets heavyhanded. This compilation includes input from Bunny Berigan, Jess Stacy, Bud Freeman, Joe Bushkin, Bobby Hackett, Max Kaminsky, and of course Eddie Condon. Full details are available in the scans included. I've also got several other Lee Wiley compilations to post in the future. From Allmusic.com, "Her husky, surprisingly sensual voice and exquisitely cool readings of pop standards distinguished her singing, but Lee Wiley earns notice as one of the best early jazz singers by recognizing the superiority of American popular song and organizing a set of songs around a common composer or theme -- later popularized as the songbook or concept LP. She was also a songwriter in her own right, and one of the few white vocalists with more respect in the jazz community than the popular one. Even more tragic then, that while dozens of inferior vocalists recorded LPs during the late '50s and '60s, Wiley appeared on record just once between 1957 and her death in 1975." Enjoy. +


1. Sweet And Low Down
2. Sam And Delilah
3. Baby's Awake Now
4. A Little Birdie Told Me So
5. I've Got Five Dollars
6. You Took Advantage Of Me
7. A Ship Without A Sail
8. As Though You Were There
9. Glad To Be Unhappy
10. Here In My Arms
11. Let's Fly Away
12. Let's Do It
13. Hot House Rose
14. Find Me A Primitive Man
15. Easy To Love
16. Looking At You
17. Why Shouldn't I?
18. Down With Love
19. Stormy Weather
20. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
21. I've Got The World On A String
22. Let's Fall In Love
23. It's Only A Paper Moon

14 December 2010

I'm Crazy About My Baby

There aren't many, if any, surprises in this Columbia series but the selection is still good nonetheless. Midge Williams and the Spirits of Rhythm are two artists who don't usually make the final cut for compilations. In any case, they saw fit to include a Chick Bullock tune, which was recorded with the Mills Blue Rhythm Band in 1932. This series was originally released on LP, and at some point I will post an LP-rip of the 1940s singers disc. Enjoy. +


01. (What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue - Ethel Waters
02. Blue Again - Louis Armstrong Orchestra
03. (I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You - Jack Teagarden And His Orchestra
04. I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby - Fats Waller With Ted Lewis & His Orchestra
05. Dinah - Bing Crosby & The Mills Brothers
06. Old Yazoo - The Boswell Sisters
07. The River's Taking Care Of Me - Connie Boswell with Dorsey Brothers Orchestra
08. All My Life - Ella Fitzgerald with Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra
09. Doin' What I Please - Don Redman & His Orchestra
10. My Old Man - The Spirits Of Rhythm
11. Frankie And Johnny - Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers
12. Chasin' Shadows - Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang
13. Out Where The Blue Begins - Henry 'Red' Allen And His Orchestra
14. Lover Come Back To Me - Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra
15. Rose Of The Rio Grande - Ivie Anderson with Duke Ellington And His Orchestra
16. Mean To Me - Billie Holiday with Teddy Wilson & His Orchestra
17. Mama's Gone -- Goodbye - Midge Williams And Her Jazz Jesters

12 December 2010

Scrap Your Fat

Many years ago I had a double-LP set of Abbott & Costello radio shows that I listened to until I knew every line, laugh, song, etc. One of those shows featured Connie Haines singing "Salt Water Cowboy" and it was apparently the public debut of the song. One day the LP grew legs and disappeared (along with the rest of my collection) so for years I kept an eye open for a replacement. However, later copies of the LP had the song cut out! Enter, the digital age. I thought I had ripped the correct disc to share that song, but apparently got the wrong one. Now I have to go through everything and make sure I still have the right one! Regardless, although several of the songs here are familiar, this set includes versions by other artists and is still worth a listen. Click on the cover image for a high-res scan. Enjoy +


1. Rosie The Riveter - The Sportsman Quartet
2. I'm A Hillbilly Yankeee Doodle Boy - Texas Jim Lewis with the Hoosier Hot Shots
3. The Guns In The Sky - Glenn Miller
4. If It's Gonna Help Win The War - The Hoosier Hot Shots
5. The G.I. Jive - Johnny Mercer
6. Praise the Lord and Pass The Amunition - Jimmy Carrol, David Broekman and His Orchestra
7. Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder - Glenn Miller
8. I'd Like To Give My Dog To Uncle Sam - Ozzie Waters
9. D-Day - Nat King Cole
10. Scrap Your Fat' - Mildred Bailey
11. Keep The Home Fires Burning - Charlie Barnet
12. A Rodeo Down in Tokyo - Ozzie Waters
13. There'll Be A Jubilee - The Andrews Sisters
14. I'm Getting Corns For My Country - Cass Daley
15. There Ain't No Wings on a Foxhole - Meredith Wilson
16. The Tommy Gun Boogie - Slim Rodgers
17. This Is The Army - John Conte
18. 4-F Ferdinand - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
19. Hillbilly Soldier Joe - The Johnson Sisters
20. Comin' In On A Wing and a Prayer - Anita Ellis
21. Here Comes The British - Johnny Mercer
22. Smoke On The Water - Wesley Tuttle
23. The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B - The Andrews Sisters.

09 December 2010

Wave the Stick Blues

Is it true that Paul McCartney played in a band before Wings? So goes the question from some youngster, probably more urban myth than reality. Yet there are nonetheless too many people who these days scarcely remember Rick Nelson, knew about his parents and their famous television program, and probably even fewer that know about Ozzie and Harriet's musical career. Well, (from Wiki), from 1930 through the 1940s, Nelson's band recorded prolifically—first on Brunswick (1930–1933), then Vocalion (1933–1934), then back to Brunswick (1934–1936), Bluebird (1937–1941), Victor (1941) and finally back to Bluebird (1941-through the 1940s). Nelson's records were consistently popular and in 1934 Nelson enjoyed success with his hit song, "Over Somebody Else's Shoulder" which he introduced. Nelson was their primary vocalist and (from August 1932) featured in duets with his other star vocalist, Harriet Hilliard. Nelson's calm, easy vocal style was popular on records and radio and quite similar to son Rick's voice and Harriet's perky vocals added to the band's popularity. In 1935, Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra had a number one hit with "And Then Some", which was number one for one week on the U.S. pop singles chart. Ozzie Nelson composed several songs, including "Wave the Stick Blues", "Subway", "Jersey Jive", "Swingin' on the Golden Gate", and "Central Avenue Shuffle". In October 1935 he married the band's vocalist Harriet Hilliard. Enjoy. +


1. Head over Heels in Love
2. I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
3. Wave the Stick Blues
4. Breathless
5. Between a Kiss and a Sigh
6. Everyone But Me
7. I Must See Annie Tonight
8. Gee, But It's Great to Meet a Friend (From Your Home Town)
9. Let's Have Another Cigarette
10. Roses in December
11. You and I Know
12. Old Curiosity Shop
13. Yes, Suh!
14. Have a Heart
15. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
16. Two Sleepy People

06 December 2010

A Mellow Bit of Rhythm

I found the Andy Kirk & His Twelve Clouds of Joy (Classics) to be so enjoyable, that I picked up this one on the Decca label. Mary's Idea is the name of a tune, but it also suggests how important she was to jazz. She recorded over one hundred tunes, and wrote and arranged hundreds for Andy Kirk, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Earl Hines, Tommy Dorsey and others. Williams began recording with Kirk when he made some sides in Kansas City in 1929, and stayed with the band into 1942. This disc gives just a snapshot of her talent, so check out the Andy Kirk cds as well. Enjoy. +


1. Walkin' and Swingin'
2. Moren Swing
3. Froggy Bottom
4. Bear Cat Shuffle
5. Puddin' Head Serenade
6. The Lady Who Swings the Band
7. (Keep It) In the Groove
8. A Mellow Bit of Rhythm
9. Bear Down
10. Twinklin'
11. Mess-A-Stomp
12. What's Your Story, Morning Glory?
13. Mary's Idea
14. Close to Five
15. Scratchin' in the Gravel
16. The Count
17. Twelfth Street Rag
18. Baby Dear
19. Harmony Blues
20. Ring Dem Bells

29 November 2010

Shadows on the Swanee

Once again, kudos to the folks at Columbia for their packaging. The Art Deco series has yet to disappoint me. This two-disc set is the companion piece to The Crooners (posted January 2009, get it while Rapid$hare lasts if you haven't already). I'm sure there are other notable singers who might have been included here, such as June Richmond, Victoria Spivey or Ella Fitzgerald. But to omit Anita O'Day? I also think they should have included Ethel Waters' version of Shine On Harvest Moon, which in my opinion is one of the finest. ...(suddenly a feeling of déjà vu, but a check on the blog tells me I didn't post this already) ... Back to reality, this is probably one of the best collections on two cds that I've ever found, and I'm glad to be able to share it with everyone. An added bonus, some time ago I had scanned the entire booklet and all, which is included as high-res.tif files in the first folder.. I'll stop writing so you can start listening. Enjoy. + +

Ruth Etting
1. Ten Cents a Dance
2. I'm Good for Nothing But Love
3. A Needle in a Haystack

Helen Morgan
4. (I've Got) Sand in My Shoes
5. I See Two Lovers (w/Jimmy Grier and His Orchestra)

Greta Keller
6. He's My Secret Passion
7. Willow Weep for Me

Annette Hanshaw
8. Big City Blues
9. Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home
10. Moanin' Low
11. The Way I Feel Today
12. Love Me Tonight
13. Moon Song

Ethel Waters
14. I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby
15. Shadows on the Swanee

Connie Boswell
16. Lullaby of the Leaves
17. Under a Blanket of Blue
18. I Cover the Waterfront
19. Say It
20. A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder

The Boswell Sisters
21. Doggone, I've Done It (I've Fallen in Love)
22. Mood Indigo
23. Sophisticated Lady
24. I Hate Myself
25. Rock & Roll

Disc Two

Frances Langford
1. Stormy Weather
2. You're Hi-Di-Hi-Ing Me
3. Nasty Man
4. Then You've Never Been Blue

Alice Faye
5. My Future Star [From "365 Nights in Hollywood"]
6. Oh, I Didn't Know

Lee Wiley
7. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues [Alternate Take][#]
8. You've Got Me Crying Again
9. Let's Call It a Day [Alternate Take][#] (with Victor Young and His Orchestra)
10. Easy Come, Easy Go (with Johnny Green and His Orchestra)
11. A Hundred Years from Today (with the Casa Loma Orchestra)

Helen Ward (with Ed Loyd and His Orchestra)
12. Let's Put Two and Two Together

Ella Logan
13. Night Wind
14. Doin' the Uptown Lowdown

Maxine Sullivan
15. I Wish I Were Twins
16. Loch Lomond
17. The Hour of Parting

Mildred Bailey and Her Orchestra
18. Mad About the Boy [Alternate Take][#]
19. I See Your Face Before Me [Alternate Take][#]
20. Love's a Necessary Thing

Nan Wynn with Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra
21. The Lamp Is Low
22. You Go to My Head

Ginny Simms and Her Orchestra
23. I Can't Face the Music
24. Sweet and Slow
25. I'm Out of Style

23 November 2010

It's The Gypsy In Me

I credit the marketing people from Classics Chronological for me buying this one. I hadn't heard of Wingy Manone, but I liked what I'd heard from their massive series thus far, I like the faux 78rpm label, and the blue stands out. And get a load of Wingy's face grinning out at you. I kjnew it had to be fun, and Wingy does not disappoint in the least. Excellent music - but don't take it from me! Here's the bio from Allmusic.com, Wingy Manone was an excellent Dixieland trumpeter whose jivey vocals were popular and somewhat reminiscent of his contemporary, Louis Prima. He had lost his right arm in a streetcar accident when he was ten, but Manone (who Joe Venuti once gave one cuff link for a Christmas present) never appeared to be handicapped in public (effectively using an artificial arm). He played trumpet in riverboats starting when he was 17, was with the Crescent City Jazzers (which later became the Arcadian Serenaders) in Alabama, and made his recording debut with the group in the mid-'20s. He worked in many territory bands throughout the era before recording as a leader in 1927 in New Orleans. By the following year, Manone was in Chicago and soon relocated to New York, touring with theater companies. His "Tar Paper Stomp" in 1930 used a riff that later became the basis for "In the Mood." In 1934, Manone began recording on a regular basis and after he had a hit with "The Isle of Capri" in 1935, he became a very popular attraction. Among his sidemen on his 1935-1941 recordings were Matty Matlock, Eddie Miller, Bud Freeman, Jack Teagarden, Joe Marsala, George Brunies, Brad Gowans, and Chu Berry. In 1940, Manone appeared in the Bing Crosby movie Rhythm on the River, he soon wrote his humorous memoirs Trumpet on the Wing (1948), and he would later appear on many of Crosby's radio shows. Wingy Manone lived in Las Vegas from 1954 up until his death and he stayed active until near the end, although he only recorded one full album (for Storyville in 1966) after 1960. (Scott Yanow). Enjoy. +  - and Happy Thanksgiving!


1. It Can Happen To You
2. It's The Gypsy In Me
3. Cottage By The Moon
4. And They Said It Wouldn't Last!
5. Fancy Meeting You
6. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
7. In The Groove
8. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
9. Easy Like
10. I Can't Pretend
11. Floatin' Down To Cotton Town
12. A Fine Romance
13. Formal Night In Harlem
14. Sweet Lorraine
15. Boo-HooYou Showed Me The Way
16. I Can't Lose That Longing For You
17. Oh, Say, Can You Swing?
18. The Image Of You
19. Don't Ever Change
20. (I Just Can't Imagine) Life Without You

01 November 2010

Trav'lin' Light

Continuing to post at breakneck speed (the lines on the road just like like dots ...), here's a shorter cd (an LP re-release) from Charlie Spivak. This is the only Spivak in my collection, for some reason, even though I find it very listenable. From Allmusic.com (Scott Yanow), "Despite coming up in the jazz world and spending his life around jazz musicians, Charlie Spivak rarely improvised and was most notable for his pretty tone. He moved to the U.S. with his family as a small child and grew up in New Haven, CT. Spivak began playing trumpet when he was ten, gigged locally as a teenager, and worked with Don Cavallaro's Orchestra. During most of 1924-1930 he was with Paul Specht's Orchestra, primarily playing section parts where his tone was an asset. Spivak was cast in the same role with Ben Pollack (1931-1934), the Dorsey Brothers (1934-1935), and Ray Noble. He worked in the studios during most of 1936-1937 and then had stints with the orchestras of Bob Crosby, Tommy Dorsey, and Jack Teagarden. Spivak formed his own band in November 1939 (financed by Glenn Miller) and, although his first orchestra failed within a year, his second attempt shortly after was more successful; in fact, Spivak became a major attraction throughout the '40s and he kept his band together until 1959. Spivak lived in later years in Florida, Las Vegas, and South Carolina, putting together orchestras on a part-time basis, staying semi-active up until his death at the age of 75. Among his better recordings were his theme "Let's Go Home," "Autumn Nocturne," and "Star Dreams." Charlie Spivak, who recorded as late as 1981, was married to singer Irene Daye (who was formerly with Gene Krupa's Orchestra)." Enjoy. +


1. Stardreams (Theme)
2. Mean to Me
3. Serenade in Blue
4. I Used to Love You
5. Cuddle up a Little Closer
6. Blue Lou
7. Laura
8. More Than You Know
9. Stardust
10. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
11. Solitude
12. Trav'lin' Light
13. Blue Champagne
14. Let's Go Home
15. It's the Same Old Dream
16. Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)

27 October 2010

There's A Small Hotel

(Now with 3 times the posts of last month!) Here's another entry from the Columbia Best of the Big Bands series. From Wiki: "At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill he formed his own campus jazz group, the Carolina Club Orchestra. The band recorded for English Columbia and Perfect/Pathe records in 1924-5. This first group toured Europe in the summer of 1924 under the sponsorship of popular bandleader Paul Specht. Kemp returned to UNC in 1925 and put together a new edition of the Carolina Club Orchestra, featuring fellow classmates and future stars John Scott Trotter, Saxie Dowell, and Skinnay Ennis. In 1926, he was a member of the charter class of the Alpha Rho chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia  music fraternity, installed on the Carolina campus in February of that year. In 1927 Kemp turned leadership of the Carolina Club Orchestra over to fellow UNC student Kay Kyser  and turned professional. The band was based in New York City, and included Trotter, Dowell, and Ennis, and a few years later trumpeters Bunny Berigan and Jack Purvis joined the group. The sound was 1920s collegiate jazz. Kemp once again toured Europe in the summer of 1930. This band recorded regularly for Brunswick, English Duophone, Okeh and Melotone Records.

In 1932, during the height of the Depression, Kemp decided to lead the band in a new direction, changing the orchestra's style to a that of a dance band (often mistakenly referred to as "sweet"), using muted triple-tonguing trumpets, clarinets playing low sustained notes in unison through large megaphones (an early version of the echo chamber effect), and a double-octave piano.

One of the main reasons for the band's success was arranger John Scott Trotter. Singer Skinnay Ennis had difficulty sustaining notes, so Trotter came up with the idea of filling in these gaps with muted trumpets playing staccato triplets. This gave the band a unique sound, which Johnny Mercer jokingly referred to as sounding like a "typewriter." The saxes often played very complex extremely difficult passages which won them the praise of fellow musicians. Vocalists with the band at this time included Ennis, Dowell, Bob Allen, Deane Janis, Maxine Gray, Judy Starr, Nan Wynn, and Janet Blair. During the 1930s, Kemp recorded for Brunswick, Vocalion and (RCA) Victor records. Hal Kemp, Kay Kyser and Tal Henry were often having a Carolinian reunion in New York. All three were great musicians from North Carolina and enjoyed the olde' time get together, according to the newspaper from Chapel Hill, NC where Hal and Kay were in school." Enjoy. +


1. Got A Date With An Angel
2. Ah! But I've Learned
3. Shuffle Off To Buffalo
4. It's Winter Again
5. Forty-Second Street
6. Long About Sundown
7. Serenade For A Wealthy Widow
8. You're The Top
9. I've Got You Under My Skin
10. Lullaby Of Broadway
11. From The Top Of Your Head
12. Where Or When
13. I Can't Get Started
14. There's A Small Hotel
15. Pennies From Heaven
16. With Plenty Of Money And You

Vocals: Skinnay Ennis on all tracks except Bob Allen (10, 12) and Maxine Gray (14, 15).

22 October 2010

All Or Nothing At All

Although Chick Bullock was a popular vocalist during the 1930s, rumor has it that the skinny kid from Hoboken, NJ featured here was capable of singing for his supper, too. Volume three in this French series starts off with four tracks performed with Harry James and His Orchestra, with whom "the Voice" made his big break before Tommy Dorsey lured him away. With the exception of the final four tracks here, all are live airchecks that unlike today's "stars" who use technology to make their voices sound on key, Frank Sinatra could more than carry a tune. Dorsey had a big hit with Marie, vocalized by Jack Leonard, but I think Sinatra gives it a good turn as well. Full scans are included in this one. Enjoy. +


Harry James and His Orchestra
1. From The Bottom Of My Heart
2. To You
3. From The Bottom Of My Heart
4. All Or Nothing At All

Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
5. A Lover Is Blue
6. Careless
7. I've Got My Eyes On You
8. East Of The Sun
9. My Melancholy Baby
10. After All
11. I've Got My Eyes On You
12. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
13. Deep Night
14. Whispering
15. The Sky Fell Down
16. On The Isle Of May
17. It's A Blue World
18. The Fable Of The Rose
19. Marie
20. I'll Get By
21. East Of The Sun
22. I'll Never Smile Again
23. This Is The Beginning Of The End
24. Imagination
25. Yours Is My Heart Alone
26. Yours Is My Heart Alone

All tracks are airchecks except tracks 23-26.

18 October 2010

Beefsteak Charlie

Jonah Jones was a trumpeter who broke in with Horace Henderson's band, later working with Stuff Smith, Benny Carter, Fletcher Henderson and later spent most of the 1940s with Cab Calloway's band. The first six tracks here are with Dick Porter and His Orchestra, with Jones on trumpet, Joe Marsala (cl), Dick Porter (p, v), Eddie Condon (g), Wilson Ernest Myers (b), and George Wettling (d). The Allmusic.com entry for this suggests that for the sake of rarity, the Porter sides are worthy of inclusion, but that Porter is a lousy Fats Waller rip-off of the highest degree. So much so, that Porter closes Track 5 with a completely out-of-context ad-libbed line cribbed from a different Waller tune. In many of the other tunes however, Jones shows off his ability to give out some real good swing. A scan of the session info is included in the folder. Enjoy. +


Dick Porter and His Orchestra
1. Sweet Thing
2. (I'd Like To See Grandpa) Swingin' To A Swing Tune
3. Swing, Boy, Swing
4. May I Have The Next Romance With You?
5. There's No Two Ways About It
6. Poor "Robinson Crusoe"

Jonah Jones Sextet
7. Lust For Licks
8. Just Like A Butterfly
9. B.H. Boogie
10. 12th Street Rag

Milton Hinton And His Orchestra
11. Broadway Holdover
12. Bass Pandemonium
13. Everywhere
14. Beefsteak Charlie

Jonah Jones and His Orchestra
15. Rose Of The Rio Grande
16. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
17. Hubba Hubba Hub
18. Stompin' At The Savoy

16 September 2010

I'm Hummin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singin'

September 16th is the 102nd birthday of Chick Bullock (thanks to Drizzz for the reminder). The actual birth date is in question, but we'll run with it anyway. I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to even look at this blog, much less upload new posts. But being the special day that it is, I hurriedly put together some songs for the occasion. This set only includes 16 tunes that I transferred from my 78s, and there are a couple of neat tunes here. For instance, you'll hear the likes of Jack Teagarden (Wagon Wheel), Joe Venuti, James P. Johnson, Clarence Williams, Russ Morgan, and the Dorsey Brothers among others. The version of Swaller-Tail Coat is the lesser-known version recorded with Todd Rollins and his Orchestra (the Clarence Williams version is in a CW post elsewhere here). My copy of this 78 is near-mint, so it should sound pretty good. There are cleaner versions of Out In The Cold Again and Old Street Sweeper on one of the Crooners and Clarence Williams cds (respectively), but I decided to include the transfers anyway. On Accounta I Love You is recorded with the Dorsey Brothers, but is credited to Smith Ballew on every pressing even though he had nothing to do with the session. Ya gotta love record companies! Well, happy birthday to Mr. Chick Bullock! And thanks to Drizzz, I was encouraged to get this post up today. Session information is included in the tags for each song. Enjoy! +


1. All I Do Is Dream Of You
2. On Accounta I Love You
3. Out In The Cold Again
4. Sleepy Head
5. Stars Fell On Alabama
6. Blue Moon
7. Haunting Me
8. Swaller-Tail Coat
9. Wagon Wheels
10. Old Street Sweeper
11. May I?
12. I'm Hummin', I'm Whistlin', I'm Singin'
13. Lost In A Fog
14. Two Cigarettes In The Dark
15. Ha-Cha-Cha
16. Have A Little Dream On Me

09 August 2010

Let's Misbehave

Apologies for the lack of new posts, but work has been picking up of late. Good for the pockets, bad for the blog. On the other hand, I've been working on cleaning up more Chick Bullock tunes, and ripping some LPs which should be available soon as well ... As is normal for me, I go backwards in my musical exploration. I first picked up the 30s Volume 1, which I really enjoyed (and will post). So why not try the 20s? (even though there's no apostrophe!) I have loved My Blue Heaven since the first time I heard it, and have several versions of the tune. Gene Austin is still the best. With only 20 tracks, it's hard to select the best of an entire decade, especially from the Roaring Twenties. But the producers did very well here, I think. If nothing else, this cd stoked my curiosity and propelled me to pick up many records from the era. It's all good. (oh, and Rapidshare seems to have smoothed things out for the time being, so until my subscription ends I'll be using that) Enjoy. +


1. Let's Misbehave - Irving Aaronson & His Commanders
2. My Blue Heaven - Gene Austin
3. Collegiate - Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians
4. Alice Blue Gown - Edith Day
5. Little Orphan Annie - The Coon-Sanders Nighthawks
6. Lucky Lindy - Nat Shilkret & His Orchestra
7. Varsity Drag - George Olsen & His Music
8. Do Do Do - Gertrude Lawrence
9. Whispering - Paul Whiteman Orchestra
10. I Wanna Be Loved by You - Helen Kane
11. Black Bottom - Johnny Hamp
12. Makin' Whoopee - Eddie Cantor
13. Charleston - Paul Whiteman Orchestra
14. Prisoner's Song - Vernon Dalhart
15. My Pretty Girl - Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra
16. My Man - Fanny Brice
17. Black and Tan Fantasy - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
18. Louise - Maurice Chevalier
19. If I Had a Talking Picture of You - Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders
20. Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin, Paul Whiteman Orchestra

12 July 2010

Bunny Berigan

The selections here feature Bunny Berigan as a sideman while he was in New York City, the time interspersed by tours with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra and the Boswell Sisters. Recordings under Berigan's own name are found on cds elsewhere. From the liner notes: Much of his time between 1931-36 was spent in the recording studios and radio. Though there were short stints with various bands, for the most part during this period, Bunny could be found doing stuido work in one form or another. Berigan was one of a small clique of musicians that included the likes of the Dorseys, Benny Goodman, Dick McDonough, Carl Kress, Eddie Lang, Stan King, Chauncey Morehouse, Mannie Klien and others, whose wages were an astronomical several hundred dollars a week during the depression. He worked on call on radio, theater and hotel jobs and record dates. Most of this work featured very commercial music with an occasional jazz solo. ... During this period, Berigan recorded sides with Mildred Bailey, the Boswell Sisters, Lee Wiley, Bing Crosby, Ramona as well as Paul Whiteman. As the liner notes (much more in depth) go on to suggest, the recordings from this time are valued less for the vocal or ensemble work, but rather for the solos. Berigan was recording in an era of stock arrangements and stock singers, where the song was the most important thing, yet he still managed to add something of his own. Track 23 is Take 1 which was never issued in the US due to Berigan's "goof," and Smith Ballew had nothing to do with Track 20. Oh, and there are seven Chick Bullock vocals. Enjoy. +


1. Ev'rything That's Nice Belongs To You - Freddie Rich and the CBS Studio Orchestra (as Maurice Sherman and His College Inn Orchestra) 21 February 1931
2. Under Your Window Tonight (Yoo-Hoo, I'll Call To You) - Owen Fallon and his Californians
3. In The Merry Month of Maybe - Freddie Rich and the CBS Studio Orch (as Ralph Bennett and his Seven Aces (All Eleven of 'Em) 4 June 1931
4. Too Many Tears - Eddie Kirkeby and His Orchestra (as Ed Lloyd and His Orchestra) 24 February 1932 (am)
5. Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon (My Gal's Gone) - ARC House Orchestra, 24 February 1932 (pm)
6. What Would You Do? - Bob Causer and His Cornellians, 1 March 1932
7. What Would You Do? - ARC House Orchestra (as Ed Lloyd and His Orcestra) 1 March 1932
8. Sing A New Song - Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra
9. I'm So In Love - ARC House Band directed by Bennie Krueger (as Bennie Kreuger and His Orchestra) 9 March 1932
10. Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon - ARC House Band (as Imperial Dance Orchestra) March 1932
11. Gosh Darn - ARC House Band (as Bennie Kreuger and His Orchestra) 6 April 1932
12. If I Had My Way 'Bout My Sweetie - ARC House Band (as Vic Irwin and His Orchestra) 8 April 1932
13. How Do You Do It? - Victor Young and House Orchestra, 17 September 1932
14. Underneath The Harlem Moon - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers, 26 September 1932
15. Mighty River - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers, 26 September 1932
16. All American Girl - ARC House Unit (as All Star Collegians) 1932
17. What Would Happen To Me (If Something Happened To You) - ARC House Orchestra (as Ed Lloyd and His Orchestra) 27 September 1932
18. Please - ARC House Orchestra (as Will Osborned and His Orchestra) 6 October 1932
19. You'll Get By (With A Twinkle In Your Eye) - ARC House Orchestra (as Will Osborned and His Orchestra) 27 October 1932
20. On Accounta I Love You - Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (as Smith Ballew and His Orchestra) 21 May 1934
21. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - Studio Orchestra (as Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers) 18 January 1936
22. And Still No Luck With You - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers, 8 May 1936
23. I'm An Old Cowhand - Chick Bullock and His Orchestra, 8 May 1936
24. When Is A Kiss Not A Kiss - Studio Orchestra (as Bob Causer and His Cornellians) 22/23 September 1936

Berigan plays all the trumpet solos except as noted: Track 2, Berigan plays the mute solo after the vocal. The trumpet prior to the vocal is not Berigan; Tracks 9, 10 include unknown trumpet; Track 11, possibly Mannie Klein (trumpet); Track 12, possibly Bobby Effros (trumpet); Track 13 includes unknown trumpet; Tracks 14-19 possibly include unknown trumpet. Note: Other than those listed, ARC trumpeters during the 1932-34 period would also include Frank Guarette, Mannie Weinstock, Mickey Bloom, and Tommy Thunen in non-feature roles; Track 20, possibly Charlie Spivak trumpet; Tracks 22, 23 possibly other trumpets. Track 24 is possibly Bunny Berigan, possibly 2nd trumpet. The liner notes go into more detail, these are only the trumpet notes.

Chick Bullock vocals: Tracks 5, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23.

28 June 2010

Won't You Come Over And Say "Hello"

(new link!)

Need I say it? I really like the Chick Bullock vocals here because I think he paired very well with Clarence Williams' style. I'm gonna rig myself up, in a swaller-tail coat ... Although Williams has been called a "decent pianist and a likable but limited vocalist," he was quite capable of putting together some of the best recording sessions. Many of the sides here include James P. Johnson, Roy Smeck, and Louis Jordan among others, and there is a lot of good music to be heard here. One of the criticisms of the Classics series is that it isn't always all-inclusive. Although recorded in the same recording session as track 20, this cd omits "Sashay, Oh Boy!" which also features Little Buddy Farrior on vocal. That said, if you haven't heard it yet, Williams' subsequent chronological entry set can be found elsewhere in this blog. Enjoy. +


1. Swaller-Tail Coat (Miller)
2. Looka-There, Ain't She Pretty (Todd)
3. St. Louis Blues (Handy)
4. How Can I Get It? (Williams)
5. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (McHugh-Fields)
6. Won't You Come Over And Say "Hello" (Barnett-Williams)
7. Old Street Sweeper (Sullivan-Gray)
8. I'm Gonna Wash My Sins Away (Williams-Brevard)
9. Jimmy Had A Nickel (Siglar-Goodhart-Hoffman)
10. He's A Colonel From Kentucky (Tobias-Scholl-Mencher-Baer)
11. Pretty Baby, Is It Yes Or No? (Williams-Brevad)
12. Mister, Will You Serenade? (Williams-Hill-Robinson)
13. I Got Horses And Got Numbers On My Mind (Bernard-Wirges-Bibo)
14. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (Thomas)
15. Let's Have A Showdown (Pinkard-Page)
16. I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants (Gaines-Williams)
17. Christmas Night In Harlem (Parish-Scott)
18. Ill Wind (You're Blowing Me No Good) (Koehler-Arlen)
19. As Long As I Live (Arlen-Koehler)
20. Tell The Truth (Scott-O'Frye)
21. I Can't Beat You Doin' What You're Doin' Me (Piron-Williams)
22. Trouble (Rofkin-Walman-Blank)

20 June 2010

I'm An Old Cowhand

Hardly the "essential," as many of these tracks are included in other collections, and it doesn't come close to sampling his 10 year career, but it is the only commercially-produced cd that is dedicated expressly to the vocals of Chick Bullock. Some of these show up in the Frank Newton collection, others in the Classics set of Bill Coleman, and there are others from a Bunny Berigan set that I've uploaded and hope to post this month. Despite that, there are a couple of alternate takes and tunes that don't show up elsewhere such as as Going! Going! Gone!, and No-One Loves Me Like That Dallas Man. I find the latter odd, because where normally the gender is switched to match the singer, Bullock sings it from the woman's point of view. I encourage people to buy a copy of the cd because there are some good liner notes and information on the life of Chick Bullock, including a rare picture of him in his later years, plus a younger picture of his wife. Overall, a worthy set of recordings and the quality is good. But an "essential" collection has to include some of his earlier and jazzier material, as well as some of his more romantic crooning from 1930-1931. Seriously, Amapola in an "essential" collection? Incidentally, There'll Be Some Changes Made was recorded during Chick's final recording session on February 12, 1941 Enjoy. +


1. Underneath The Harlem Moon
2. Mighty River    2:51
3. (When It's) Darkness On The Delta
4. Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere
5. Going!Going!!Gone!!!
6. Low Down Upon The Harlem River
7. No-One Loves Me Like That Dallas Man
8. Extra (All About That Gal Of Mine)
9. Frankie And Johnnie
10. I Can't Dance (I've Got Ants In My Pants)
11. Somebody Loves Me
12. I'm An Old Cowhand
13. Smiles
14. It Had To Be You
15. My Melancholy Baby
16. (Back Home Again In) Indiana
17. Dolores
18. Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)
19. Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
20. There'll Be Some Changes Made
21. It Had To Be You
22. My Melancholy Baby
23. (Back Home Again In) Indiana
24. Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
25. My Melancholy Baby

17 June 2010


Life is full of good intentions, but it wasn't my goal to go so long between albums. That said, however, it is World Cup time, so it's still going to be a slow month for posting until it's over. The good news is that I've got a Mildred Baily LP set, some Bunny Berigan, and more Clarence Williams lined up. In the meantime, here is another selection from the McKinney's Cotton Pickers series. I find it a little odd that the label leap-frogged with the dates to include the latter Don Redman sides, especially considering that they have his work separately. But I guess that's what you get from a label that can't spell "chronological." Anyway, this set includes performances from Benny Carter, Doc Cheatham and more. Two versions of Chant of the Weed and Reefer Man leaves little doubt in my mind what the band did to relax. Enjoy. (and go Brasil!) +


1. Never Swat a Fly
2. I Want Your Love
3. Hello!
4. After All, You're All I'm After
5. I Miss a Little Miss
6. To Whom It May Concern
7. You're Driving Me Crazy
8. Come a Little Closer
9. It's A Lonesome Old Town (When You're Not Around)
10. She's My Secret Passion
11. Do You Believe in Love at Sight?
12. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)
13. Chant of the Weed
14. I Heard
15. Got the South in My Soul
16. Reefer Man
17. Chew, Chew, Chew (Your Bubble Gum)
18. Igloo
19. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
20. Ain't I Good to You
21. You Ain't Nowhere
22. About Rip Van Winkle
23. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
24. Chant of the Weed

Recording dates
Nov 4, 1930-Jan 17, 1940

01 June 2010

Sloppy Drunk Blues

Good grief, another month gone by. Here's another one of those tangents, though not irrelevant once you give a listen. During my search for Chick Bullock, in the days prior to having discographies available, I stumbled across some Clarence Williams' cds featuring the singer. Even better than adding a paltry four or five vocals to my Bullock collection, I now had yet another disc of cool music. Which means of course, another chance to share with everyone. The years covered here range from 1926 to 1939, and include Johnny Dodds, Clarence Williams, Louis Armstrong and others. Wine pairing recommendation: none. Open up a bottle of good beer. Repeat as needed. Enjoy. +


1. Little Bits - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards (featuring Johnny Dodds) 1926
2. Idle Hour Special - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards (featuring Johnny Dodds) 1926
3. 47th Street Stomp - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards (featuring Johnny Dodds) 1926
4. Cushion Foot Stomp - Clarence Williams Washboard Band 1927
5. PDQ Blues - Clarence Williams Washboard Band 1927
6. I'm Goin' Hunting - Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards (featuring Louis Armstrong) 1927
7. Forty And Tight - Beale Street Washboard Band (featuring Johnny Dodds) 1929
8. Piggly Wiggly - Beale Street Washboard Band (featuring Johnny Dodds) 1929
9. Pigmeat Stomp - Alabama Washboard Stompers (featuring Teddy Bunn) 1930/1932
10. Wild Man Stomp - Chicago Stompers (featuring Jimmy Blythe) 1931
11. Stomp Your Stuff - Chicago Stompers (featuring Jimmy Blythe) 1931
12. Pepper Steak - Alabama Washboard Stompers (featuring Teddy Bunn) 1930/1932
13. Sloppy Drunk Blues - Washboard Rhythm Kings 1932
14. Fire - Washboard Rhythm Kings 1932
15. Warehouse Blues - Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band 1938/1939
16. Booker T. Blues - Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band 1938/1939
17. This Time Is My Time - Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band 1938/1939
18. Block And Tackle - Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band 1938/1939

12 May 2010

Shoo The Hoodoo Away

Three posts in a week! Here is an LP-rip from a 1960s EMI release of Ambrose and His Orchestra recordings during their stay at the Mayfair Hotel between 1928-1932. To quote the liner notes by none other than Brian Rust himself, "the songs on this record are a random collection: choosing a representative cross-section from so much bounty was something of a problem. Where to start? Finally, we settled for something for everyone: something for those who like a good tune offered in quiet good taste; something for those who prefer something a little more adventurous musically; something for those who enjoy and appreciate the finer points of a good solo passage by a brilliant star of the Ahola or Polo calibre; something everyone knows because the melody has lingered on; and something which for some reason is not heard nowadays much, if at all, but which will arouse happy memories of those great days of peace and optimism." A bounty indeed! As Rust later suggests, 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night is a fantastic tune, and I'll add that Sam Browne doesn't disappoint on any of the eleven vocals he handles here. I took a high-res photo of both front and back covers which should make it easy to read the full notes by simply opening the image found in the file. My copy is amazingly clean, and there was only the very slightest editing done. It sounded great to me, hopefully others will agree. Enjoy. +


Side One

1. The Free And Easy (vocal: Sam Browne) (Turk-Ahert)
2. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (vocal: Sam Browne) (Kalmar-Ruby)
3. Singapore Sorrows (Le Soir-Doll)
4. Happy Go Lucky You (vocal: Sam Browne) (Murray-Goodhart-Hoffman)
5. Exactly Like You (vocal: Sam Browne) (Fields-McHugh)
6. A Bench In The Park (vocal: Sam Browne) (Yellen-Ager)

Side Two

1. 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night (vocal: Sam Browne) (Burnett-Grantham-Kirkpatrick)
2. Love Letters In The Sand (vocal: Sam Browne) (Coots-Kenny)
3. My Baby Just Cares For Me (vocal: Sam Browne) (Kahn-Donaldson)
4. Cryin' For The Carolines (vocal: Sam Browne) (Lewis-Young-Warren)
5. Shoo The Hoodoo Away (vocal: Ella Logan and Sam Browne) (Snyder-Harris)
6. Moanin' For You (vocal: Sam Browne) (Goulding-Dougherty)

10 May 2010

But The Fair Señorita Doesn't Seem To Care

As I attempt to bring the monthly post count back up to a respectable consistency, I offer up some Allan Jones for the discerning ear. Even though I'm a huge fan of classic films, I only first heard the infectious Donkey Serenade a few years ago in an RCA collection of 1930s music (which is in the queue to be posted soon). I don't really go much for the more operatic style in general, but sometimes one cannot help it. Jones had a terrific voice, and could act well enough to get the lead in Showboat opposite Irene Dunne. Comedy fans might recognize him opposite the Marx Brothers in A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races. As irrelevant tangents sometimes lead, future posts will include the soundtracks from the Marx Brothers films, as well as a Jerome Kern tribute that includes some vocals by Irene Dunne. Someday. Anyway, this post was supposed to be about Jones, whose immense talent reportedly caused Nelson Eddy to get most of the former's footage cut from the Eddy/MacDonald film Rose Marie in 1936. If true, I wish he had not succeeded, but at least we can still listen to Jones' music. I have no Nelson Eddy in my collection though. Enjoy. +


1. Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody [From the Great Ziegfeld]
2. Everything's Been Done Before [From Reckless]
3. Alone [From a Night at the Opera] - Kitty Carlisle Hart, Allan Jones
4. Cosi Cosa [From a Night at the Opera]
5. Make Believe [From Show Boat] - Irene Dunne, Allan Jones
6. I Have the Room Above Her [From Show Boat] - Irene Dunne, Allan Jones
7. You Are Love [From Show Boat] - Irene Dunne, Allan Jones
8. Blue Venetian Waters [From a Day at the Races]
9. Tomorrow Is Another Day [From a Day at the Races]
10. Woman's Kiss [From the Firefly] - Allan Jones, Jeanette MacDonald
11. Donkey Serenade [From the Firefly]
12. Giannina Mia [From the Firefly]
13. Sympathy [From the Firefly] - Allan Jones, Jeanette MacDonald
14. Donkey Serenade/Giannina Mia (Reprise) [From the Firefly] - Allan Jones, Jeanette MacDonald
15. First Thing in the Morning [From Everybody Sing]
16. Down on Melody Farm/Quartet from Rigoletto [From Everybody Sing] - Judy Garland, Allan Jones
17. One I Love [From Everybody Sing]
18. Show Must Go On [From Everybody Sing]
19. Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life [From the Great Victor Herbert] - Allan Jones, Mary Martin
20. There Once Was an Owl [From the Great Victor Herbert] - Allan Jones, Mary Martin
21. Thine Alone [From the Great Victor Herbert] - Allan Jones, Mary Martin
22. Wonderful Dreams/All for You [From the Great Victor Herbert] - Allan Jones, Mary Martin
23. Someday [From the Great Victor Herbert]
24. I'm Falling in Love With Someone [From Naughty Marietta]
25. Falling in Love With Love [From the Boys from Syracuse]
26. Who Are You? [From the Boys from Syracuse]
27. Sweethearts [From Sweethearts]

09 May 2010

Cuban Belle

When Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orchestra recorded their version of El Manicero (known to gringos like me as The Peanut Vendor), they lit a Latin American-influenced fuse that became an enormous fad in the 1930s. You can find that song (as well as Green Eyes featuring my favorite vocalist) in the Don Azpiazu post elsewhere in this site. This cd is quite simply a fantastic collection of music, full of energy that makes me want to rumba (and if I had to dance for my supper, I'd starve). The band featured here is lead by Don Antobal, the brother of Azpiazu. The vocalist on 12 - count them, 12 - songs, is non other than Chiquito Bullo. No, really. That's the pseudonym they came up with, no doubt laughing about it every time.

Eusebio Santiago Azpiazu took the stage name of Don Mario Antobal (for unknown reasons, according to the liner notes, but surely it must have been to avoid confusion/coattail riding with his brother's band?). Azpiazu's band broke up in Paris in 1933, with some of the musicians finding their way into Antobal's unit for some of the later recordings, though the session info seems to be sparse. Track # 1 is the only to feature Azpiazu vocalist Antonio Machín. Most of the tunes here were written by Marion Sunshine or Moïses Simons (or both), the latter having written El Manicero. Well, there is a lot more info in the 9 pages of liner notes, so I will stop writing and recommend picking up a copy of the cd. Great music, including twelve Chick Bullock vocals! Enjoy. +


1. La Mulata Rumbera
2. Los Tres Golpes
3. Para Vigo Me Voy (Say "Si Si")
4. Marianna
5. Hot Tamales
6. Mammy Bong
7. Spic And Spanish
8. Songo Songo
9. A Gozar (Let's Be Gay)
10. La Conga (Havana's Calling Me)
11. The Moon Over Cuba Was High And So Was I
12. My Margarita
13. Virgen (In A Cuban Garden)
14. El Trapero (Old Clothes)
15. The All Look Alike To Pancho
16. El Maraquero
17. The Night The Lady Said "No"
18. Tierra Tropical (The Cuban In Me)
19. No Se Puede (Said The Monkey)
20. Vienne La Conga
21. Cachita
22. Conga Karabalicero (Conga Drums)
23. Blue Bayou
24. Cuban Belle
25. Onile Bó (Whoa, Nellie, Whoa)

All recorded in New York:

29 December  1932    01, 02
4 May 1936                03, 04
18 May 1936              05
7 January 1937           06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 16
21 January 1937         11
2 July 1937                 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19
16 December 1937     21, 22, 23, 24, 25


Antonio Machín           01
Panchito Risét              03, 13, 19, 20
Johnny Rodriguez         06, 08, 09, 16
Alfredo Valdés             22, 25
Chiquito Bullo              04, 05, 06, 07, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 21, 23, 24
(Chick Bullock)

30 April 2010

The Dixieland Band

I know that everyone out there bought lots of vinyl/shellac on Record Store Day a week ago or so, right? Although I didn't acquire this item recently, I found it in a shop (now closed, alas) along with several others from this label. Unfortunately I do not have the entire run of Bob Crosby, but I'll share what I can. This first set in chronological order goes from June 1, 1935 to November 8, 1935. Looking through Rust's info, there are some titles that they missed, but only about three or four, I think. Bob Crosby had a long career that included several bands, films, and even taking over from Phil Harris as bandleader on the Jack Benny Program for the program's final years. And compared to his more famous brother, Bob could certainly hold his own in the vocals department. The back cover image (included in the file) has further track information. Enjoy. +


Side One

A1 Flowers For Madame
A2 The Dixieland Band
A3 In A Little Gypsy Tea Room
A4 Beale Street Blues
A5 I’m In The Mood For Love
A6 East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
A7 Two Together

Side Two

B1 And Then Some
B2 Tender Is The Night
B3 Roll Along, Prairie Moon
B4 Treasure Island
B5 At Your Service, Madame
B6 Here’s To Romance
B7 I Found A Dream

21 April 2010

Hello Montreal!

This is one of my favorite cd finds because it includes so much fun music. One of the best things about Chick Bullock's music is that he recorded with so many different people, so that if you're someone who enjoys following the tangents whether or not they are relevant, the paths often lead to all sorts of discoveries (such as learning that the Waring Blender was developed by Fred). I can't recall this particular path, but I think it was a result of Glorianna and not the Bullock vocals. Poley McClintock's vocals are unmistakable, and he's been credited as one of the inspirations for the voice of Popeye.This collection includes sides recorded between March 1928 and November 1932, while Waring's Pennsylvanians were at their hottest. I wish they had included Any Ice Today, Lady? but the exclusion just means I have to find it elsewhere. Fred Waring himself is also heard on several vocals, showing that he could hold his own. I also have a cd included in the Waring biography by his daughter, which I'll post in the future. Look below the track listings for the personnel. Enjoy. +


1. Farewell Blues (a) (v. Fred Waring & the band)
2. Bolshevik (a) (v. Poley McClintock & the band)
3. Hello Montreal! (a) (v. Fred Waring & the band)
4. Stack O'Lee Blues (b)
5. What A Night For Spooning (c) (v. Clare Hanlon)
6. Glorianna (c) (v. Clare Hanlon)
7. Navy Blues (d) (v. Clare Hanlon & quartet including P. McClintock)
8. Hello Baby (d) (v. William Morgan)
9. Good For You, Bad For Me (d) (v. Fred Waring)
10. Red Hot Chicago (d) (v. Fred Waring)
11. How'm I Doin'? (e)  (v. Poley McClintock & the band)
12. I Heard (f) (vocal scat by Scat Davis, Frank Zullo & Poley McClintock)
13. Old Yazoo (g) (v. Frank Zullo & the band)
14. Holding My Honey's Hand (g) (v. Chick Bullock & Poley McClintock)
15. The Old Man Of The Mountain (g) (v. Chick Bullock & Poley McClintock)
16. You'll Get By (h)
17. Fit As A Fiddle (h) (v. male quartet)
18. Young And Healthy (h) (v. Tom Waring)
19. Dance Selections (h)
20. Flying Colors (h)

Waring's Pennsylvanians: Fred Waring directing: (a) Nelson Keller, George Culley and an unknown (t); Jim Gaillard and an unknown (tb); Fred Campbell (cl, as, bars, f); Will Morgan (cl, as); Earl Gardner (as); Elton Cockerill (cl, ts); Bill Townsend, Francis Foster, Scott Bates (vn); Tom Waring (p); Paul Mertz (p, arr); Fred Buck (bj, arr); Ed Rabel (bbs); Poley McClintock (d); vocals as indicated. (b) Fourth trumpted added. (c) Both unknown trumpets omitted; Clare Hanlon replaces the unknown trombone; Frank W. Hower (p) replaces Tom Waring. Two pianos used on #5. (d) add Wade Schegel, aka Dake Wade (t), Stuart Churchill (t, as, x) replaces Culley; one violin omitted; Charles Henderson (p) replaces Mertz. (e) Add Johnny "Scat" Davis (t); Gene Conklin (tb) replaces Gardener, strings omitted; Lou Bonnies (g) replaces Buck (bj); arrangements by Leo Vauchant. (f) Frank Zullo (t) replaces Schlegel; add unknown reed. (g) Davis Conklin and unknown fifth sax player omitted, Spencer Clark (bass) replaces Rabel (bbs). (h) Eddie Radel added on string bass. Note: the typos are as in the liner notes (i.e., the spelling of Schegel & Gardner).

07 April 2010

There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder

I've fallen behind in my posting, so by request, here is an extended post of old Al Jolson from his glory days. Since I had to do some research on this anyway, this post marks a brief change in that I decided to include two additional collections which I had downloaded via a pay site. As for the label of the first CD, or lack thereof, I no longer have the booklet of this out-of-print disk (formerly an LP) that was issued by an Italian company and was unable to find one on the internet. The set also included records by Marlene Deitrich (I'm missing that booklet, too) and Cab Calloway (which I didn't get because his music is covered on Classics Chronological. If you have an invitation to Reci's Oldies blog, you can see the Calloway cover there. They were identical except for the photo and number of tracks of the featured artist.

Ok, on to the music! The first half of the cd includes recordings from the 1920s, while the latter half are re-recorded versions from late in Jolson's career (1940s). For some unfortunate reason, these latter recordings used a process that makes them sound as if they were overdubbed in an echo chamber, not to mention string sections taking the place of some fine jazz of the originals. From what I can tell by listening to Jolson in other media (e.g, old radio shows such as Eddie Cantor, Bing Crosby), he still had the pipes to sound good without using such a crutch.

The additional sets are listed below, and are nearly entirely transfers from original 78s. Surely there are better copies of Jolson discs in circulation that they could have used? Not even at Columbia? Oh well, at least we get to listen to him in his prime, even if these are simple transfers of low-fidelity recordings made with the use of a horn. Jolie sure could give a performance, that's for sure. As usual, Columbia's Art Deco series does not fail to satisfy, and includes sides from 1913 to 1925, when Jolson was in his prime. The other set, Black and White, has a mere 12 tracks, yet includes tunes likewise not heard on most Jolson collections. Disclaimer: the bitrates range from 96 to 192, and though I didn't hear any issues with the files, they are what they are and I cannot re-rip them should there be any problems. IFinally, I was initially going to add my own Jolson 78s, but most are covered in the additional collections which probably sound cleaner anyway. I am sure that I had several more sides, but apparently I may have sold them before recording them. Never be in a hurry to get rid of vintage records! Enjoy.  + + +


Al Jolson: 25 Phonographic Memories

1. California, Here I Come - March 1924
2. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else) - March 1924
3. I'm Sittin' On Top Of the World - December 1925
4. Miami - December 1925
5. Tonight's My Night With Baby - May 1926
6. Golden Gate - December 1927
7. My Mammy - 1927
8. There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder - August 1928
9. Why Can't You - April 1929
10. Liza (All The Clouds Will Roll Away) - August 1929
11. When The Little Red Roses (Get The Blues For You) - 1930
12. Swanee
13. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
14. Sonny Boy
15. You Made Me Love You
16. For Me And My Gal
17. Let Me Swing And I'm Happy
18. Give My Regards To Broadway
19. Alabamy Bound
20. When The Red Red Robin Goes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along
21. Toot Toot Tootsie (Goodbye)
22. Carolina In The Morning
23. April Showers
24. Ma Blushin' Rosie (Ma Posie Sweet)
25. Easter Parade

You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet: Jolie's Finest Columbia Recordings (Columbia 1994) Art Deco Series

1. That Little German Band
2. Everybody Snap Your Fingers With Me
3. Back to the Carolina You Love
4. Revival Day     Berlin
5. Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers
6. Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula
7. Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go (With Friday on Saturday Night)?
8. Down Where the Swanee River Flows
9. I Sent My Wife to the Thousand Isles
10. Tell That to the Marines
11. I'll Say She Does
12. On the Road to Calais
13. Swanee
14. In Sweet September
15. Avalon
16. O-Hi-O (O-My-O)
17. April Showers
18. Toot, Toot, Tootsie, Goodbye
19. Morning Will Come
20. Stella
21. Waitin' for the Evening Mail
22. Hallelujah, I'm a Bum
23. You Are Too Beautiful
24. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody

Black and White (Magnum Collections, 2001)

1. Snap Your Fingers (And Away We Go)
2. The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
3. My Yellow Jacket Girl
4. A Sleep in the Deep
5. That Lovin' Traumerei
6. Brass Band Ephraham Jones
7. That Haunting Melody
8. Rum Tum Tiddle
9. The Pullman Porter's Parade
10. You Made Me Love You
11. Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers
12. When the Grown Up Ladies Act Like Babies

06 April 2010

Scene Changes

Today I offer the second volume of Dick McDonough and His Orchestra, which I picked up solely for the Chick Bullock vocals. As the sole reviewer at Amazon noted (here), the collection is a disappointment and doesn't really highlight the artist. McDonough was a fine guitarist, but it isn't easy to hear that from these recordings as the music is essentially standard arrangements. On top of that, the transcription from 78 rpm to CD wasn't the best and there is sometimes more than a little surface noise and even clicks. Other reviewers warn about consistent sloppiness by the producer, but given my own amateur restorations, I am not one to complain. Besides, I was able to hear several Chick Bullock recordings that I still haven't found on 78. The last few tracks are Gene Gifford and His Orchestra. Alas, no liner notes with the CD to show who plays what, or when. I also have Volume 1, but will get to that later. Enjoy. +


1. Take My Heart - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
2. Stars in My Eyes - Dick McDonough
3. Scene Changes - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
4. When the Moon Hangs High - Buddy Clark, Buddy Clark, Dick McDonough
5. South Sea Island Magic - Buddy Clark, Buddy Clark, Dick McDonough
6. Afterglow - Buddy Clark, Buddy Clark, Dick McDonough
7. I'm One Step Ahead of My Shadow - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
8. Now or Never - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
9. Love, What Are You Doing to My Heart - Dick McDonough, Larry Stewart, Larry Stewart
10. You're Giving Me a Song and a Dance - Dick McDonough, Larry Stewart, Larry Stewart
11. Girl on the Police Gazette - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
12. Mood That I'm In - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
13. I've Got Beginner's Luck - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
14. Shall We Dance - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
15. Two Hearts Are Dancing - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
16. And Then They Call It Love - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
17. You're Looking for Romance - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
18. My Cabin of Dreams - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
19. You and I Know - Dick McDonough, Howard Phillips
20. Old Flame Never Dies - Dick McDonough, Howard Phillips    
21. That Old Feeling - Dick McDonough, Howard Phillips
22. Nothin' But the Blues - Gene Gifford, Wingy Manone
23. New Orleans Twist - Gene Gifford
24. Squareface - Gene Gifford, Wingy Manone
25. Dizzy Glide - Gene Gifford, Wingy Manone

18 March 2010

Lindy Hopper's Delight

In case you are one of those people who cannot chew bubble gum and walk at the same time, here is the next collection in the Classics series. This set includes twenty-two tunes with Ella leading the band after Chick Webb's passing. While the last cd had several tunes sugary enough to induce a diabetic coma, this set seems to find Ella and the gang somewhat reigning in the pop with some nice covers of standards. And then there's the wubba dolly which suggests to me that while Ella was the nominal leader, perhaps she hadn't yet acquired the confidence to really take charge. But I'm just guessing. Enjoy +.


1. My Last Goodbye
2. Billy (I Always Dream of Billy)
3. Please Tell Me the Truth
4. I'm Not Complaining
5. You're Gonna Lose Your Gal
6. After I Say I'm Sorry
7. Baby, What Else Can I Do?
8. My Wubba Dolly (Rubber Dolly)
9. Lindy Hopper's Delight
10. Moonray
11. Is There Somebody Else?
12. Sugar Blues
13. Starlit Hour
14. What's the Matter With Me?
15. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
16. If It Weren't for You
17. Sing Song Swing
18. Imagination
19. Take It from the Top
20. Tea Dance
21. Jubilee Swing
22. Deedle-De-Dum

10 March 2010

The Dipsy Doodle

Corrected info!

Apologies to all who downloaded the previous link! And thanks to those who let me know about the discrepancy. Ok - let's try this one again. I don't know how I managed to mislabel a rip, but the file that I thought was 1939 is in fact Ella singing with Chick Webb's Orchestra 1937-1938. This, despite the fact that I listened to the entire cd twice to make sure that there were no errors! All you should need to do is rename the folder, as the song files should all be fine otherwise. I have also updated the track listing below. No bubble gum this trip, but now I think I'll re-rip the other Ella cds I have just to make sure everything is okay the next time. Enjoy.+


1. Big Boy Blue
2. Dedicated to You
3. You Showed Me the Way
4. Cryin' Mood
5. Love Is the Thing So They Say
6. All or Nothing at All
7. If You Ever Should Leave
8. Everyone's Wrong But Me
9. Deep in the Heart of the South
10. Just a Simple Melody
11. I Got a Guy
12. Holiday in Harlem
13. Rock It for Me
14. I Want to Be Happy
15. The Dipsy Doodle
16. If Dreams Come True
17. Hallelujah
18. Bei Mir Bist du Schön
19. It's My Turn Now
20. It's Wonderful
21. I Was Doing All Right
22. A-Tisket, A-Tasket

02 March 2010

I've Got The World On A String

I could swear that I had already shared this one, but I guess I just overlooked it after uploading. Here's an internet review from Bruce Woolf: "The Spirits of Rhythm were vocalists of the "jive" tradition, who could sing scat with the best of them. This collection follows the Spirits from their heyday in the 1930s through personnel changes in the 1940s, and includes 7 tracks where they back either Red McKenzie or Ella Logan.

The Spirits originally consisted of Leo Watson, Wilbur Daniels, Douglas Daniels, Teddy Bunn and Virgil Scoggins. This aggregation produced the 24 October and 20 November 1933 recording sessions. Bassist Wilson Myers joined the group beginning with the 6 December 1933 session. In 1941, Scoggins and Myers had left the group, and Wellman Braud was playing bass. The final Spirits of Rhythm session in January of 1945 featured a new lineup - only Leo Watson and Teddy Bunn remained from the original group, augmented by Leonard Feather, Ulysses Livingston, Red Callender, and Georgie Vann. Even though the McKenzie sides ooze "corn," this package is still recommended listening for all who are interested in the roots of vocal group harmony. The Spirits of Rhythm were among the progenitors of what was to become the "jump" side of of the Rock 'N' Roll tradition." Enjoy. +


1. I Got Rhythm (24 Oct 1933)
2. Nobody's Sweetheart (20 Nov 1933)
3. I Got Rhythm (20 Nov 1933)
4. I've Got The World On A String (20 Nov 1933)
5. Rhythm (20 Nov 1933)
6. I'll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes (6 Dec 1933)
7. My Old Man (6 Dec 1933)
8. 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
9. I've Got The World On A String - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
10. From Monday On - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
11. As Long As I Live - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
12. Junk Man (14 Sep 1934)
13. Dr. Watson And Mr. Holmes (14 Sep 1934)
14. That's What I Hate About You (14 Sep 1934)
15. Shoutin' In The Amen Corner (14 Sep 1934)
16. It's A Long, Long Way From Tipperary - Ella Logan & the Spirits of Rhythm - (4 Sep 1941)
17. I Woke Up With A Teardrop In My Eye - Ella Logan & the Spirits of Rhythm - (4 Sep 1941)
18. From Monday On - Ella Logan & the Spirits of Rhythm - (4 Sep 1941)
19. Walkin' This Town (4 Sep 1941)
20. We've Got The Blues (4 Sep 1941)
21. Honeysuckle Rose (Honey-Sock-Me-On-The-Nose) (24 Jan 1945)
22. Scattin' The Blues (24 Jan 1945)
23. Suspicious Blues (24 Jan 1945)
24. She Ain't No Saint (24 Jan 1945)
25. Last Call Blues (24 Jan 1945)
26. Coquette (Chicken Croquette) (24 Jan 1945)

22 February 2010

It's Tight Like That

At last, a new post. And there's more where this came from, too. This McKinney's Cotton Pickers disc precedes the one posted some time ago (check the tabs) and has some very good tunes, including two versions of Four or Five Times and a version of Stardust. Milenberg Joys is another good one. Don Redman and the band were still playing some hot jazz with tight arrangements before turning a bit sweeter as they entered the 1930s. Enjoy. +


1. Four Or Five Times
2. Put It There (Shag Nasty)
3. Crying And Sighing
4. Milenberg Joys
5. Cherry
6. Stop Kidding (Neckbones And Sauerkraut)
7. Nobody's Sweetheart
8. Some Sweet Day
9. Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
10. Paducah - The Chocolate Dandies
11. Star Dust - The Chocolate Dandies
12. Birmingham Breakdown - The Chocolate Dandies
13. Four Or Five Times - The Chocolate Dandies
14. It's Tight Like That
15. There's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder
16. It's A Precious Little Thing Called Love
17. Save It, Pretty Mama
18. I've Found A New Baby
19. Will You, Won't You Be My Babe?
20. Beedle-Um-Bum
21. Do Something
22. Sellin' That Stuff

11 February 2010


Chegou! Good news - well, the best actually. After approximately 4800 miles our stuff arrived this past Saturday and the turntable, 78s and cds are intact. Carnaval begins tomorrow night, so next week I'll begin posting more from my collection. And thanks to a ton of bubble wrap and sturdy boxes, there is still a lot of great Chick Bullock music to hear. :-)

08 January 2010

Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer

This is one of the few cds I managed to upload before the move. This is a 2-cd set from Jasmine which I picked up because it came up in the search criteria for Chick Bullock. From the notes: "Frank Newton had a special sound… he always believed in giving the people something different," the trombonist Dicky Wells once observed. Jazz historian Al Rose described Newton as "... an exciting, inventive trumpet player." Despite such acclaim, the career of one of jazz trumpet's most individualistic, dynamic stylists has been consigned largely to the footnotes and margins of the music's history. During his relatively short life (he died aged 48 in 1954) in a chequered career dogged by frequent bouts of ill health, Frank Newton still managed to record some 150 titles. ... At various times he is to be heard performing alongside soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet; alto saxophonist Pete Brown; tenor saxophonists Don Byas and Bud Freeman; trombonists J.C. Higginbotham and Dicky Wells; pianists James P. Johnson, Willie "The Lion" Smith and Teddy Wilson; plus the singers Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith and Maxine Sullivan." And, of course, Chick Bullock, who handles the vocals on tracks 5-8 with Art Karle & His Boys. Although these four tracks are also available in the Mezz Mezzrow post, it is well worth hearing a third of Newton's recorded career. Enjoy. + +

Track List

Disc One:

Cecil Scott's Bright Boys
1. Bright Boy Blues
2. Springfield Stomp

Bessie Smith
3. Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
4. Take Me For a Buggy Ride

Art Karle & His Boys
5. Moon Over Miami
6. I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze
7. Susannah
8. Lights Out

Mezz Mezzrow Swing Band
9. Lost
10. Mutiny in the Parlour
11. The Panic is On

Teddy Hill Orchestra
12. At the Rug Cutter's Ball
13. Blue Rhythm Fantasy
14. Passionette

Frank Newton Uptown Serenaders
15. You Showed Me the Way
16. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
17. Who's Sorry Now? take 1
18. Who's Sorry Now? take 2

Teddy Hill NBC Orchestra
19. Big Boy Blue

Frank Newton Uptown Serenaders
20. I Found a New Baby
21. The Brittwood Stomp
22. 'cause My Baby Says It's So
23. The Onyx Hop

Charlie Barnet Orchestra
24. Emperor Jones

Maxine Sullivan
25. Blue Skies

Willie "The Lion" Smith
26. I've Got To Think It Over

Midge Williams Jazz Jesters
27. The Lady Is A Tramp

Disc Two

Buster Bailey Rhythm Busters
1. Chained To a Dream

Frank Newton Orchestra
2. Rosetta
3. Minor Jive
4. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
5. Who?
6. The Blues My Baby Gave To Me
7. Rompin'

Frank Newton Quintet
8. Daybreak Blues

Port Of Harlem Jazzmen
9. Port of Harlem Blues
10. Mighty Blues
11. Rocking the Blues

Frank Newton Café Society Orchestra
12. Jitters
13. Frankie's Jump
14. Jam Fever # A
15. Jam Fever # B

Billie Holiday
16. Strange Fruit

Port Of Harlem Jazzmen
17. Blues for Tommy

Frank Newton Quintet
18. After Hours Blues

Frank Newton Café Society Orchestra
19. Vamp
20. Parallel Fifths

Buck Ram All Stars
21. Twilight in Teheran
22. Morning Mist
23. Swing Street