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20 June 2010

I'm An Old Cowhand

Hardly the "essential," as many of these tracks are included in other collections, and it doesn't come close to sampling his 10 year career, but it is the only commercially-produced cd that is dedicated expressly to the vocals of Chick Bullock. Some of these show up in the Frank Newton collection, others in the Classics set of Bill Coleman, and there are others from a Bunny Berigan set that I've uploaded and hope to post this month. Despite that, there are a couple of alternate takes and tunes that don't show up elsewhere such as as Going! Going! Gone!, and No-One Loves Me Like That Dallas Man. I find the latter odd, because where normally the gender is switched to match the singer, Bullock sings it from the woman's point of view. I encourage people to buy a copy of the cd because there are some good liner notes and information on the life of Chick Bullock, including a rare picture of him in his later years, plus a younger picture of his wife. Overall, a worthy set of recordings and the quality is good. But an "essential" collection has to include some of his earlier and jazzier material, as well as some of his more romantic crooning from 1930-1931. Seriously, Amapola in an "essential" collection? Incidentally, There'll Be Some Changes Made was recorded during Chick's final recording session on February 12, 1941 Enjoy. +


1. Underneath The Harlem Moon
2. Mighty River    2:51
3. (When It's) Darkness On The Delta
4. Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere
5. Going!Going!!Gone!!!
6. Low Down Upon The Harlem River
7. No-One Loves Me Like That Dallas Man
8. Extra (All About That Gal Of Mine)
9. Frankie And Johnnie
10. I Can't Dance (I've Got Ants In My Pants)
11. Somebody Loves Me
12. I'm An Old Cowhand
13. Smiles
14. It Had To Be You
15. My Melancholy Baby
16. (Back Home Again In) Indiana
17. Dolores
18. Amapola (Pretty Little Poppy)
19. Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
20. There'll Be Some Changes Made
21. It Had To Be You
22. My Melancholy Baby
23. (Back Home Again In) Indiana
24. Oh! How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning
25. My Melancholy Baby


Anton Garcia-Fernandez said...


I have this CD, and I totally agree with you -- although the collection is very good, it is far from being essential, since a number of superior tracks that Bullock recorded are missing. As you say, the liner notes in the original CD are very interesting, making it a worthwhile buy.




Chester Proudfoot said...

Let me add that the version here of I'm An Old Cowhand (take 1) includes Berigan's goof at the end of Bullock's vocal. This was only released in the UK, while another take (without Berigan) was recorded and released in the US. The cd liner notes speculate that this may have been due to Berigan's solo being too hot, but given that he goofed and had a (fatal) penchant for the bottle, my guess is that he just didn't get a second chance. When I get to posting more of the 78s, I will try to remember to add Take 1 again for comparison purposes.

Chester Proudfoot said...

... and no sooner do I hit 'send' that I think of something else. The liner notes also mention Bullock having acted in silents, particulary the 1922 version of Robin Hood that starred Douglas Fairbanks. I managed to obtain a copy from a friend and am going to watch it closely to see if it was indeed Chick.

Campbie™ said...

I had no idea whatsoever who Chick Bullock was before following this blog. What I have learned id that he is one of the unsung greats. Dear Chester I once again take my hat off to you. I know a fair bit about various genres, but it is only in the last few years that I have turned my studies to so-called popular music of the 30's on. You are, in no small part, responsible for this.
Thanks again from campbell in Montreal

Campbie™ said...

I must repeat this is amazing !!!!
One of the greatest discs I have heard in years.
This man is amazing.
I knew ants in my pants by Martin Bogan & Armstrong.
Harlem Moon by the Spirits of Rhythm.
This tops 'em all.
I do go on, but I am more knocked out withe each listening.
campbell in humid montreal

Chester Proudfoot said...

The audio restoration of this cd is very good, so it's worth mentioning that the late John R.T. Davies was responsible. His work on numerous collections is beyond compare, and it's worth picking up those sets.

Prior to Bullock's version, I had only heard Ants in My Pants by Louis Jordan (which reminds me that I need to post some of his music). If you like the Spirits of Rhythm, I posted their Classics cd (1933-1945) some time back.

Shango said...

Had it in my download folder for quite a while now... please excuse this late THANKS!

bulldogUK said...

Been looking for this one .. any chance of a re-up
Many thanks for your wonderful site


bulldogUK said...

Chick Bullock - The Essential
any chance of a re-up please
many thanks

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.

bulldogUK said...

Many, many thanks