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31 October 2011

In The Blue Of The Evening

Things have been so hectic that I didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything for October. Nothing spooky or Halloween-style however, but here is volume four of the complete Dorsey-Sinatra studio recordings. This disc contains several studio outtakes alternates, and remastered versions. In addition, there are the Stordahl / Sinatra sessions (tracks 21-24). Coming up next, the 5th and final cd which contains more rarities and airchecks. Enjoy.+


01. Poor You
02. I'll Take Tallulah (From 'Ship Ahoy') [1994 Remastered]
03. The Last Call for Love [1994 Remastered]
04. Somewhere a Voice is Calling [1994 Remastered]
05. Just as Though You Were Here [1994 Remastered]
06. Street of Dreams [1994 Remastered]
07. Take Me
08. Be Careful, It's My Heart (From 'Holiday Inn') [1994 Remastered]
09. In The Blue of Evening [1994 Remastered]
10. Dig Down Deep
11. There Are Such Things
12. Daybreak (Based on the 'Mardi Gras' theme from Mississippi Suite) [1994 Remastered]
13. It Started All Over Again
14. Light a Candle in the Chapel [1994 Remastered]
15. Too Romantic (From "The Road To Singapore") [Take 2 (Rare Alternate Take) - Remastered - 1994}
16. Shake Down The Stars [Take 2 - Remastered - 1994]
17. Hear My Song Violetta (From "Johnny Apollo") [Take 2 (Rare Alternate Take) - Remastered 1994]
18. You're Lonely and I'm Lonely (From "Louisiana Purchase") [Take 3 - Remastered - 1994]
19. Our Love Affair (From "Strike Up The Band") [Take 2 (Rare Alternate Take) - Remastered - 1994]
20. Violets For Your Furs [Take 2 - Remastered - 1994]
21. The Night We Called It a Day [1994 Remastered]
22. The Lamplighter's Serenade
23. The Song Is You (From 'Music in the Air') [1994 Remastered]
24. Night And Day