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14 April 2011

Strange As It Seems

Back to the Chronological series, this time for the earliest recordings of one of, if not the, greatest jazz pianists ever. "This comprehensive CD contains Art Tatum's very first recording (a broadcast version of "Tiger Rag"), four selections in which he accompanies singer Adelaide Hall (along with a second pianist) and then his first 20 solo sides. To call his virtuosic piano style remarkable would be a major understatement; he has to be heard to be believed. His studio version of "Tiger Rag" may very well be his most incredible recording; he sounds like three pianists at once." (Scott Yanow, allmusic.com) Enjoy. +


1. Tiger Rag
2. Strange As It Seems
3. I'll Never Be The Same
4. You Gave Me Everything But Love
5. This Time It's Love
6. The For Two
7. St. Louis Blues
8. Tiger Rag
9. Sophisticated Lady
10. Moonglow
11. I Would Do Anything For You
12. When A Woman Loves A Man
13. Emaline
14. Love Me
15. Cocktails For Two
16. After You've Gone
17. Ill Wind
18. The Shout
19. Liza
20. I Would Do Anything For You
21. When A Woman Loves A Man
22. After You've Gone
23. Star Dust
24. I Ain't Got Nobody
25. Beautiful Love