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12 July 2010

Bunny Berigan

The selections here feature Bunny Berigan as a sideman while he was in New York City, the time interspersed by tours with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra and the Boswell Sisters. Recordings under Berigan's own name are found on cds elsewhere. From the liner notes: Much of his time between 1931-36 was spent in the recording studios and radio. Though there were short stints with various bands, for the most part during this period, Bunny could be found doing stuido work in one form or another. Berigan was one of a small clique of musicians that included the likes of the Dorseys, Benny Goodman, Dick McDonough, Carl Kress, Eddie Lang, Stan King, Chauncey Morehouse, Mannie Klien and others, whose wages were an astronomical several hundred dollars a week during the depression. He worked on call on radio, theater and hotel jobs and record dates. Most of this work featured very commercial music with an occasional jazz solo. ... During this period, Berigan recorded sides with Mildred Bailey, the Boswell Sisters, Lee Wiley, Bing Crosby, Ramona as well as Paul Whiteman. As the liner notes (much more in depth) go on to suggest, the recordings from this time are valued less for the vocal or ensemble work, but rather for the solos. Berigan was recording in an era of stock arrangements and stock singers, where the song was the most important thing, yet he still managed to add something of his own. Track 23 is Take 1 which was never issued in the US due to Berigan's "goof," and Smith Ballew had nothing to do with Track 20. Oh, and there are seven Chick Bullock vocals. Enjoy. +


1. Ev'rything That's Nice Belongs To You - Freddie Rich and the CBS Studio Orchestra (as Maurice Sherman and His College Inn Orchestra) 21 February 1931
2. Under Your Window Tonight (Yoo-Hoo, I'll Call To You) - Owen Fallon and his Californians
3. In The Merry Month of Maybe - Freddie Rich and the CBS Studio Orch (as Ralph Bennett and his Seven Aces (All Eleven of 'Em) 4 June 1931
4. Too Many Tears - Eddie Kirkeby and His Orchestra (as Ed Lloyd and His Orchestra) 24 February 1932 (am)
5. Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon (My Gal's Gone) - ARC House Orchestra, 24 February 1932 (pm)
6. What Would You Do? - Bob Causer and His Cornellians, 1 March 1932
7. What Would You Do? - ARC House Orchestra (as Ed Lloyd and His Orcestra) 1 March 1932
8. Sing A New Song - Bennie Krueger and His Orchestra
9. I'm So In Love - ARC House Band directed by Bennie Krueger (as Bennie Kreuger and His Orchestra) 9 March 1932
10. Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon - ARC House Band (as Imperial Dance Orchestra) March 1932
11. Gosh Darn - ARC House Band (as Bennie Kreuger and His Orchestra) 6 April 1932
12. If I Had My Way 'Bout My Sweetie - ARC House Band (as Vic Irwin and His Orchestra) 8 April 1932
13. How Do You Do It? - Victor Young and House Orchestra, 17 September 1932
14. Underneath The Harlem Moon - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers, 26 September 1932
15. Mighty River - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers, 26 September 1932
16. All American Girl - ARC House Unit (as All Star Collegians) 1932
17. What Would Happen To Me (If Something Happened To You) - ARC House Orchestra (as Ed Lloyd and His Orchestra) 27 September 1932
18. Please - ARC House Orchestra (as Will Osborned and His Orchestra) 6 October 1932
19. You'll Get By (With A Twinkle In Your Eye) - ARC House Orchestra (as Will Osborned and His Orchestra) 27 October 1932
20. On Accounta I Love You - Dorsey Brothers Orchestra (as Smith Ballew and His Orchestra) 21 May 1934
21. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter - Studio Orchestra (as Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers) 18 January 1936
22. And Still No Luck With You - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers, 8 May 1936
23. I'm An Old Cowhand - Chick Bullock and His Orchestra, 8 May 1936
24. When Is A Kiss Not A Kiss - Studio Orchestra (as Bob Causer and His Cornellians) 22/23 September 1936

Berigan plays all the trumpet solos except as noted: Track 2, Berigan plays the mute solo after the vocal. The trumpet prior to the vocal is not Berigan; Tracks 9, 10 include unknown trumpet; Track 11, possibly Mannie Klein (trumpet); Track 12, possibly Bobby Effros (trumpet); Track 13 includes unknown trumpet; Tracks 14-19 possibly include unknown trumpet. Note: Other than those listed, ARC trumpeters during the 1932-34 period would also include Frank Guarette, Mannie Weinstock, Mickey Bloom, and Tommy Thunen in non-feature roles; Track 20, possibly Charlie Spivak trumpet; Tracks 22, 23 possibly other trumpets. Track 24 is possibly Bunny Berigan, possibly 2nd trumpet. The liner notes go into more detail, these are only the trumpet notes.

Chick Bullock vocals: Tracks 5, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23.