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31 May 2013

House Rent Rag

Just in the nick of time! It's been a busy month, fortunately, but watching the Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition reminded me to get something posted. This should fit the bill well. "One of the all-time great clarinetists and arguably the most significant of the 1920s, Johnny Dodds (whose younger brother Baby Dodds was among the first important drummers) had a memorable tone in both the lower and upper registers, was a superb blues player, and held his own with Louis Armstrong (no mean feat) on his classic Hot Five and Hot Seven recordings. He did not start on clarinet until he was 17 but caught on fast, being mostly self-taught. Dodds was with Kid Ory's band during most of 1912-1919, played on riverboats with Fate Marable in 1917, and joined King Oliver in Chicago in 1921. During the next decade, he recorded with Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and on his own heated sessions, often utilizing trumpeter Natty Dominique. He worked regularly at Kelly's Stables during 1924-1930. Although Dodds continued playing in Chicago during the 1930s, part of the time was spent running a cab company. The clarinetist led recording sessions in 1938 and 1940, but died just before the New Orleans revival movement began." (Allmusic.com) Enjoy! +


01. Bohunkus Blues
02. Buddy Burtons Jazz
03. Perdido Street Blues
04. Gate Mouth
05. Too Tight
06. Papa Dip
07. Mixed Salad
08. I Can't Say
09. Flat Foot
10. Mad Dog
11. Messin' Around
12. Adams Apple
13. East Coast Trot
14. Chicago Buzz
15. Idle Hour Special
16. 47th Street Stomp
17. Stock Yards Strut
18. Salty Dog
19. Ape Man
20. Your Folks
21. House Rent Rag
22. Memphis Shake
23. Carpet Alley - Breakdown
24. Hen Party Blues