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08 January 2010

Gimme A Pigfoot And A Bottle Of Beer

This is one of the few cds I managed to upload before the move. This is a 2-cd set from Jasmine which I picked up because it came up in the search criteria for Chick Bullock. From the notes: "Frank Newton had a special sound… he always believed in giving the people something different," the trombonist Dicky Wells once observed. Jazz historian Al Rose described Newton as "... an exciting, inventive trumpet player." Despite such acclaim, the career of one of jazz trumpet's most individualistic, dynamic stylists has been consigned largely to the footnotes and margins of the music's history. During his relatively short life (he died aged 48 in 1954) in a chequered career dogged by frequent bouts of ill health, Frank Newton still managed to record some 150 titles. ... At various times he is to be heard performing alongside soprano saxophonist Sidney Bechet; alto saxophonist Pete Brown; tenor saxophonists Don Byas and Bud Freeman; trombonists J.C. Higginbotham and Dicky Wells; pianists James P. Johnson, Willie "The Lion" Smith and Teddy Wilson; plus the singers Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith and Maxine Sullivan." And, of course, Chick Bullock, who handles the vocals on tracks 5-8 with Art Karle & His Boys. Although these four tracks are also available in the Mezz Mezzrow post, it is well worth hearing a third of Newton's recorded career. Enjoy. + +

Track List

Disc One:

Cecil Scott's Bright Boys
1. Bright Boy Blues
2. Springfield Stomp

Bessie Smith
3. Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
4. Take Me For a Buggy Ride

Art Karle & His Boys
5. Moon Over Miami
6. I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze
7. Susannah
8. Lights Out

Mezz Mezzrow Swing Band
9. Lost
10. Mutiny in the Parlour
11. The Panic is On

Teddy Hill Orchestra
12. At the Rug Cutter's Ball
13. Blue Rhythm Fantasy
14. Passionette

Frank Newton Uptown Serenaders
15. You Showed Me the Way
16. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
17. Who's Sorry Now? take 1
18. Who's Sorry Now? take 2

Teddy Hill NBC Orchestra
19. Big Boy Blue

Frank Newton Uptown Serenaders
20. I Found a New Baby
21. The Brittwood Stomp
22. 'cause My Baby Says It's So
23. The Onyx Hop

Charlie Barnet Orchestra
24. Emperor Jones

Maxine Sullivan
25. Blue Skies

Willie "The Lion" Smith
26. I've Got To Think It Over

Midge Williams Jazz Jesters
27. The Lady Is A Tramp

Disc Two

Buster Bailey Rhythm Busters
1. Chained To a Dream

Frank Newton Orchestra
2. Rosetta
3. Minor Jive
4. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
5. Who?
6. The Blues My Baby Gave To Me
7. Rompin'

Frank Newton Quintet
8. Daybreak Blues

Port Of Harlem Jazzmen
9. Port of Harlem Blues
10. Mighty Blues
11. Rocking the Blues

Frank Newton Café Society Orchestra
12. Jitters
13. Frankie's Jump
14. Jam Fever # A
15. Jam Fever # B

Billie Holiday
16. Strange Fruit

Port Of Harlem Jazzmen
17. Blues for Tommy

Frank Newton Quintet
18. After Hours Blues

Frank Newton Café Society Orchestra
19. Vamp
20. Parallel Fifths

Buck Ram All Stars
21. Twilight in Teheran
22. Morning Mist
23. Swing Street