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31 October 2011

In The Blue Of The Evening

Things have been so hectic that I didn't realize that I hadn't posted anything for October. Nothing spooky or Halloween-style however, but here is volume four of the complete Dorsey-Sinatra studio recordings. This disc contains several studio outtakes alternates, and remastered versions. In addition, there are the Stordahl / Sinatra sessions (tracks 21-24). Coming up next, the 5th and final cd which contains more rarities and airchecks. Enjoy.+


01. Poor You
02. I'll Take Tallulah (From 'Ship Ahoy') [1994 Remastered]
03. The Last Call for Love [1994 Remastered]
04. Somewhere a Voice is Calling [1994 Remastered]
05. Just as Though You Were Here [1994 Remastered]
06. Street of Dreams [1994 Remastered]
07. Take Me
08. Be Careful, It's My Heart (From 'Holiday Inn') [1994 Remastered]
09. In The Blue of Evening [1994 Remastered]
10. Dig Down Deep
11. There Are Such Things
12. Daybreak (Based on the 'Mardi Gras' theme from Mississippi Suite) [1994 Remastered]
13. It Started All Over Again
14. Light a Candle in the Chapel [1994 Remastered]
15. Too Romantic (From "The Road To Singapore") [Take 2 (Rare Alternate Take) - Remastered - 1994}
16. Shake Down The Stars [Take 2 - Remastered - 1994]
17. Hear My Song Violetta (From "Johnny Apollo") [Take 2 (Rare Alternate Take) - Remastered 1994]
18. You're Lonely and I'm Lonely (From "Louisiana Purchase") [Take 3 - Remastered - 1994]
19. Our Love Affair (From "Strike Up The Band") [Take 2 (Rare Alternate Take) - Remastered - 1994]
20. Violets For Your Furs [Take 2 - Remastered - 1994]
21. The Night We Called It a Day [1994 Remastered]
22. The Lamplighter's Serenade
23. The Song Is You (From 'Music in the Air') [1994 Remastered]
24. Night And Day


luthier said...

Thank you Mr. Volstead for Dorsey-Sinatra Vol. 4. So good, so enjoyable. :)

Phil said...

Thank you very much for the latest three uploads. I was wondering whether it would be a good idea for you to post the advice that these, and the other three you did for me, are available again. That way, new readers of the blog would be alerted to the riches that might otherwise remain hidden.
Thanks again. It's all great music.

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome. Actually it's easier this way, otherwise the troll just goes straight to them (he's a lazy troll, at that).