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28 June 2010

Won't You Come Over And Say "Hello"

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Need I say it? I really like the Chick Bullock vocals here because I think he paired very well with Clarence Williams' style. I'm gonna rig myself up, in a swaller-tail coat ... Although Williams has been called a "decent pianist and a likable but limited vocalist," he was quite capable of putting together some of the best recording sessions. Many of the sides here include James P. Johnson, Roy Smeck, and Louis Jordan among others, and there is a lot of good music to be heard here. One of the criticisms of the Classics series is that it isn't always all-inclusive. Although recorded in the same recording session as track 20, this cd omits "Sashay, Oh Boy!" which also features Little Buddy Farrior on vocal. That said, if you haven't heard it yet, Williams' subsequent chronological entry set can be found elsewhere in this blog. Enjoy. +


1. Swaller-Tail Coat (Miller)
2. Looka-There, Ain't She Pretty (Todd)
3. St. Louis Blues (Handy)
4. How Can I Get It? (Williams)
5. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (McHugh-Fields)
6. Won't You Come Over And Say "Hello" (Barnett-Williams)
7. Old Street Sweeper (Sullivan-Gray)
8. I'm Gonna Wash My Sins Away (Williams-Brevard)
9. Jimmy Had A Nickel (Siglar-Goodhart-Hoffman)
10. He's A Colonel From Kentucky (Tobias-Scholl-Mencher-Baer)
11. Pretty Baby, Is It Yes Or No? (Williams-Brevad)
12. Mister, Will You Serenade? (Williams-Hill-Robinson)
13. I Got Horses And Got Numbers On My Mind (Bernard-Wirges-Bibo)
14. New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (Thomas)
15. Let's Have A Showdown (Pinkard-Page)
16. I Can't Dance, I Got Ants In My Pants (Gaines-Williams)
17. Christmas Night In Harlem (Parish-Scott)
18. Ill Wind (You're Blowing Me No Good) (Koehler-Arlen)
19. As Long As I Live (Arlen-Koehler)
20. Tell The Truth (Scott-O'Frye)
21. I Can't Beat You Doin' What You're Doin' Me (Piron-Williams)
22. Trouble (Rofkin-Walman-Blank)


Anton Garcia-Fernandez said...

Great choice, Chester!!! This is a CD that I bought while I was still living in Europe (for some reason, the releases in the Chronological series are cheaper overseas), and I believe it is still in my old room at my parent's house... I agree with what you say about Chick Bullock's sides: I think that Clarence Williams's music really suit his singing style, and the pure jazz accompaniment brings out the best in him. Those who criticize Clarence Williams clearly don't understand what a great ear he had to recognize a good musician when he heard one (in spite of his own musical shortcomings), and in my opinion, his contributions to the history of jazz should not be underestimated.

By the way, I suppose Brazilians must be in ecstasy after today's solid victory over Chile... As I've told you before, I think they are the favorite team to take the World Cup home this year.

Greetings from Memphis,


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure, but it looks like Rapidshare doesn't have a free download option anymore; at least they didn't this morning. Thanks and kudos on your great work preserving this wonderful music!

Chester Proudfoot said...

I'm not sure what the hell is going on with Rapidshare, except that they are trying to make more money. Their page says that the new pricing model does not affect free users, yet if one cannot now create a free account then it sure as heck does.

As usual, RS' explanations are as clear as mud. I wonder if even they think they understand what they're saying. They announced these changes with a 2-week notice, as if that's time enough for people with a lot of files stored there.

I'm paid thru November, but I'll be checking out options as well. In the meantime, RS is all I have the time for so sorry for any inconvenience.

If RS does indeed prove problematic, then I will definitely start using other hosting services.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Anton, the Classics series were published in France so that is why they are (or were) so plentiful in Europe. When I lived in Europe I found a store with a couple hundred used copies and felt like a kid in a candy store. But alas, at $10/cd I could only afford so many. As it is, I brought back about 100 cds of various types of music.

And yes, Brasilians were much happier yesterday with the way the Selecão nacional played. We're ready for Friday's match against Holland which will be the first real test. Spain-Portugal is on this afternoon, vamos España! I know my amigos in Madrid are excited, and I'll be wearing the red & gold. Right now it's Paraguay-Japan, and Paraguay (my sleeper choice) is making Japan's defense work hard in OT.

Chester Proudfoot said...

NOTE: The link has been changed to a Mediafire account.

Enoch Soames said...

Chester, it is still possible for free users to download the files (I just tried)--users with free collector's/premium accounts need to make sure they are *logged out* of their accounts before they access the link. This should solve any problems.


P.S. Great post!

kibafang said...

I lv my tuba muzac. Clarence knows how to get down, add Chick, tap your toes, nod your head & shoulders just groove the sound. I'm going to apply for a referee job at the next world cup cause no experience needed. Thanks for your labor of sanity.

Campbie™ said...

Campbell Here. Damn this stuff is great. You are making a cool montreal summer much livlier
Thanks again as per usual

neil said...

Thank you, Chester, for enabling me to expand my existing Clarence Williams vinyl collection!

drizzz said...

Wow- a really outstanding cd- no weak spots. As always, thanks for sharing!

Alex said...

Thank you for this music.

Here is the link I uploaded after downloading the file. I hope this will help.



Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Alex!

rm said...

thank you very much

Hoyle Osborne said...

Now I'm clear on just exactly who this Chick Bullock is. I've loved these Clarence Williams sessions for about 35 years. These are glorious recordings, "good-time" music of a very high order.
I learned "As Long As I Live" from the LP, and can "fake" my way through several of the other songs Bullock sings. Even though I also own the Sony Legacy crooners set, I'd never connected the singer with Clarence to the crooner. Here, I'd always assumed that the singer with Clarence was one of the black singers who had more "legitimate" leanings. Perhaps you've already written up a longish piece setting forth your own thoughts about Bullock - specifically, why he was engaged so often to sing with black bands. If so, please point me to it. If not, I'd sure be interested, and I think others might well be.

Radio Vintage said...

password please...

Chester Proudfoot said...