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02 March 2010

I've Got The World On A String

I could swear that I had already shared this one, but I guess I just overlooked it after uploading. Here's an internet review from Bruce Woolf: "The Spirits of Rhythm were vocalists of the "jive" tradition, who could sing scat with the best of them. This collection follows the Spirits from their heyday in the 1930s through personnel changes in the 1940s, and includes 7 tracks where they back either Red McKenzie or Ella Logan.

The Spirits originally consisted of Leo Watson, Wilbur Daniels, Douglas Daniels, Teddy Bunn and Virgil Scoggins. This aggregation produced the 24 October and 20 November 1933 recording sessions. Bassist Wilson Myers joined the group beginning with the 6 December 1933 session. In 1941, Scoggins and Myers had left the group, and Wellman Braud was playing bass. The final Spirits of Rhythm session in January of 1945 featured a new lineup - only Leo Watson and Teddy Bunn remained from the original group, augmented by Leonard Feather, Ulysses Livingston, Red Callender, and Georgie Vann. Even though the McKenzie sides ooze "corn," this package is still recommended listening for all who are interested in the roots of vocal group harmony. The Spirits of Rhythm were among the progenitors of what was to become the "jump" side of of the Rock 'N' Roll tradition." Enjoy. +


1. I Got Rhythm (24 Oct 1933)
2. Nobody's Sweetheart (20 Nov 1933)
3. I Got Rhythm (20 Nov 1933)
4. I've Got The World On A String (20 Nov 1933)
5. Rhythm (20 Nov 1933)
6. I'll Be Ready When The Great Day Comes (6 Dec 1933)
7. My Old Man (6 Dec 1933)
8. 'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
9. I've Got The World On A String - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
10. From Monday On - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
11. As Long As I Live - Red McKenzie & the Spirits of Rhythm - (11 Sep 1934)
12. Junk Man (14 Sep 1934)
13. Dr. Watson And Mr. Holmes (14 Sep 1934)
14. That's What I Hate About You (14 Sep 1934)
15. Shoutin' In The Amen Corner (14 Sep 1934)
16. It's A Long, Long Way From Tipperary - Ella Logan & the Spirits of Rhythm - (4 Sep 1941)
17. I Woke Up With A Teardrop In My Eye - Ella Logan & the Spirits of Rhythm - (4 Sep 1941)
18. From Monday On - Ella Logan & the Spirits of Rhythm - (4 Sep 1941)
19. Walkin' This Town (4 Sep 1941)
20. We've Got The Blues (4 Sep 1941)
21. Honeysuckle Rose (Honey-Sock-Me-On-The-Nose) (24 Jan 1945)
22. Scattin' The Blues (24 Jan 1945)
23. Suspicious Blues (24 Jan 1945)
24. She Ain't No Saint (24 Jan 1945)
25. Last Call Blues (24 Jan 1945)
26. Coquette (Chicken Croquette) (24 Jan 1945)


kibafang said...

Chester, you should listen to your collection thru my new studiophile av40 speakers...scat never sounded better. Glad to hear your 78's made the boat trip safely and btw which Chuck Bullock sound is your favorite? Mine is Anytime,anyday, anywhere. Thanks again for your music.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Kibafang. That's probably one of my two or three all-time favorite Chick Bullock tunes, I just love that shuffling melody. Others are the tunes he recorded with Clarence Williams, as well as Are You Making Any Money?

Btw, great avatar! I haven't seen Buster Brown & his dog Tyge for years. Woof!

I'm jealous and need some good speakers. The pair that came with my pc just don't cut it any more.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! And such a palate cleanser after a day of honkin' and screamin'. Thanks much!! - d.

James W. Boyd said...

is there any way you could fix the download link? I'm dying to hear this album. Thanks!

Chester Proudfoot said...

The Spirits are ready to groove you.

James W. Boyd said...

what is the password to the zip file?

Anne said...

Dear Chester
I've wiled away a good hour catching up with your adventures in cyberspace. I was originally trying to hunt down the tracks from a 1963 compilation called 'Swing Street' - my Dad used to play it over Sunday lunch.
The first track by the Spirits of Rhythm led me to your blog.
Suffice to say, 'tis one of the nailed-on gems 'out there'. Thanks for your hard work and passion in making these rarities available once more.
Great story line - I think there's a book at least and probably a film too - great soundtrack guaranteed.
Gracias amigo for the link back to my childhood.
Blog on.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, I hope you wile away many more hours listening to this music.

In checking the link, I wasn't able to download so I re-upped this file again and it is now good.