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23 November 2010

It's The Gypsy In Me

I credit the marketing people from Classics Chronological for me buying this one. I hadn't heard of Wingy Manone, but I liked what I'd heard from their massive series thus far, I like the faux 78rpm label, and the blue stands out. And get a load of Wingy's face grinning out at you. I kjnew it had to be fun, and Wingy does not disappoint in the least. Excellent music - but don't take it from me! Here's the bio from Allmusic.com, Wingy Manone was an excellent Dixieland trumpeter whose jivey vocals were popular and somewhat reminiscent of his contemporary, Louis Prima. He had lost his right arm in a streetcar accident when he was ten, but Manone (who Joe Venuti once gave one cuff link for a Christmas present) never appeared to be handicapped in public (effectively using an artificial arm). He played trumpet in riverboats starting when he was 17, was with the Crescent City Jazzers (which later became the Arcadian Serenaders) in Alabama, and made his recording debut with the group in the mid-'20s. He worked in many territory bands throughout the era before recording as a leader in 1927 in New Orleans. By the following year, Manone was in Chicago and soon relocated to New York, touring with theater companies. His "Tar Paper Stomp" in 1930 used a riff that later became the basis for "In the Mood." In 1934, Manone began recording on a regular basis and after he had a hit with "The Isle of Capri" in 1935, he became a very popular attraction. Among his sidemen on his 1935-1941 recordings were Matty Matlock, Eddie Miller, Bud Freeman, Jack Teagarden, Joe Marsala, George Brunies, Brad Gowans, and Chu Berry. In 1940, Manone appeared in the Bing Crosby movie Rhythm on the River, he soon wrote his humorous memoirs Trumpet on the Wing (1948), and he would later appear on many of Crosby's radio shows. Wingy Manone lived in Las Vegas from 1954 up until his death and he stayed active until near the end, although he only recorded one full album (for Storyville in 1966) after 1960. (Scott Yanow). Enjoy. +  - and Happy Thanksgiving!


1. It Can Happen To You
2. It's The Gypsy In Me
3. Cottage By The Moon
4. And They Said It Wouldn't Last!
5. Fancy Meeting You
6. A Good Man Is Hard To Find
7. In The Groove
8. Let Me Call You Sweetheart
9. Easy Like
10. I Can't Pretend
11. Floatin' Down To Cotton Town
12. A Fine Romance
13. Formal Night In Harlem
14. Sweet Lorraine
15. Boo-HooYou Showed Me The Way
16. I Can't Lose That Longing For You
17. Oh, Say, Can You Swing?
18. The Image Of You
19. Don't Ever Change
20. (I Just Can't Imagine) Life Without You


luthier said...

Never heard of him before. WHat a great discovery! Thank you. :^)

drizzz said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I'll have a Wingy and a drumstick...

upkerry14 said...

I wondered where you were..... it's so hard to find a blog with this kind of music on it. Not that I need any ore music like this but it's great to see you're here. Thanks!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, everyone. I hope you're diggin' Wingy. I would post more often but two things are getting in my way. Internet service here is very expensive, slow, and with prehistoric customer service compared to the US. If I use more than 1gb bandwidth in a given month, our connection speed gets cut dramatically. That is any bandwidth, not just d/l or u/l transfers. Also, my work is sporadic so I don't often have the luxury of time. But I managed to get to a LAN house and uploaded half a dozen more so all I have to do is write the posts and add pics. Rest assured, I have much more to share and will. Enjoy!

JugMan said...

Thanks so much for this it's wonderful. I have four Wingy Manone 78s. If you get anymore please post them.

The JugMan

Chester Proudfoot said...

I think I have two more Wingy cds from the Classics series, and will get to them eventually. Also, a couple of 78s from later in his career that are interesting. You can also hear Wingy tackle Ochi Chornya over at Radiolablog.blogspot.com (excellent music for over 5 years), see week 201, March 26 this year. There are probably several other Wingy sides scattered throughout, so be sure to check the entire blog for that and much, much more.

Phil said...

Hi Chester,
Thanks for a great blog with wonderful music. I was chasing up Wingy Manone when I came across it.
Unfortunately the link to the 1936-37 CD is dead, and I wonder if you could please reupload?
Thank you very much.

Phil said...

Thank you very much for the new link to the Wingy Manone 1936-7 album.
I agree with littlegirlblue's comments about the many links that are still dead. I have a long list of CC albums I would like to have, but I am embarrassed to submit it, as I know how much time and effort must go into running blog like this.
I will keep checking back every now and then to see if the situation has changed.
Cheers from Australia.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Cheers, Phil. The best way to get a file re-upped is to comment on that thread. This is how I am able to keep things organized as I don't have time to constantly check every link that the troll has been gnawing at. If the list is long, maybe you could select 5 at a time?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.