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12 May 2010

Shoo The Hoodoo Away

Three posts in a week! Here is an LP-rip from a 1960s EMI release of Ambrose and His Orchestra recordings during their stay at the Mayfair Hotel between 1928-1932. To quote the liner notes by none other than Brian Rust himself, "the songs on this record are a random collection: choosing a representative cross-section from so much bounty was something of a problem. Where to start? Finally, we settled for something for everyone: something for those who like a good tune offered in quiet good taste; something for those who prefer something a little more adventurous musically; something for those who enjoy and appreciate the finer points of a good solo passage by a brilliant star of the Ahola or Polo calibre; something everyone knows because the melody has lingered on; and something which for some reason is not heard nowadays much, if at all, but which will arouse happy memories of those great days of peace and optimism." A bounty indeed! As Rust later suggests, 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night is a fantastic tune, and I'll add that Sam Browne doesn't disappoint on any of the eleven vocals he handles here. I took a high-res photo of both front and back covers which should make it easy to read the full notes by simply opening the image found in the file. My copy is amazingly clean, and there was only the very slightest editing done. It sounded great to me, hopefully others will agree. Enjoy. +


Side One

1. The Free And Easy (vocal: Sam Browne) (Turk-Ahert)
2. Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You) (vocal: Sam Browne) (Kalmar-Ruby)
3. Singapore Sorrows (Le Soir-Doll)
4. Happy Go Lucky You (vocal: Sam Browne) (Murray-Goodhart-Hoffman)
5. Exactly Like You (vocal: Sam Browne) (Fields-McHugh)
6. A Bench In The Park (vocal: Sam Browne) (Yellen-Ager)

Side Two

1. 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night (vocal: Sam Browne) (Burnett-Grantham-Kirkpatrick)
2. Love Letters In The Sand (vocal: Sam Browne) (Coots-Kenny)
3. My Baby Just Cares For Me (vocal: Sam Browne) (Kahn-Donaldson)
4. Cryin' For The Carolines (vocal: Sam Browne) (Lewis-Young-Warren)
5. Shoo The Hoodoo Away (vocal: Ella Logan and Sam Browne) (Snyder-Harris)
6. Moanin' For You (vocal: Sam Browne) (Goulding-Dougherty)


BobSanders said...


Not only three in a week but three great ones. Particularly liked the Antobal one.


Cladrite Radio said...

I have a particular fondness for the music of Ambrose -- thanks.

drizzz said...

Not really too familiar with Ambrose although his version of I've Got You on My Mind is a favorite of mine. Thank you for another great album!

ColinAH said...

Sorry to use this channel but just wanted give my commiserations over your experience with ScarceSounds. It is surprising because Ross Laird himself is such a well-known Australian discographer and I wouldn't hav ethought he'd risk his reputation inhis way. I hoe it get sorted out. Many thanks for all your wonderful music - my favourite port of call on the web!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Colin, it surprised me as well. He edited the Chick Bullock discography (which I got from him years ago), and even sent me a record that wasn't Bullock. I had initially only intended to purchase one record, but at his suggestion to 'economize shipping,' I decided that, okay, I'll get a few more even though I only received 2 titles I didn't already have (thinking I'd pick up a cleaner copy, which I didn't). When the box arrived, one record wasn't Bullock, and the original Bullock record wasn't even sent. That's two mistakes on his part. His solution? Spend even more money and he'd include it (shipping at my expense, of course). At no point has Laird been willing to accept his role as a seller, and he has categorically refused to "ship one fragile record." For a dealer who has been selling records for years, it is more than surprising that he would do this.

Ravel said...

Would you mind re-up this one? I guess I'm discovering Ambrose and would like to hear more. I know him from his recordings with Anne Shelton as vocalist... I like is sound very much. I really love this period.
Thanks for all you share here. Great music!

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated.

Ravel said...

Thank you very much!