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06 April 2010

Scene Changes

Today I offer the second volume of Dick McDonough and His Orchestra, which I picked up solely for the Chick Bullock vocals. As the sole reviewer at Amazon noted (here), the collection is a disappointment and doesn't really highlight the artist. McDonough was a fine guitarist, but it isn't easy to hear that from these recordings as the music is essentially standard arrangements. On top of that, the transcription from 78 rpm to CD wasn't the best and there is sometimes more than a little surface noise and even clicks. Other reviewers warn about consistent sloppiness by the producer, but given my own amateur restorations, I am not one to complain. Besides, I was able to hear several Chick Bullock recordings that I still haven't found on 78. The last few tracks are Gene Gifford and His Orchestra. Alas, no liner notes with the CD to show who plays what, or when. I also have Volume 1, but will get to that later. Enjoy. +


1. Take My Heart - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
2. Stars in My Eyes - Dick McDonough
3. Scene Changes - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
4. When the Moon Hangs High - Buddy Clark, Buddy Clark, Dick McDonough
5. South Sea Island Magic - Buddy Clark, Buddy Clark, Dick McDonough
6. Afterglow - Buddy Clark, Buddy Clark, Dick McDonough
7. I'm One Step Ahead of My Shadow - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
8. Now or Never - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
9. Love, What Are You Doing to My Heart - Dick McDonough, Larry Stewart, Larry Stewart
10. You're Giving Me a Song and a Dance - Dick McDonough, Larry Stewart, Larry Stewart
11. Girl on the Police Gazette - Chick Bullock, Dick McDonough
12. Mood That I'm In - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
13. I've Got Beginner's Luck - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
14. Shall We Dance - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
15. Two Hearts Are Dancing - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
16. And Then They Call It Love - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
17. You're Looking for Romance - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
18. My Cabin of Dreams - Dick McDonough, Barry McKinley
19. You and I Know - Dick McDonough, Howard Phillips
20. Old Flame Never Dies - Dick McDonough, Howard Phillips    
21. That Old Feeling - Dick McDonough, Howard Phillips
22. Nothin' But the Blues - Gene Gifford, Wingy Manone
23. New Orleans Twist - Gene Gifford
24. Squareface - Gene Gifford, Wingy Manone
25. Dizzy Glide - Gene Gifford, Wingy Manone


Anonymous said...

The image is so small that I can't read the title of the album. If you have the CD ¿Why don't give us better scans?

Thank you for the album.


Chester Proudfoot said...

The reason I don't provide better scans is because I don't have a scanner, therefore I rely upon the internet for the images I use.

The text on the cover reads as follows:

Volume #2 of the Complete
Dick McDonough & His Orchestra
including all sides with
Gene Gifford & His Orchestra
Bunny Berigan, Artie Shaw, Claude Thornhill,
Matty Matlock, Bud Freeman, Wingy Manone
Vocals by: Buddy Clark, Wingy Manone, Barry McKinley, Larry Stewart, Art Gentry, Dorothy Dreslin, Chick Bullock.

The DM sides were recorded between June 4, 1936 and September 2, 1937 (tracks 1-21), and the GG sides were all recorded on May 13, 1935.

kibafang said...

I get it. When Chick sings its a whole different album...he is so smooth. Chester let's jump in your new right handed drive ride (congrats) and plug in the olde 8-track cassette, Tige can sit in the back we'll just cruise to the music. What fun, makes me smile.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, K. Yes, the music makes me smile even if the transfer quality wasn't great on Volume 1 either. So you know the only reason I picked up these discs was for Bullock. There's also a Sylvester Ahola collection with some Bullock that I'll eventually post.