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30 April 2010

The Dixieland Band

I know that everyone out there bought lots of vinyl/shellac on Record Store Day a week ago or so, right? Although I didn't acquire this item recently, I found it in a shop (now closed, alas) along with several others from this label. Unfortunately I do not have the entire run of Bob Crosby, but I'll share what I can. This first set in chronological order goes from June 1, 1935 to November 8, 1935. Looking through Rust's info, there are some titles that they missed, but only about three or four, I think. Bob Crosby had a long career that included several bands, films, and even taking over from Phil Harris as bandleader on the Jack Benny Program for the program's final years. And compared to his more famous brother, Bob could certainly hold his own in the vocals department. The back cover image (included in the file) has further track information. Enjoy. +


Side One

A1 Flowers For Madame
A2 The Dixieland Band
A3 In A Little Gypsy Tea Room
A4 Beale Street Blues
A5 I’m In The Mood For Love
A6 East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)
A7 Two Together

Side Two

B1 And Then Some
B2 Tender Is The Night
B3 Roll Along, Prairie Moon
B4 Treasure Island
B5 At Your Service, Madame
B6 Here’s To Romance
B7 I Found A Dream


Campbie™ said...

Agree whole heartedly about Bob Crosby.
He managed to be a viable entity unto himself. Thanks from Montreal

boppinbob said...

Nice one Chester. Thanks.

Harlan Taylor said...

Thanks for this one Chester. It may not be that surprising that I enjoy this label as well. I look forward to future volumes!


Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, all. In search of more LPs, I opened up a couple more boxes but, alas, it seems I only have volumes 2 and 10 to add to this series. I'm sure there must be another box somewhere though, because now I can't find my Teddy Powell LP ...

Since 78s seem to be hard to come by here in Brasil, I've decided to go LP hunting and see what I can rustle up.

Harlan, yeah - big surprise that you enjoy obscure labels. ;-)