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18 October 2010

Beefsteak Charlie

Jonah Jones was a trumpeter who broke in with Horace Henderson's band, later working with Stuff Smith, Benny Carter, Fletcher Henderson and later spent most of the 1940s with Cab Calloway's band. The first six tracks here are with Dick Porter and His Orchestra, with Jones on trumpet, Joe Marsala (cl), Dick Porter (p, v), Eddie Condon (g), Wilson Ernest Myers (b), and George Wettling (d). The Allmusic.com entry for this suggests that for the sake of rarity, the Porter sides are worthy of inclusion, but that Porter is a lousy Fats Waller rip-off of the highest degree. So much so, that Porter closes Track 5 with a completely out-of-context ad-libbed line cribbed from a different Waller tune. In many of the other tunes however, Jones shows off his ability to give out some real good swing. A scan of the session info is included in the folder. Enjoy. +


Dick Porter and His Orchestra
1. Sweet Thing
2. (I'd Like To See Grandpa) Swingin' To A Swing Tune
3. Swing, Boy, Swing
4. May I Have The Next Romance With You?
5. There's No Two Ways About It
6. Poor "Robinson Crusoe"

Jonah Jones Sextet
7. Lust For Licks
8. Just Like A Butterfly
9. B.H. Boogie
10. 12th Street Rag

Milton Hinton And His Orchestra
11. Broadway Holdover
12. Bass Pandemonium
13. Everywhere
14. Beefsteak Charlie

Jonah Jones and His Orchestra
15. Rose Of The Rio Grande
16. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
17. Hubba Hubba Hub
18. Stompin' At The Savoy


Campbie™ said...

Mercy me! Thank you so very much.
It may sound tiresome to hear this
each and every time
but what a wondrous river of music you so graciously share with us.
Thanks from Montreal in cool autumn

boppinbob said...

Welcome back Chester. Thanks for sharing Jonah Jones o the wonderful Classics label. I have managed to purchase a few and jolly good value they are too!

Chester Proudfoot said...

“Praise is like ambergris; a little whiff of it, by snatches, is very agreeable; but when a man holds a whole lump of it to his nose, it is a stink and strikes you down.” – Alexander Pope

Nonetheless, thanks guys. I'm just glad that other people are able to enjoy the music. It's not a classic cd, but I hope you like the one coming up tomorrow.