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22 October 2010

All Or Nothing At All

Although Chick Bullock was a popular vocalist during the 1930s, rumor has it that the skinny kid from Hoboken, NJ featured here was capable of singing for his supper, too. Volume three in this French series starts off with four tracks performed with Harry James and His Orchestra, with whom "the Voice" made his big break before Tommy Dorsey lured him away. With the exception of the final four tracks here, all are live airchecks that unlike today's "stars" who use technology to make their voices sound on key, Frank Sinatra could more than carry a tune. Dorsey had a big hit with Marie, vocalized by Jack Leonard, but I think Sinatra gives it a good turn as well. Full scans are included in this one. Enjoy. +


Harry James and His Orchestra
1. From The Bottom Of My Heart
2. To You
3. From The Bottom Of My Heart
4. All Or Nothing At All

Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
5. A Lover Is Blue
6. Careless
7. I've Got My Eyes On You
8. East Of The Sun
9. My Melancholy Baby
10. After All
11. I've Got My Eyes On You
12. Polka Dots And Moonbeams
13. Deep Night
14. Whispering
15. The Sky Fell Down
16. On The Isle Of May
17. It's A Blue World
18. The Fable Of The Rose
19. Marie
20. I'll Get By
21. East Of The Sun
22. I'll Never Smile Again
23. This Is The Beginning Of The End
24. Imagination
25. Yours Is My Heart Alone
26. Yours Is My Heart Alone

All tracks are airchecks except tracks 23-26.


Anton said...


It's good to see you back and offering great, obscure recordings like these, which present Sinatra at the very beginning of his career, when he was still Young Blue Eyes and made so many great radio broadcasts with Harry James and Tommy Dorsey. By the way, the Columbia/Legacy CD that contains Frank's complete recordings with James features some more great airchecks that he made with the band. The CD, which I've had for quite a long time, is called something like "The Complete Recordings of Frank Sinatra with the Harry James Orchestra."

Cheers from Memphis,


Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Anton. I hope Memphis is treating you well these days. I'm determined to get the rest of my cd collection up here, as well as the rest of my Chick Bullock records. Part of the problem is time, but the bigger problem is that we have such a bad internet connection that it is easier to just do nothing. No use complaining to the company, because the laws here are different. They sell you X bandwidth, and deliver a fraction, knowing that no legal action will ever reach them.

I'd love to hear the complete Frank/Harry tunes. Are you going to post them on your site?