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12 December 2010

Scrap Your Fat

Many years ago I had a double-LP set of Abbott & Costello radio shows that I listened to until I knew every line, laugh, song, etc. One of those shows featured Connie Haines singing "Salt Water Cowboy" and it was apparently the public debut of the song. One day the LP grew legs and disappeared (along with the rest of my collection) so for years I kept an eye open for a replacement. However, later copies of the LP had the song cut out! Enter, the digital age. I thought I had ripped the correct disc to share that song, but apparently got the wrong one. Now I have to go through everything and make sure I still have the right one! Regardless, although several of the songs here are familiar, this set includes versions by other artists and is still worth a listen. Click on the cover image for a high-res scan. Enjoy +


1. Rosie The Riveter - The Sportsman Quartet
2. I'm A Hillbilly Yankeee Doodle Boy - Texas Jim Lewis with the Hoosier Hot Shots
3. The Guns In The Sky - Glenn Miller
4. If It's Gonna Help Win The War - The Hoosier Hot Shots
5. The G.I. Jive - Johnny Mercer
6. Praise the Lord and Pass The Amunition - Jimmy Carrol, David Broekman and His Orchestra
7. Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder - Glenn Miller
8. I'd Like To Give My Dog To Uncle Sam - Ozzie Waters
9. D-Day - Nat King Cole
10. Scrap Your Fat' - Mildred Bailey
11. Keep The Home Fires Burning - Charlie Barnet
12. A Rodeo Down in Tokyo - Ozzie Waters
13. There'll Be A Jubilee - The Andrews Sisters
14. I'm Getting Corns For My Country - Cass Daley
15. There Ain't No Wings on a Foxhole - Meredith Wilson
16. The Tommy Gun Boogie - Slim Rodgers
17. This Is The Army - John Conte
18. 4-F Ferdinand - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
19. Hillbilly Soldier Joe - The Johnson Sisters
20. Comin' In On A Wing and a Prayer - Anita Ellis
21. Here Comes The British - Johnny Mercer
22. Smoke On The Water - Wesley Tuttle
23. The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B - The Andrews Sisters.


Campbie™ said...

No prohibition on thanking Mr Volstead
as per usual.
You make cold canada more bearable.
I salute you again and again
for filling in musical lacunae
I never knew existed. I and others owe you big time

Chester Proudfoot said...

Cheers, Campbie! With the heat down here I could go for a skate on the Rideau right about now. I am just glad we have the technology to share the music.

Anton said...


This is a fantastic album that I didn't have, and it is interesting because it includes some recordings of well-known songs that were not the hit versions. A case in point is Wesley Tuttle's reading of "Smoke on the Water," which I had never heard before. I have the versions by Red Foley and by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, but the wonderful Tuttle rendition is new to me. Also, Texas Jim Lewis was a very prolific country artist that made a lot of transcription recordings in the forties. My favorite recording he ever made (besides this take on "Hillbilly Yankee Doodle Boy") was his country version of Al Jolson's "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go with Friday on Saturday night."

Once again, my friend, thanks a lot for a great share!


P.S.: I just published a review of Jim Godbolt's book A History of Jazz in Britain and the accompanying box set Jazz in Britain, released by Proper Records, in my blog (http://vintagebandstand.blogspot.com). Perhaps your next post could be some jazz or pop with a British accent... :-)

Chester Proudfoot said...

Hola, amigo! I agree completely about less-than-familiar versions (though that is subjective, to be sure). I don't think I've heard much Jim Lewis music, but would like to.

I found the cd I had meant to post, and will be uploading it this week along with several others. One is along the same theme, WWII - and it features mostly British artists covering the war period. I also have some Al Bowlly LPs that I've ripped, and only need to label and tag them, etc. I was going to post Nat Gonella, but my cd is damaged so I have to find another copy. Have you seen the Flanagan & Allen that I have up?


Anton said...


I absolutely LOVE Flanagan and Allen: they excel at that kind of intelligent, smooth humor for which the British are usually known. I actually have a couple of compilations of their music, and one of them is the one that you posted on here. Listening to their records it's easy to understand why they were so popular during WWII: their songs are as enjoyable now as when they were first recorded.

I am sorry to hear that your Nat Gonella CD is damaged. Gonella, whose sound was heavily influenced by the great Satchmo, is one of my favorite British jazzmen, but unfortunately, the CDs by him that I own are still in Spain, as is the only Texas Jim Lewis album that I have. Al Bowlly is, of course, my favorite British vocalist (Sam Browne is a close second), and I have recently started an article on him that I will publish in mu blog as soon as it is ready.



mrb394ever said...

The Rosie album is tons o' fun. Lots of new-to-me tunes along with the familiar. Thanks for posting, and looking forward to the other WW II music you mentioned.

Looking for more Texas Jim Lewis? The wonderful Western Swing on 78 site (http://westernswing78.blogspot.com/) has a very good sampling available.

Cheeers for New Years!

Northing said...

Looks like your links on megaupload have been hit. Please let us know when you can reup. Good luck.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated. If you find others, just let me know on those particular posts.

msmer said...

you asked for re-up comments to go to the wanted post, so hope this works! Am very interested in WW2 music so this sounds wonderful. Also an Anita O'Day fan, so thanks for that.

scbaker said...

Ditto on a re-up! Great stuff here! Thanks for nourishing the muse.