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29 April 2009

Here Comes The Sun (Chick Bullock Vol. 2)

** Note - Apparently a couple of tracks were only coming through one channel, so I have re-recorded the 4 that I believe are the culprits. For those who already downloaded, you can get them as singles here. The download link below has been re-uploaded with the new files. Sorry for any inconvenience!

At last, here is the second batch of Chick Bullock from my collection of 78s that completes my holdings from 1930. To my knowledge none of these have been commercially released on cd. I had hoped to post this much sooner but, lo and behold, I managed to acquire a handful more 78s that included some sides from 1930. The first song “Should I?” is the same version as from Volume 1 (from an Australian Vocalion 697), however this time it comes from a Chicago Mail Order label called Homestead. This label isn’t even listed in the Chick Bullock discography, so of course I had to have it. It’s also slightly cleaner, and with my new turntable, sounds nicer to my ears and hopefully yours. “I’m Yours” by the Roy Smeck Trio was previously thought to have been rejected. As you can see and hear, it wasn’t.

Another recent addition is “So Beats My Heart For You” from the Challenge label (Sears & Roebuck). The discography listed this label as the only label release, however I’ve since learned it at least came out on Banner as well. Nonetheless, it is rare and I didn’t have it in my collection. The recording date and session info is the same as for “Just A Little Closer” and can also be found in the Idtags for that previous Bullock post.

The last new addition features Bullock teaming up with Roy Smeck’s Trio on “Somewhere In Old Wyoming” and “Rose of Romany.” Again, I’m no sound engineer, however the A-side here is pretty scratchy especially at the beginning. So I’ve included two versions, one with my standard single noise reduction filter, and the second with three passes through the filter (and some minor eq adjustment). Please let me know if it sounds any better, or if there is too much fidelity lost.

I’ve also included some pictures of the different labels, but be forewarned that I’m no photographer either. Enjoy. +

Tracks (in order of recording date)

1. Should I?
2. So Beats My Heart For You
3. I’ll Be Blue Just Thinking Of You
4. Don't Tell Her
5. If I Could Be With You
6. Here Comes The Sun
7. My Baby Just Cares For Me
8. Somewhere In Old Wyoming (version 1)
9. Somewhere In Old Wyoming (version 2)
10. Three Little Words
11. You're Driving Me Crazy
12. Rose of Romany
13. When The Organ Played At Twilight
14. I'm Yours
15. To Whom It May Concern
16. Crying Myself To Sleep
17. What Good Am I Without You


mhc said...

Thanks again and again and again ... !

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome! I just hope this post is worth listening to.

mhc said...

Absolutely! Also, those tracks of Roy Smeck are very rare. Never heard them before.

I have listening it three times already and thanks again!

drizzz said...

Great stuff- it's nice to get music straight from the 78's. Thank you!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks to all you who enjoy this music. I am a long time listener to old time radio and have become accustomed to inferior sound fidelity, but I acknowledge that this may not be the case with everyone. I've got many 78s (of other artists) where the sound is just too harsh even for my tolerant ears. So I appreciate that others appreciate this nonetheless.

Okay, the songs that were coming through in one channel should be okay now as I've re-recorded those. If any remain, please let me know.

Terrible Terry said...

Thanks for your efforts, and for sharing. Greatly appreciated! With just a couple of exceptions like the Roy Smeck number, the sound quality is very good. You must have some pretty fine quality 78's!

Chester Proudfoot said...

You would think that with what I've paid for some of them, but I can thank the marvels of computer technology for helping to clean up the sound some. These records are nearly 80 years old so even with a "clean" copy and my new turntable there is always surface noise. I've also had to clean some of them. How people get dirt on 78s is beyond me!

I hope I can find a better copy of the Roy Smeck, but this was the first time I've ever seen it available. I have to take what I can get sometimes.