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16 April 2009

New King Porter Stomp

Here's some more from Fletcher Henderson. Following the departure of Don Redman (to form his own successful band), this volume includes performances by Coleman Hawkins, John Kirby, Claude Hopkins, Buster Bailey, Russ Morgan, and more. A scan of the session info is included. Enjoy. +


1. Honeysuckle Rose
2. New King Porter Stomp
3. Underneath the Harlem Moon
4. Yeah Man!
5. King Porter Stomp
6. Queer Notions
7. Can You Take It?
8. Queer Notions
9. It's the Talk of the Town
10. Night Life
11. Nagasaki
12. Hocus Pocus
13. Phantom Fantasie
14. Harlem Madness
15. Tidal Wave
16. Limehouse Blues
17. Shanghai Shuffle
18. Big John's Special
19. Happy as the Day Is Long
20. Tidal Wave
21. Down South Camp Meeting
22. Wrappin' It Up
23. Memphis Blues


Morris said...

Thank you so very much for this post! I am a huge fan of Fletcher Henderson's recordings and I especially like the 30's stuff. I have always found it interesting to think about what would have happened if he was as good at the business side of things as Ellington was. His band was essentially the precursor to the Goodman band which was the most successful jazz band of the 30's. So in some respects Goodman's success should have been his.

I do notice that you used the cover picture for 1931-1932 but the post is actually 1932 - 1934. I hope that means that you have 1931 - 1932 and you may consider posting it in the future.


Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Morris. Sorry about that, I grabbed the wrong file. I have 31-32 but it's one of my damaged discs. If I can rescue it I'll post it. I do have 1934-37 though and will be posting it in the near future.

It's a shame that Henderson wasn't better at managing, but the results of his alumni also suggest that they would have been held back if they hadn't moved along.

gregm said...

I feel like a heel for never having posted after all the terrific stuff I've snatched from your site. You've enriched the sound of our house immeasurably. The Wife and I dredge out sheet music from the teens and twenties for our (stellar but infrequent) ukulele act and our repertoire will increase tenfold once we find the time to act on all the inspiration we've found here in the last couple of months.

So thanks again.

G. Maupin

Chester Proudfoot said...

No thanks needed, I enjoy sharing the music and it's the least I can do after acquiring so much more from other folks. This is what the internet was meant for, IMO. Now you make me want to tune my own ukelele and actually try to play something. Unfortunately, if either my wife or I had to sing for supper we'd both starve.

neil said...

I love Fletcher Henderson and although this is late for my taste, Horace Henderson's arrangements make this one of the better Classics...