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22 April 2009

Dancing On The Ceiling (Sweet Bands Record 1)

This is the first record from a 1979 CBS 5-LP set called "Sweet Bands of the 30s." I'm going to post these one at a time because it takes a while to enter all the track info in the tags. As the LP seems to have sorted their tracks by recording dates, the first record includes tunes from January 1932 - January 1933. Since I don't have a scanner and couldn't find a better image on the internet, I've included high-res photos of the cover and back. Enjoy. +


1. Snuggled On Your Shoulders (Cuddled In Your Arms) - Smith Ballew and His Orchestra
2. Dancing On The Ceiling - Smith Ballew and His Orchestra
3. Lazy Day - Casa Loma Orchestra
4. Love Me Tonight - Anson Weeks and His Hotel Mark Hopkins Orchestra
5. Sheltered By The Stars, Cradled By The Moon - Benny Krueger and His Orchestra
6. Wintergreen For President - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
7. Ah! But I've Learned - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
8. After Tonight - Casa Loma Orchestra
9. One Little Word Led To Another - Casa Loma Orchestra
10. Night And Day - Eddie Duchin and His Central Park Casino Orchestra
11. After You - Who? - Eddie Duchin and His Central Park Casino Orchestra
12. New Orleans - Casa Loma Orchestra
13. When The Morning Rolls Around - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
14. Happy Times - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra


Barron said...

When you have a moment (or however many moments are required) would you please re-up the "Sweet Bands of the 30s" series? That should keep me occupied for a couple days.

The ASV collections look pretty great, too, and I haven't downloaded those yet. If you were to feel moved to re-up those as well, it would be greatly appreciated by at least one of your fans/followers.

Thank you very much. Whenever I think I might know something about this music, you show me how much more there is too learn.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The links for all five records have been updated.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Here you go.


Barron said...

Hello Chester,
Thank you for re-upping these. I now have volumes 1, 3,4,and 5.

Volume 2 seems to have dissppeared altogether. All five were posted, were they not?

BTW, I want to express my gratitude again for this blog. I have very much enjoyed many, many of your posts.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Barron, record # 2 is there and up. It was a typo, my fault. The link is good at the moment. Cheers, and thanks for the nice comments.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I should note that some of the re-up links are being posted in the comments section. Be sure to check there as well, though record # 2 has it in both places.

Barron said...

Hi Chester,

I still don't see #2. I can't check the comments for it if it doesn't appear on the site.

Yes, I have refreshed the page several to be sure I'm not looking at a cached version.

Sorry to be a nuisance. Thanks.

Chester Proudfoot said...

No worries, Barron. Let me know if you still have any problem getting it.