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01 April 2009

Let Me Sing And I'm Happy

Ruth Etting was one of the most popular female vocalists of the 20s and 30s. This collection includes sides that were cut between 1930 and 1937, and there's not a bad tune in the bunch if you ask me. Enjoy. +


1. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
2. It Happened in Monterey
3. Exactly Like You
4. Just A Little Closer
5. Dancing With Tears in my Eyes
6. You're The One I Care For
7. I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You
8. Love is Like That - What Can You Do
9. (There Ought To Be A) Moonlight Saving Time
10. Now That You're Gone
11. When We're Alone - Penthouse Serenade
12. Guilty
13. The Night That Love Was Born
14. Stay As Sweet as You Are
15. Talking To Myself
16. Life is a Song - Let's Sing it Together
17. Close Your Eyes
18. Were Your Ears Burning Baby
19. It's Swell of You
20. Goodnight My Love


Oracle said...

Mr. V. How very uncanny that you would put this up. I downloaded it but have yet to listen. The strange part being that the same day as the dl I visited my local library to pick up some DVD's and picked out a Doris Day - Jimmy Cagney titled Love Me Or Leave Me. It is a loose bio of Miss Etting. As I was watching it seemed as though the name was most familiar and remembered your post. Thanks for it as now I can round my knowledge of her. :O

Nes said...

I downloaded the zip but I couldn't open because is password protected. Am I doing something wrong ?
Thankyou for your answer.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The password is 'volstead' and is in the fyi on the front page.

Anton said...


This is a very good compilation of Ruth Etting's 1930s sides. I have never understood why so many critics give Etting such a hard time for not being a jazz singer. I do agree that she leaned toward pop more than, say, Annette Hanshaw, but you simply have to listen to her hot version of Al Jolson's "Let Me Sing and I'm Happy" on here to realize that she could actually sing jazz when she wanted to.

Still enjoying Spain's victory over the Netherlands last Sunday, which was certainly a historic day!