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15 April 2009

Cheek To Cheek 1935

My new turntable has arrived so today I offer a rip from a 1985 LP, Cheek to Cheek 1935 (Nostalgia NOST 7657). I wish I could get copies of the other years featured in this series from Sweden, not just for the great music but for the liner notes by Anders R. Öhman. Even though I love many different styles of music, I have to nod in appreciation with Öhman's assessment. Here is just a sample:

"Fifty years later the music of 1935 seems more wonderful than ever. For decades we have now been used to watch how the young generations go "crazy" about very boring or bad, sometimes even directly harmful, types of music and/or of painfully incompetent or musically unstatisfactory artists. Radio, TV and record producers are to this day - often without realizing what they are doing - promoting extremely inferior music with a square, lifeless rhythm. A monotonous and noisy output of sounds, the level of which has been raised more andmore in order to get enough reaction from listeners. This development is singularly sad and unnecessary in view of the fact that we never had a greater number of technically competent musicians than at present, but they are, alas, often used to disadvantage.

Is this description of today's rock- and pop-music biased and unfair? It is, no doubt, somewhat exaggerated and generalizing but in the main it is, I am afraid, not far from reality. What is quite serious and very hard to excuse is that those who are responsible for the musical output in radio and TV take part in creating a demand or even a "need" for trash: by repeatedly hearing the kind of recordings I am referring to the listeners believe that this is music worth listening to. They get used to it, their receptive powers are degraded and the demand is there - it is a crime almost as serious as drug peddling! And the wealth of good, popular music and jazz is waiting in the shelves, unplayed."
And here we are 24 years later and the quality of music today is, well, .... Enjoy. +


(side one)
1. My Blue Heaven - Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra
2. King Porter Stomp - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
3. Cheek to Cheek - Fred Astaire acc. by Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
4. Djangology - The Quintet of the Hot Club of France with Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grapelly
5. What a Little Moonlight Can Do - Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra. (v. Billie Holiday)
6. There's Rhythm in Harlem - Mills Blue Rhythm Band
7. The Dixieland Band - Bob Crosby and His Orchestra
8. I'm Getting Sentimental over You - Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra

(side 2)
9. Thanks a Million - Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
10. Someday Sweetheart - Benny Goodman Trio (Goodman, Wilson, Krupa)
11. Top Hat, White Tie and Tails - Al Bowlly with Ray Noble and the Freshmen
12. When Day Is Done - Mildred Bailey and Her Swing Band
13. In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
14. Drun't in Der Lobau - Greta Keller mit Orkester, Dirigent Peter Kreuder
15. Sometimes I'm Happy - Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
16. Lulu's Back in Town - Fats Waller and His Rhythm


domestic empire said...

"My new turntable has arrived..." Nice to know they're still making them isn't it?

Thanks for what looks like another great sounding record.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yes, I love my turntable. But it is in transit now and I have neither records nor turntable available, and must rely on what I've ripped to my computer. Enjoy the record!

Unknown said...

Hi! I leave this comment under your 'various artists' peg because, in essence, that's the gist of my theme. As with you, Chick Bullock is hands-down my fave. I have a goodly number of his vocals of 78, and "The Essential" CD. I'm also a fan of a number of your other artists, though without question, my tastes are uniquely my own. For instance, I'm a major fan of Seger Ellis, cut my teeth on Billy Murray and Johnny Marvin (two gifts that REALLY keep giving!) and have a nutty number of 78s, transcription discs, military pressing, Durium, etc. Your posted collection has been a great boon to me because I have not quite got digitizing 78s down quite yet (all I've done is Dick Robertson doing "I Paid My Income Tax Today" which I torture my friends with that one magical day of the year.) Your offerings give me a shortcut of ready access to what I have or want on shellac. That said, a number of my other faves on your sites and dead links - as I know you are aware. As others have, I began putting together a list of hopeful "re-ups" to request - but it's been getting embarrassingly long so I thought I'd send you an email "intro" as it were. Since it IS long, I can't even ask without finding some material YOU might value, and I think perhaps I have. If you'd like, please email me and we can discuss mutual interests and potentials: drcocktail-at-cocktailspa-dot-com Thanks! --Doc.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Hi Doc, LOVE the Pierre Brissaud as I was considering using it here at one time. Makes me curious what's behind the door there. Look for an email soon. Cheers.

Chester Proudfoot said...

This has been re-upped now.