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07 May 2009

In The Groove

The third Andy Kirk CD put out by the Classics label (reissuing all of Kirk's swing-era recordings) is primarily for completists, for the then-popular but rather dated singer Pha Terrell is on the majority of the songs. There are some good moments from pianist Mary Lou Williams and tenor saxophonist Dick Wilson (particularly on the instrumentals), with the most memorable numbers being "A Mellow Bit of Rhythm," "Twinklin'," and "The Big Dipper," but Terrell is often difficult to sit through. (from Scott Yannow) Enjoy. +


1. Downstream
2. In the Groove
3. Worried over You
4. Foolin' Myself
5. I'm Glad for Your Sake (But I'm Sorry for Mine)
6. I'll Get Along Somehow
7. A Mellow Bit of Rhythm
8. In My Wildest Dreams
9. Better Luck Next Time
10. With Love in My Heart
11. What's Mine Is Yours
12. Why Can't We Do It Again?
13. The Key to My Heart
14. I Went to a Gypsy
15. Lover, Come Back to Me
16. Poor Butterfly
17. The Big Dipper
18. Bear Down
19. I Surrender, Dear
20. Twinklin'
21. It Must Be True (You Are Mine, All Mine)
22. I'll Get By (As Long as I Have You)
23. Little Joe from Chicago


neil said...

Love those old deleted Chronologicals. Please keep them coming...

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're in luck because I've still got several to share.

mtaotr said...

RS seems to have deleted the file - could you reupload? Thank you for all the great music!