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10 May 2009

Moten Swing

Another nice set from Classics which concludes with Moten's famous December 13, 1932 recordings. Pianist and bandleader, Bennie Moten helped to establish what is called the Kansas City Jazz style. In 1922 he formed the B. B. & D. Trio (Beenie, Bailey and Dude, although they were popularly referred to as Big, Black and Dirty) and made his recording debut in 1923, when his band accompanied Blues singer Ada Brown on the song "Evil Mama Blues". In 1926, Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra began recording for Victor. Moten had several bands touring under his name in the 1920s. Moten started "raiding" another Kansas City band, The Blue Devils for musicians. Count Basie left the Blue Devils in 1929 and was followed by Jimmy Rushing, Hot Lips Page, Eddie Durham and Ben Webster, thus forming the nucleus of the future Count Basie Orchestra. When Moten died in 1935 from a botched tonsillectomy, Basie took over the band. Under his leadership the band emerged as one of the greatest of all Jazz bands. (from Redhotjazz.com) Some hi-res scans are here. Enjoy. +


1. Count
2. Liza Lee
3. Get Goin' (Get Ready to Love)
4. Professor Hot Stuff
5. When I'm Alone
6. New Moten Stomp
7. As Long as I Love You
8. Somebody Stole My Gal
9. Now That I Need You
10. Bouncin' Round
11. Ya Got Love
12. I Wanna Be Around My Baby All the Time
13. Toby
14. Moten Swing
15. Blue Room
16. Imagination
17. New Orleans
18. Only Girl I Ever Loved
19. Milenberg Joys
20. Lafayette
21. Prince of Wails
22. Two Times


arugbo said...

Dear Chester,

thank you so much for your generous effort offering all these treasures to everybody on the WWW. I have downloaded about five of your Classics CDs so far - all items that are either unavailable, or available at a ridiculous price. They finally covered some weak points in my repertoire. As a jazz musician I depend on a solid fundamental listening footage, and after having spent so much money on records, it's quite pleasant to find some items offered for free.

Thanks again,

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome!