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27 May 2009

Sweet Bands of the 30s (Record 3)

Here is record three from the set. Look for the final two records soon (it's a lot of typing to fill the idtags!). This disc takes us from September 20, 1933 to February 3, 1934 and includes Chick Bullock with Gene Kardos and His Orchestra, as well as some more Casa Loma, Leo Reisman and Gus Arnheim with their respective orchestras. Enjoy. +


1. I'm Dancin' on a Rainbow - Freddie Martin and His Orchestra
2. When You Were The Girl On the Scooter (And I Was the Boy On The Bike) - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
3. Doin' The Uptown - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
4. Heaven Only Knows - Abe Lyman and His California Orchestra
5. Did You Ever See A Dream Walking? - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
6. After Sundown - Richard Himber and His Essex House Orchestra
7. Our Big Love Scene - Richard Himber and His Essex House Orchestra
8. (When Your Heart's On Fire) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
9. Like Me A Little Bit Less (Love Me A Little Bit More) - Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra
10. Let's Fall In Love - Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra
11. Goin' To Heaven On A Mule - Gus Arnheim and His Orchestra
12. The Touch Of Your Hand - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
13. Shadows Of Love - Casa Loma Orchestra
14. Lullaby In Blue - Casa Loma Orchestra


Gintaras said...

Dear friend,
tank you very much for this set. It's the simply great records.
I stay to look for another albums.

Good Luck,

drizzz said...

This is my favorite volume up to this point- looking forward to the rest. Thank you!

aMusaic said...

Great job you are doing here, Volstead! I am exploiting your site in full - I have downloading EVERYTHING! ;) I have one question - but I'll save that for a second submission. Initially I would like to say something a lot of us is probably thinking:

Your effort is important - preserving this old music - people ought to stop for a moment or three and ponder on the fact that unless guys like you are restoring and sharing this music then it might be lost in some relatively short span of years. Think about that, people! Keep up the great work, Volstead!

aMusaic said...

So - now - my question. You have posted records 1, 3, 4 and 5 of this otherwise excellent collection - "otherwise" as in "I haven't seen record 2"...what about that? :) Maybe you haven't found it yet?

(I bet you feel your record collection is utterly incomplete now that I have mentioned it - sorry...)

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like the music. Before the internet it was cds, before that cassettes, reel-to-reel, and even home-recorded records. So I don't think we'll lose the music for want of a means to record and share. But when some careless fool neglects to pack an 80-year old 78 with care and it breaks - that's when we lose the music. Or someone has a collection of rarities but they die and someone throws the whole lot into the trash... yikes!

Fortunately there are enough music lovers out there who do take the time to bring these old recordings back to life. They have my everlasting thanks, and I'm amazed at what keeps getting released.

Plus, you can hear a lot of this music over the internet on stations such as Radiola, WAMU's Hot Jazz Saturday Night, the 1920s Radio Network, Radio Dismuke, and many more.

aMusaic said...

Thanks alot! You know - then I already have it here - I downloaded it on May 13th :) but haven't gotten around to fully archiving it. Good to see that 5 LP collection in complete!

Barron said...

Please re-up!

Chester Proudfoot said...

The links for all five records have been updated.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Here you go.