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29 May 2009

Sweet Bands of the 30s (Record 4)

Here's record number 4 of the Sweet Bands of the 30s. Along with Casa Loma, there are some tunes from Ozzie and Harriet, Leo Reisman and a couple of Chick Bullock vocals. The fifth and final record will be posted soon as well. Enjoy. +


1. That's Love - Casa Loma Orchestra
2. Mr. Magician (Won't You Bring My Baby Back To Me?) - Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
3. What's Good For The Goose (Is Good For The Gander) - Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra
4. Why Not? - Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
5. A Thousand Goodnights - Paul Small and His Orchestra
6. Waitin' At The Gate For Katy - Paul Small and His Orchestra
7. Ill Wind (You're Blowin' Me No Good) - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
8. As Long As You Live - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
9. Easy Come, Easy Go - Eddie Elkins and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
10. I Ain't Lazy-I'm Just Dreamin' - Eddie Elkins and His Orchestra (v. Chick Bullock)
11. Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong - Gene Kardos and His Orchestra
12. Do I Love You? - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
13. Hot Dogs and Sarsaparilla - Ted FioRito and His Orchestra
14. You're A Builder-Upper - Leo Reisman and His Orchestra


Phillip Sametz said...

Dear Mr. Volstead

This is a wonderful series. Many thanks for sharing.

Best wishes


Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome!

Barron said...

Please re-up.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The links for all five records have been updated.

Barron said...

Hello Mr. Proudfoot,

I've been checking the links and not following up on the comments.

All five links for this series now result in HTTP 404 errors.

No joy, yet!

Barron said...

Adding another comment to get email from you.


Chester Proudfoot said...

Here you go.


Lobosco said...

I am 36 years old, and a huge fan of this great music. I thought I had a great collection but all of these songs are new to me! I love it! Thanks!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Enjoy the feast!