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30 May 2009

The Jumpin' Jive

Cab Calloway had so many great tunes during his career that it is hard to pick the "best of" much less narrow it down to 16 representative tunes. But this compilation jumps with his 1942 version of Minnie the Moocher, a great cover of Ellington's Take The 'A' Train, Dinah, and of course Reefer Man. A nice intro for people who don't know much of Cab Calloway's music. Enjoy. +

Now, can't you hear those hepcats call,
Come on, boys, let's have a ball!
The jim, jam, jump on the jumpin' jive
Makes you dig your jive on the mellow side,
Hep! Hep!


1. Minnie The Moocher
2. Beale Street Mama
3. Angeline
4. Bye Bye Blues
5. Minnie The Moocher's Weddin' Day
6. Dinah
7. Wake Up And Live
8. Pickin' The Cabbage
9. You Gotta Ho-Di-Ho
10. Reefer Man
11. The Jumpin' Jive
12. Manhattan Jam
13. I Gotta Go Places And Do Things
14. Eadie Was A Lady
15. Take The 'A' Train
16. F.D.R. Jones


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