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31 July 2009

Learn To Croon

Another collection with some really nice tunes. How can you go wrong with Gene Austin, Chick Bullock and Al Bowlly? The most interesting track here may be Bing Crosby's "Boo Boo Boo" in which he pokes fun at the phrase identified with his singing, despite his never having recorded the song to disc. This tune is from a film soundtrack. And some humor by the editors of the disc, they position "Learn to Croon" in the lineup just ahead of Crosby. Enjoy. +


1. Blue Kentucky Moon - Gene Austin
2. You Brought a New Kiind of Love to Me - Smith Ballew
3. Love Is the Sweetest Thing - Al Bowlly, New Mayfair Orchestra, Ray Noble
4. Cocktails for Two - Carl Brisson
5. Out in the Cold Again - Chick Bullock
6. Evening - Buddy Clark
7. Goodnight, Sweetheart - Russ Columbo
8. Learn to Croon - Sam Coslow
9. Boo Boo Boo - Bing Crosby
10. Singing a Song to the Stars - Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards
11. Don't Tell Her What Happened to Me - Sammy Fain
12. Confessin' That I Love You - Art Gillham
13. Hold Me - Little Jack Little
14. Hello! Beautiful! - Nick Lucas
15. You're My Everything - Jack Miller
16. Try a Little Tenderness - Charlie Palloy
17. Happiness Ahead - Dick Powell
18. I Love to See the Evenin' Sun Go Down - Conrad Thibault
19. It's Only A Paper Moon - Conrad Thibault
20. Without That Certain Thing - Rudy Vallée


Tardy said...

Brilliant post. And I've only listened to one song!

Is there a volume one in the offing?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks. I will post Vol. 3 at some point, but do not have Vol. 1. Since it didn't include any tunes by Chick Bullock, I never bothered to pick it up.

Shango said...

Would love to have Vol.1, too; Couln't find it anywhere. Thanks for this amazing collection.

You already posted Vol.3 in 2008 (http://pagingmrvolstead.blogspot.com/2008/12/melody-from-sky.html) :)

Thanks again!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Shango. It's hard to believe that I've posted enough to forget which ones are up here. Next time I'll remember to click 'older posts' when I check. Either that or pick up some ginko biloba.

For anyone interested in crooners, I highly recommend the Art Deco double-cd set which can be found in the January 3, 2009 post (http://pagingmrvolstead.blogspot.com/2009/01/anytime-any-day-anywhere.html).

Terrible Terry said...

What a great collection! Even one from the elusive and mysterious Charlie Palloy. And great fidelity too, (considering) not a crackle or pop to be heard.
I noticed the the "Boo Boo Boo" song is credited to composers "Coslow/Johnson." I presume this is Sam Coslow who sang (and wrote) the previous track, "Learn to Croon." I guess he's poking a little fun at his own song.

Chester Proudfoot said...

This link has been updated.