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14 July 2009

Aren't Women Wonderful?

Sophie Tucker billed herself as the last of the red hot mammas, and she certainly gave some gusto to her vocals. She originally performed in blackface until someone stole her makeup kit one night. She briefly joined the Ziegfield Follies until costars refused to share the stage with her. Professional jealousy, perhaps. Maybe she was too red hot. Anyway, here's another collection from ASV though it runs a short 16 tracks. Enjoy. +


1. Follow A Star - Overture
2. Follow A Star
3. That's Where The South Begins
4. Oh! You Have No Idea!
5. Washing The Blues From My Soul
6. Makin' Wicky Wacky Down In Waikiki
7. There's Something Spanish In My Eyes
8. I'm The Last Of The Red Hot Mammas
9. Selection of Sophie Tucker's Songs
10. If Your Kisses Can't Hold The Man You Love
11. 'Cause I Feel Low Down
12. I Never Can Think Of The Words
13. That Man Of My Dreams
14. What Good Am I Without You?
15. Aren't Women Wonderful?
16. Some Of These Days


Terrible Terry said...

Wow, thanks! This set of songs includes many that I don't already have.

Recommended reading for anyone interested is her autobiography, "Some of These Days." Fascinating reading about a fascinating entertainer.

kibafang said...

Great to experience a sassy woman in song. Thanks Chester for your devotion and time on this labor of love.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great post! It's always a good time listening to Sophie Tucker. Love your blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your fine blog. Thanks very much!! - d.

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

the link is down :(

i wonder if you could please re-upload?

thanks anyway

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.