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24 June 2009

How's Your Uncle?

Here is the remaining batch from 1931. Three cd versions are included (2 Luis Russell, and My Song) because my 78 versions are not as nice. There are five or so .wav files here, the rest are 78s. I recently picked up Sugar which I think Chick Bullock does a nice job singing. Shine On Harvest Moon is one of my favorites, and I love Roy Smeck's guitar work. How's Your Uncle? is a fun tune, I just need a cleaner copy! Recording information is in the idtags, and the tunes are listed below in order of recording dates. Enjoy. +
* Update: I did find a cleaner copy of How's Your Uncle? and a cover for the series has been created. Click the image for full size.


21. I'll Be Glad When You're Dead (You Rascal, You) - Chick Bullock
22. I Can't Get Mississippi Off My Mind - Chick Bullock
23. (With You On My Mind, I Find) I Can't Write The Words - Johnny Hamp and His Orchestra
24. Goin' To Town - Luis Russell and His Orchestra
25. Say The Word - Luis Russell and His Orchestra
26. How's Your Uncle? - The Troubadours
27. Shine On Harvest Moon - Roy Smeck's Trio
28. Sugar - The High Hatters
29. My Song - Phil Spitalny and His Orchestra
30. You Can’t Stop Me From Lovin’ You - Chick Bullock
31. You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) - Chick Bullock
32. Hiding In The Shadows Of The Moon - Lou Gold and His Orchestra
33. Old Playmate - Lou Gold and His Orchestra
34. You Try Somebody Else - Chick Bullock
35. Time On My Hands - Chick Bullock
36. One Of Us Was Wrong - Chick Bullock
37. Pagan Moon - Ted Black and His Orchestra
38. What Price Love? - Chick Bullock
39. Bend Down Sister - Chick Bullock
40. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea - Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers


mhc said...

Thanks for another great Bullock!

barak said...

I just found your site and it's very good, I especially like the rare classics label albums.
Do you have Luis Russell 1926-1929?

Chester Proudfoot said...

I think I have another Luis Russell, but will have to check when I return.

drizzz said...

Hi Mr. V- hope you are tanned and rested! Attached is a link for the Bullock CD cover, it will probably stike some people as odd! Also, really sorry to see the Good Old Ones Blog is gone- if it's owner is reading, thank you, you will be missed!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yep, that's a little different. LOL. Bullock's vocals seem strained at times, but at least he ain't no Johnny Rotten. :-) Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chester for the great music and drizz for the great cover!

Chester Proudfoot said...

This link has been updated.