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19 June 2009

Let's Drink A Drink To The Future

This is the first of two batches representing my collection of Chick Bullock tunes from 1931. Although I have 40 of his tunes from this year, there are still 70+ that I haven't yet managed to obtain. The Duke Ellington tracks here are the cd versions. I omitted Stardust as that can be found on the Mills Blue Rhythm Band post. A couple of tunes here are from some .wav files I obtained from another collector, which I only edited for start/stop points. The rest are my 78s. I tried to keep the filters to a minimum, however there are a couple where the records are not in good condition yet this is the only copy I have. Would you believe I keep getting outbid on How's Your Uncle? Someday I'll get a cleaner copy. I chose to include Green Eyes (see the Don Azpiazu post) because I think the 78 sounded pretty good.

Recording dates and personnel (as known) are included in the idtags for each tune*. The artists shown below are who is listed on the record label, though that was often different from who was credited for the session. The listing below is by order of recording date, from January 10 to August 4, 1931.

And once again, I am no sound engineer. Hopefully these sound good enough to listen to. Enjoy! +


1. Them There Eyes - The Whoopee Makers
2. Rockin' Chair - The Whoopee Makers
3. I'm So In Love With You - The Whoopee Makers
4. You're The One I Care For - Chick Bullock
5. The River And Me - Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra
6. Keep A Song In Your Soul - Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra
7. Sam And Delilah - Duke Ellington and His Cotton Club Orchestra
8. Would You Like To Take A Walk? - Jack Berger's Hotel Astor Orchestra
9. Teardrops and Kisses - Eddie Kirkeby and His Orchestra
10. That Little Boy Of Mine - The Melodiers
11. If You Should Ever Need Me - The Melodiers
12. Let's Get Friendly - Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra
13. I'm Mad About You - Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra
14. Bubbling Over With Love - Andy Sanella and His All Star Orchestra
15. Green Eyes - Don Azpiazu and His Havana Casino Orchestra
16. On the Beach With You - Chick Bullock
17. I'm Keepin' Company - Dick Cherwin and His Orchestra
18. As Long As You're There - Dick Cherwin and His Orchestra
19. It's The Girl - Chick Bullock
20. Let's Drink A Drink To The Future - All Star Collegians

* I forgot to add info for the Ellington tunes. Personnel include Arthure Whetsol, Freddie Jenkins, Cootie Williams (t), Joe Nanton (tb), Juan Tizol (v.tb), Johnny Hodges (cl, as, sop. sx), Harry Carney (cl, as, bar), Barney Bigard (cl, ts), Duke Ellington (p, ldr, arr), Fred Guy (b), Wellman Braud (sb), Sonny Greer (d), Guy doubles on guitar on Them There Eyes. Omit Barney Bigard for The River and Me, Keep A Song In Your Soul, and Sam and Delilah.


drizzz said...

Another good one! Thank you! Wanting to avoid doing something useful, I made a cd cover for this series- how could I send a copy to you?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you liked it. I always recommend avoidance of the useful. It just tends to be so much work! Of course it never occured to me to use the 78 from the post title (that would have been too useful). How about posting a link to it here for others to use if they so desire?

And I'm going to really try to get a better photo or see about getting my fairly old scanner to work with my much newer computer.

drizzz said...

Hi Mr. V- I don't know how to post a link, I don't have a blog which I imagine would be necessary. A close up of a record label would also make a fine cover!

Luis said...
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Chester Proudfoot said...

If the cover you made is a jpg, you could upload it to Photobucket (free to use) and it creates a link for you. Then just cut & paste it here in the comments. A close up of a label would be great if I could take a decent photo. I'm about to travel so will check out the old scanner upon my return.