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21 June 2009

Hot Platter

Today I offer my trumpeter and bandleader Erskine Hawkins, composer of "Tuxedo Junction" (his version made it to #7 nationally, while it went to #1 with Glenn Miller's version). His band was so popular that he was able to keep it together through 1953, an amazing feat considering that many bands fell apart at the end of World War II. This record includes the first formal recordings of Coleman Hawkins and his Orchestra, though he had cut some sides as early as 1936. Enjoy. +


1. Rockin' Rollers' Jubilee
2. Miss Hallelujah Brown
3. Weary Blues
4. King Porter Stomp
5. Strictly Swing
6. Study in Blue
7. East Rider
8. Swing Out
9. Raid the Joint
10. No Soap (A Jitterbug Jamboree)
11. Swingin' on Lenox Avenue
12. Hot Platter
13. Gin Mill Special
14. Tuxedo Junction
15. Weddin' Blues
16. Uptown Shuffle
17. Baltimore Bounce
18. Saboo
19. Dolimite
20. Gabriel Meets the Duke
21. Midnight Stroll
22. Soft Winds


Stephen said...

Thanks for the Erskine Hawkins music. Yet another great collection of music you are posting.

mel said...

Off topic, but do you perhaps have any piano recordings by Steve Race who has just passed away?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Sorry, Mel. I have nothing of his.