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16 October 2009

Panama Limited Blues

Yay, I found my other copy of Luis Russell! So by request, here's some hot jazz from the heart of Prohibition. Kid Ory, Barney Bigard, J.C. Higginbotham, Henry "Red" Allen, and Bill Coleman are just some of the names that perform on these terrific sides by Russell's bands. I think I included the scans (from years ago), but the cover didn't come out in color (sorry) for some reason.

By the time this is posted, the computer will have been packed away and the moving truck arrived. I've uploaded a few discs that I hope to get to in the coming weeks, but that will depend on internet access and time - and the sun. We're moving to Brasil! So until the next post - Enjoy. +


1. 29th and Dearborn
2. Sweet Mumtaz
3. Panama Limited Blues
4. Tia Juana Man
5. Plantation Joys
6. Please Don't Turn Me Down
7. Sweet Mumtaz
8. Dolly Mine
9. Savoy Shout
10. The Call of the Freaks
11. It's Tight Like That
12. African Jungle
13. Slow As Molasses
14. The New Call of the Freaks
15. Feelin' The Spirit
16. Jersey Lightning
17. Broadway Rhythm
18. The Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad
19. Blood Hound Blues
20. Dirty T.B. Blues
21. Moaning The Blues
22. Telephoning The Blues
23. Doctor Blues

1, 2 Russell's Hot Six; 3,4 Ada Brown; 4 to 8 Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers; 9, 10, 11 Luis Russell and His Burning Eight; 12, 13 Jungle Town Stompers; 17, 18 Lou and His Ginger Snaps; 19 to 22 Victoria Spivey; 11 Walter Pichon vocal; 15 J.C. Higganbotham vocal


Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Have a safe trip and move.

And thanks for the latest from the Chronological Classics label. Great stuff.

Old Saxophone Joe said...

Have a great move and thanks for sharing all these chronological classics and other classics.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, all. We made it, the dogs are adjusting, and we hope that our new apt will be vacated within a couple of weeks. I hope to post something later this week.

boppinbob said...

Thanks for a wonderful album and scans. The discography is much appreciated.

Chester Proudfoot said...

My pleasure. I just wish that I had been able to scan more of the covers and info back when I had the scanner.

Doug Barker said...

This one too, please?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.