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31 January 2009

Glen Island Hop

Bea Wain is another favorite singer of mine and when I first I heard Martha I had to find more. Larry Clinton was known for arranging swing versions of classical music. It was unique and it worked. I've got two more Clinton collections to post later. For a good biography of Clinton with a 2004 interview with Bea Wain, click here. Enjoy. +


1. Dipsy Doodle
2. Glen Island Hop
3. Whistle While You Work
4. Let 'Er Go
5. Hollywood Pasttime
6. Where in the World
7. Chris and His Gang
8. Zig Zag
9. Feeling Like a Dream
10. Saving Myself for You
11. Remember
12. I Double Dare You
13. Martha
14. Sugar Foot Stomp
15. You Got to My Head
16. I Want to Rock


Anonymous said...

one of my favorite singers too, will enjoy listening!

WinterStatic said...

Just discovered your blog, almost brought tears of joy to my eyes, thanks!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like it. Happy listening!

mihavv said...

Please, reupload!

Chester Proudfoot said...

I'll get to this as soon as I can, I'm just waiting for new internet service to be installed.

ndhjazz said...

Can you please re-up this Larry Clinton when you get the chance? Thank you so very much for all the music! Any chance for some Shep Fields, Horace Heidt, or Dick Jurgens?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.