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30 January 2009

Auburn Avenue Stomp

This second volume of Jazz the World Forgot is another must-have collection of tunes by territory bands of the 1920s. There are some recognizable names and many rarities, and the sound quality is very good. For whatever reason, I never did pick up a copy of Volume 1 so if anyone would like to share that please do. Scans of the booklet are included. Enjoy. +


1. Auburn Ave. Stomp - J. Neal Montgomery And His Orchestra
2. Everybody's Talking About Sammy - Sam Morgan's Jazz Band
3. Rush Inn Blues - The Whoopee Makers
4. I Found a New Baby - Andy Peer And The Cotton Club Orchestra
5. New Orleans Wiggle - George McClennon's Jazz Devils
6. Pail In My Hand - Edna Winston
7. Pretty Audrey - Louis Dumaine'S Jazzola Eight
8. Wild Cat Blues - Clarence William's Blue Five
9. Crazy Quilt - Dixon'S Jazz Maniacs
10. Don't You Wanna Know? - Ross De Luxe Syncopaters
11. The Ramble - Paul Howard'S Quality Serenaders
12. Kater St. Rag - Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra
13. Big Ben - Bennett's Swamplanders
14. Ain't Got No Gal Now - Phil Bazter And His Orchestra
15. The Mess - Thomas Morris And His Seven Hot Babies
16. The Swing - Johnny De Droit And His New Orelans Orchestra
17. Merry Widow's Got a Sweetie Now - Lou Weimer'S Gold And Black Aces
18. My Mammy's Blues - Reb Spikes Majors And Minors
19. Butter Fingers Blues - Charles Creath's Jazz-O-Matics
20. Sobbin' Blues - King Oliver's Jazz Band
21. Goofus - Slim Lamar'S Southerners
22. Alabama Shuffle - Five Hot Chocolates
23. White Ghost Shivers - The New Orleans Owls


boppinbob said...

Just a few words of gratitude for your wonderful posts.I discovered your excellent site through a google search.
keep up the good work
Bob (UK)

drizzz said...

Tasty stuff! Thank you!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like it!

neil said...

Went from Beiderbecke' Wolverines to the Connies' Inn Orchestra, so good to fill in some gaps. Keep up the good work!