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08 January 2009

Ooh, What You Said

From Wikipedia: Garber was known as "The Idol of the Airwaves" in his heyday of the 1920's and '30s, playing jazz in the vein of contemporaries such as Paul Whiteman and Guy Lombardo. Garber played violin with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra after World War I and formed the Garber-Davis Orchestra with pianist Milton Davis from 1921-1924. After parting with Davis, he formed his own orchestra, playing both "sweet" and "hot" '20s dance music. He was hit hard by the Great Depression, and in the 1930s, he refashioned his ensemble into a big band and recorded a string of successful records for Victor. During World War II, Garber began playing swing jazz, a rather unexpected turn; his arranger during this time was Gray Rains and his vocalist was Liz Tilton. The recording restrictions in America during the war eventually made his ensemble unfeasible, and he returned to "sweet" music after the war, continuing to lead ensembles nearly up until the time of his death in 1977. Enjoy. +


01. My Dear
02. It's A Wonderful World
03. Rose Room
04. Tumbling Tumbleweeds
05. Do You Ever Think Of Me
06. Ooh, What You Said
07. The Siren's Song
08. Lady Be Good
09. Stardust
10. Because Of You
11. Birth Of The Blues
12. I Hear A Rhapsody
13. Whispering
14. Love Song Of Renaldo
15. Somebody Loves Me
16. I'll See You In My Dreams

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