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08 January 2009

Underneath The Arches

Flanagan & Allen were a British duo of music hall comedians, very popular during the pre-war and World War II period. Enjoy. +


1. Underneath the Arches - Flanagan & Allen, Henry Hall & BBC Dance Orchestra
2. Dreaming - Flanagan & Allen, Henry Hall
3. Wanderer - Flanagan & Allen, Henry Hall & BBC Dance Orchestra
4. Can't We Meet Again?
5. Million Tears
6. Home Town - Flanagan & Allen, George Scott-Wood & His Orchestra
7. Music, Maestro, Please!
8. Umbrella Man
9. Nice People
10. Run, Rabbit, Run!
11. (We're Gonna Hang Out) The Washing on the Siegfried Line
12. F.D.R. Jones
13. If a Grey-Haired Lady Says "How's Your Father?"
14. On the Outside Looking In
15. Yesterday's Dreams - Flanagan & Allen, Jay Wilbur & His Band
16. Down Forget-Me-Not Lane - Flanagan & Allen, Jay Wilbur & His Band
17. Rose O'Day (The Filla-Ga-Dusha Song) - Bert Ambrose & His Orchestra, Flanagan & Allen
18. What More Can I Say? - Bert Ambrose & His Orchestra, Flanagan & Allen
19. I Don't Want to Walk Without You
20. Miss You
21. Two Very Ordinary People - Flanagan & Allen, Jay Wilbur & His Band
22. Shine on Harvest Moon
23. Flying Through the Rain
24. Round the Back of the Arches - Flanagan & Allen, Jay Wilbur & His Band
25. We'll Smile Again


Anonymous said...

thank you, this satisfies the anglophile in me!

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome. I'm not sure how much more I have from that side of the pond besides Nat Gonella. Now I'll have to look! Cheers.

Chris said...

This is a nice offering. I've had a peculiar fascination with their version of "Run, Rabbit, Run" since I was a kid. Much to the consternation of friends, I've included it on a number of mix tapes I've gifted them. No implied irony on my part, I just love the song.

Great tune, great duo, great share. Cheers!

Rosa Dartle said...

"Good morning, Sir. Can I interest you in one of our Rumpo cleaners?"
Thank you so much for this one. My Grandma has an old vinyl copy of this which I have long coveted, mostly for tracks 6-10, all of which have more charm than a rabbit's foot bracelet.

Chester Proudfoot said...

My pleasure!