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04 January 2009

If You Knew Susie

If you like the music of Eddie Cantor, this is a nice collection. The one title that seems to be missing is Makin' Whoopee from 1929, but maybe the producers figured people could find that anywhere? Still, it's a good set and includes alternate versions of When My Ship Comes In. Click on the cover for a larger image. Enjoy. + +


Disc 1

1. I Love Her-She Loves Me 3:13
2. I'm Hungry For Beautiful Girls 2:39
3. Oh, Is She Dumb 3:01
4. Susie 2:49
5. Sophie 2:50
6. He Loves It 3:07
7. Joe Is Here 3:02
8. How Ya Gonna Keep Your Mind On Dancing 2:55
9. I Love Me (I'm Wild About Myself) 3:00
10. Ritzi Mitzi 3:08
11. Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm In Love 2:53
12. Eddie (Steady) 3:00
13. No, No, Nora 3:10
14. I've Got The Yes! 3:00
15. Oh, Gee, Georgie! 3:13
16. If You Do What You Do 3:04
17. I'll Have Vanilla 3:10
18. On A Windy Day 'Way Down In Waikiki 2:57
19. Oh Pappa! 3:11
20. Monkey Doodle 3:13
21. Charley My Boy 2:49
22. No One Knows What It's All About 3:02

Disc 2

1. Doodle Doo Doo 3:16
2. How I Love That Girl 3:05
3. Those Panama Mammas 2:50
4. Goo-Goo-Good-Night Dead!! 3:15
5. Laff It Off! 3:02
6. If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) 2:54
7. We're Back Together Again, My Baby And Me 2:29
8. Row, Row, Rosie! 2:49
9. Oh! Boy, What A Girl 3:21
10. What A Perfect Combination 3:08
11. Look What You've Done 3:05
12. Over Somebody Else's Shoulder 3:02
13. The Man On The Flying Trapeze 2:45
14. Mandy 2:45
15. An Earful Of Music 3:15
16. When My Ship Comes In 3:16
17. Okay Toots 2:30
18. When My Ship Comes In 3:08
19. The Only Thing I Want For Christmas (Is Just To Keep The Things That I've Got) 2:58
20. If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie) 2:36
21. Little Curly Hair In A High Chair 3:13
22. Margie 3:09


chubbybrown said...

hi i downloaded eddie cantor but need a password to listen to it! how do i get it

Chester Proudfoot said...

It's in the FYI to the left. Hint: it's part of the name of this blog. Enjoy the Cantor tunes.

Colonel Dan said...

Hello Mr.Volstead!
When & If You Get The Chance,Could You Please Re-Post This (Or Any other) Eddie Cantor Set?
Thanks So Much!
All The Best
Colonel Dan

Colonel Dan said...

THANKS SO MUCH For The Re-Post Of Eddie Cantor!
All The Best,
Colonel Dan