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28 January 2009

Do What You Did Last Night

Ethel Waters is just one of my favorite singers, period. Scans are included in the file. Enjoy. + updated link

1. He Brought Joy to My Soul
2. Take What You Want
3. I'm Coming Virginia
4. We Don't Need Eash Other Any More
5. My Special Friend Is Back in Town
6. Jersey Walk
7. Weary Feet
8. Smile!
9. Home (Cradle of Happiness)
10. Take Your Black Bottom Outside
11. I Want My Sweet Daddy Now
12. One Sweet Letter from You
13. Someday, Sweetheart
14. Some of These Days
15. Lonesome Swallow
16. Guess Who's in Town
17. My Handy Man
18. Do What You Did Last Night
19. West End Blues
20. Organ Grinder Blues
21. Get Up Off Your Knees
22. My Baby Sure Knows How to Make Love
23. Birmingham Bertha
24. Am I Blue?


Anonymous said...

Thank you Chester. Ethel is one of my favourite singers too, and this is one I didn't have. I can send you some of the others in the series if you'd like.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The only other one I have is 1931-1934, but I'd be happy to share more if you can send.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to thank you for this one. Thanks for all the great music!

Alexandra said...

Good morning Chester Proudfoot, thanks for Ethel's songs. I like her.

I'm looking for Vaughn De Leath - are you lonesome tonight -

I think she was the first that recorded it. Do you have it?

Joe said...

Hi - Can you please reup this one :) THANKS

Chester Proudfoot said...

Here you go!