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04 January 2009

Accent On Swing

Recordings during Carter's European period (1935-1938) before he returned to the US to form two successful bands. From All Music: In 1935, Benny Carter moved to Europe, where in London he was a staff arranger for the BBC dance orchestra (1936-1938); he also recorded in several European countries. Carter's "Waltzing the Blues" was one of the very first jazz waltzes. Enjoy. +

Benny Carter and His Orchestra with Buddy Featherstonhaugh, Freddy Gardner, Elisabeth Welch, Ted Heath, Gene Rodgers, Bernard Addison, Thore Ehrling and others.


1. Scandal in A Flat
2. Accent on Swing
3. You Understand
4. Gin and Jive
5. If I Could Only Read Your Mind
6. I Gotta Go
7. When Lights Are Low
8. Waltzing The Blues
9. Tiger Rag
10. Blue Interlude
11. Bugle Call Rag
12. Memphis Blues
13. When Lights Are Low
14. Some of These Days
15. Gloaming
16. Poor Butterfly
17. Drop In Next Time You're Passing
18. The Man I Love
19. That's How the First Song Was Born
20. There'll be Some Changes Made
21. Jingle Bells
22. Royal Garden Blues
23. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny


stereophobic said...

I've hardly been able to keep up with all the music being posted, but I wanted to thank you especially for this. I've been looking around for it for some time.

Featherstonehaugh, by the way, is pronounced Fanshaw.

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome as always. Fanshaw, eh? I doubt I ever would have managed to come up with that pronunciation.

Phil said...

I've heard the next episode (1936-1937), so I would be very glad if you could reload this one of his earlier work. Thank you very much for all your hard work.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again!

Tardy said...

Ta very much! Looking for Waltzing the Blues everywhere! Now to listen to the rest (only ever heard his 'Nightfall' before)!

neil said...

Any chance of providing new links, please?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.