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18 December 2008

Wizard of the Strings

When I picked this up the only thing I knew about Roy Smeck was that some Chick Bullock recordings were issued under his name. This set is rather short (only 41 minutes) but it's more than enough to hear what a musician he was. You can also see footage of Smeck showcasing his amazing talents in some short films on youtube. And you can get the album (including covers, booklet) here. +


01. 12th Street Rag
02. Frettin' Blues
03. Shuffle Off To Buffalo
04. Limehouse Blues
05. Nifty Pickin'
06. Tough Pickin'
07. Slippery Fingers
08. Steel Guitar Rag
09. Tiger Rag
10. Guitarese
11. Farewell Blues
12. Ukulele Bounce
13. Bugle Call Rag
14. Laughing Rag


Anonymous said...

Chester baje tu post de Roy Smeck y lo edite para sacarle los ruidos y mejorar el sonido, quedo bastante bien, si te interesa, decime a que dirección te lo puedo enviar, así lo tenés.
Muy buen blog, muy buena música, y gracias !!!
Te mando un saludo desde Argentina.


Chester Proudfoot said...

Hola, Gustavo. Estoy contente que tu gustas el blog, y si tu quieres tu peudes mandar el link aqui. Perdone mi espanol malo! Gracias.

Fabio said...

GINO BORDIN - Paris, Plages d' Hawaii - Guitares Hawaiiennes 1930