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16 December 2008

Drop A Nickel In The Slot

Dick Robertson was one of the busiest singers in the business from the late 1920s until the late 1940s. Like Chick Bullock and others, he used numerous pseudonyms to get around the various contracts and avoid glutting the market with records under his own name. He recorded with many of the best musicians and bands of the day, though he's been ridiculed by some critics. In my opinion, he's got a great vocal range yet like many singers probably had to sing what was put in front of him. Often that was premium grade crapola. I've got this collection here, and then at least six other cds of music from 78s that I picked up in a trade. As soon as I can find the text files to them I'll start posting them. In the meantime, enjoy these. +


1. Too Marvellous For Words
2. Toodle-Oo
3. It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane
4. The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down
5. Gone With The Wind
6. You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
7. Blossoms On Broadway
8. Roses In December
9. Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
10. That Old Gang Of Mine
11. My Gal Sal
12. The Rhythm Of The Snowflakes
13. Bob White (Watcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)
14. You're A Sweetheart
15. You Started Something
16. I Wonder What's Become Of Sally
17. Somebody's Thinking Of You Tonight
18. Goodnight Angel
19. Let's Sail To Dreamland
20. Drop A Nickel In The Slot
21. You Went To My Head
22. Cry Baby, Cry
23. Chinese Laundry Blues (Mr. Wu)
24. I Only Want A Buddy, Not A Sweetheart


stereophobic said...

Thanks, this is one of my favourite labels. Most of the releases I have are primarily instrumental, but the vocal albums have always interested me as well. I think there is one dedicated to girl singers from the thirties which is definitely on my to-get list.

Looking at the tracklist, I really can't imagine what a George Formby song is doing on here ('Chinese Laundry Blues').

Chester Proudfoot said...

I like the selection by this label as well, though I only have two others in my collection. Blue Ribbon Syncopators - Jazz Is Where You Find It, and one of the Alex Hill sets (for a lone Chick Bullock track).

I don't have the liner notes handy, but perhaps the Formby tune was meant to tap into the UK market?

Anonymous said...

Good record - a smell of 30-th. The vocal and orchestra are smooth - typical for that times. Somewhat swinging. But The orchestra seems with a shadow of dixie style. Doesn't it ?
Thanx a lot.