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12 December 2008

Happy Feet

I thought this was a good series, even if sometimes the tunes are not the most popular or well-known versions. The tunes were usually recorded by numerous artists, and I don't think there are any disappointments here. There are a couple of tunes from Annette Hanshaw (always a good choice), as well as Ruth Etting's most famous tune. My favorite here is Three Little Words from the Rhythm Boys (Bing Crosby, Al Rinker, Harry Barris) with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Trivia time: Harry Barris was the uncle of Chuck Barris (the Gong Show), and Al Rinker was the brother of the great jazz vocalist Mildred Bailey. +


01. Happy Days Are Here Again - Jack Hylton and His Orchestra With Vocal Trio
02. With A Song In My Heart - Hutch
03. Puttin' On The Ritz - Fred Astaire
04. Little White Lies - Annette Hanshaw with Her Sizzling Syncopators
05. Falling In Love Again - Marlene Dietrich with Freidrich Hollander und sein Jazz Symphoniker
06. Happy Feet - Paul Whiteman with The Rhythm Boys - Joe Venuti - violin
07. Georgia On My Mind - Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra
08. When You're Smiling - Louis Armstrong Orchestra
09. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Layton & Johnstone with Layton Turner - piano
10. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To - Maruice Chevalier with orchestra conducted by Leonard Joy)
11. Exactly Like You - Elsie Carlisle with instrumental accompaniement directed by Jay Wilber
12. It Happened In Monterey - John Boles - tenor with Leroy Shields
13. Ten Cents A Dance - Ruth Etting
14. Let Me Sing And I'm Happy - Al Jolson
15. Three Little Words - The Rhythm Boys with Duke Ellington & His Orchestra
16. Beyond The Blue Horizon - Jeanette MacDonald
17. I'm Confessing That I Love You - Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians
18. My Baby Just Cares For Me - Jack Payne
19. If I Had A Talking Picture Of You - Jacky Hylton & His Orchestra - Sam Browne - vocal
20. Oh! Donna Carla! - George Metaxa with New Mayfair Orchestra conducted by Ray Noble
21. You're Driving Me Crazy - Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees
22. Without A Song - Lawrence Tibbett
23. Body And Soul - Annette Hanshaw


Solid Sam said...

Can't wait to download this, Chester! I was a big fan of the 'Living Era' series and was sorry to see it end (as I understand it, ASV was taken over by Sanctuary which was then taken over by Universal; as if that weren't enough, Universal is a subsidiary of Vivendi).

I wonder if you know about Ray Crick's new label, which to all intents is taking over where Living Era left off. There's even a 'Hits Of '57' among the new releases.

Retrospective Records: http://www.retrospective-records.co.uk/

Thanks again for all the great music you're sharing.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I had not heard of Crick's label, so thanks for that. There is some good music there! I believe that I have the Hits of ... through 1939 or 1940. Reading Wiki, it seems that this music is public domain in the UK. Interesting. Have you checked out Frog Records or Jazz Oracle? They have some amazing collections, several of which I'm hoping to get soon.

Solid Sam said...

I am more familiar with Jazz Oracle than I am with Frog; anything associated with John R.T. Davies must necessarily be of superior quality. I also recommend Timeless Records; incredibly, most of the releases are still in print after over a decade.

Yes, the UK has different copyright laws to the US (I believe the difference amounts to 25 years), which is what gets Universal so sore. The solution they hit upon (by no means original) is to buy out labels that re-issue this music and shut them down. The entire 600-plus Living Era catalogue is now locked away for all time; nobody can enjoy it, but at least nobody will be stealing profits from Universal.

I sent Mr. Crick an e-mail wishing him the best of luck; it took some guts to start all over again after losing so much. The Retrospective covers aren't quite as striking as the Living Era ones, but the music seems to be every bit as varied. Unfortunately it seems that in the past few days all titles have been removed from Amazon. That doesn't look at all promising.


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bulldogUK said...

Please re-up


bulldogUK said...

Please when you have time could you re-up the ASV year series

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