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10 December 2008

Sister Honky Tonk

(1996) Mae West's career relied entirely on double-entendres and her sexuality, however she gives a pretty good vocal performance on My Old Flame recorded with the Duke Ellington Orchestra in 1934. The rest .... well, you'll just have to listen. Scans are included (as .tifs). +

As an added bonus I've included the December 12, 1937 radio broadcast of the Chase & Sanborn Hour in which Mae West performed the infamous "Adam and Eve" skit with Don Ameche. The resulting fury of the "moralists" caused NBC to ban her from radio and she wasn't heard on the air again until 1950. Note - Don Ameche's career continued unabated. Look for the full one-hour broadcast with the music in the link above.


01 I Like A Guy What Takes His Time
02 Easy Rider
03 I'm No Angel
04 I Found A New Way To Go To Town
05 I Want You, I Need You
06 They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk
07 Willie Of The Valley
08 I Like A Guy What Takes His Time
09 Easy Rider
10 Frankie and Johnny
11 They Call Me sister Honky Tonk
12 That Dallas Man
13 I Found A New Way To Go To Town
14 I Want You, I Need You
15 I'm No Angel
16 When A St. Louis Woman Comes Down to New Orleans
17 My old Flame
18 Memphis blues
19 Troubled Waters
20 He's A Bad, Bad Man
21 Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix (Softly Awakes My Heart)
22 I'm An Occidental Woman In An Oriental Mood For Love
23 Mister Deep Blue Sea
24 Little Bar Butterfly
25 On A Typical Tropical Night
26 I Was Saying To The Moon
27 Fifi
28 Now I'm A Lady (Goin' To Town)


Mae West NYC said...

Honey, I always liked a guy what takes his time . . . when he's puttin' together a blog post. I enjoyed my visit here. Why doncha come up and see Mae? MaeWest.blogspot.com

Fred said...

Could you please re-post Mae West with a new link. Thanks.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated, scans are included with it this time.