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15 December 2008

King Porter Stomp

Not being very knowledgeable on jazz, sometimes I took a chance in the hopes that a Chick Bullock vocal just might not be listed on the back. This series is usually pretty good at highlighting some vocalists and key musicians on both the front and back covers but sometimes they didn't have room for everyone, so what the heck right? Well, no soap on this one. However it became the first of a half dozen or so Fletcher Henderson cds that I picked up because the music is just that fantastic. Enjoy another "[This] item has been discontinued by the manufacturer" selection.

From All Music Guide: With its high musicianship and many talented soloists (including trumpeters Rex Stewart and Bobby Stark, trombonist Jimmy Harrison, Coleman Hawkins on tenor and altoist Benny Carter), the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra should have prospered during this period, but unaccountably its leader (never a strong businessman) seemed to be losing interest in the band's fortunes and made several bad decisions. The result is that by 1931 Henderson's orchestra was struggling while Duke Ellington's was becoming a household name. This Classics CD, in covering over three years, demonstrates how few recordings this band made (only four songs apiece in both 1929 and 1930), although the quality largely makes up for the quantity. The original band version of "King Porter Stomp" and an explosive "Oh Baby" are the highpoints of this satisfying collection. - Scott Yanow, All Music Guide Session info scan included. Enjoy. +

1. Dear, on a Night Like This
2. There's a Rickety Rackety Shack (By a Rickety Rockety Road)
3. Sorry
4. King Porter Stomp
5. D-Natural Blues
6. Oh Baby
7. Feelin' Good
8. I'm Feelin' Devilish (Oh by Golly Oh)
9. Hop Off
10. Old Black Joe's Blues
11. Come on Baby
12. Easy Money
13. Freeze and Melt
14. Raisin' the Roof
15. Blazin'
16. The Wang Wang Blues
17. Chinatown, My Chinatown
18. Somebody Loves Me
19. Keep a Song in Your Soul
20. What Good Am I Without You?
21. I've Found What I Wanted in You
22. My Gal Sal
23. My Pretty Girl


neil said...

I'm a Fletcher Henderson fan, grateful to be able to hear such out-of-print CDs.
But, please, please, please, include a scan from the booklet of the session line-up details...

neil said...

If session details are available, I'd be a grateful recipient...

Chester Proudfoot said...

I no longer have a scanner but found this. Here you go.


rm said...

dead link;
thank you for re-up

Chester Proudfoot said...

Here you go. Enjoy.

rm said...

thanks again!