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12 December 2008

Pistol Packin' Mama

I recall reading something about how the Andrews Sisters were fighting with each other (not even on speaking terms) during some of these recordings, but I sure can't tell from listening to the great music. They and Bing put out some of the best sides. Today's offering is the first cd (of a 2 cd set) from their complete recordings together. +


1-01 Ciribiribin
1-02 Yodelin' Jive
1-03 Pistol Packin' Mama
1-04 Vict'ry Polka
1-05 Jingle Bells
1-06 Santa Claus is Coming to Town
1-07 (There'll Be a) Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
1-08 Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby)
1-09 Don't Fence Me In
1-10 The Three Caballeros
1-11 There's a Fella Waitin' in Poughkeepsie
1-12 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
1-13 Along the Navajo Trail
1-14 Good, Good, Good
1-15 Happy, Happy, Happy Wedding Day
1-16 Betsy
1-17 (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
1-18 South America, Take It Away
1-19 Anything You Can Do
1-20 There's No Business Like Show Business
1-21 Go West, Young Man!
1-22 Tallahassee
1-23 The Freedom Train
1-24 Apalachicola, FLA.
1-25 You Don't Have to Know the Language
1-26 A Hundred and Sixty Acres
1-27 At the Flying W


Anonymous said...

Good blog, good records.
This post seems the 1st CD of 2CD album Bing Crosby & Andrews Systers complete recordings.
'm looking forward to see here the 2nd CD.
With great respect - Supr

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks for the reminder, I'd forgotten about disc 2. I'll see about getting it uploaded soon.

Chester Proudfoot said...

The second disc will post tomorrow morning (depending on your geographical location, I'm EST).