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09 December 2008

I'll Be Seeing You

This collection was a 1994 sampler for the larger collection of the complete recordings of Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra called The Song Is You. Only 11 tunes, but if you like the earlier Sinatra material then I think it would whet your appetite for more. +


01 I'll Be Seeing You
02 Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
03 It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
04 The World Is In My Arms
05 We Three (My Echo, My Shadow & Me)
06 Dolores
07 Everything Happens To Me
08 Let's Get Away From It All
09 Blue Skies
10 Daybreak
11 You're Part Of My Heart


Anton Garcia-Fernandez said...


I don't have this 11-song sampler, but I do have the whole 5-CD boxset, and I can tell you that it is one of the most treasured items in my collection. Perfect sound, beautiful packaging, and marvelous booklet with lots of notes and pictures. The recordings that Young Blue Eyes made with the TD Orchestra were the very first that I ever heard by Sinatra, and they remain among my favorite in his large recorded output.


Chester Proudfoot said...

Hi Anton, I've also got the box set and have ripped it. I just need to upload and post it. There's nothing like nice packaging! Not just Blue Eyes in the set, but there are several songs with Connie Haines who is another of my favorites. The smoothness of Tommy Dorsey's band is just amazing.